10 KG Weight Loss in 1 Month Diet Chart

Strokes of hot wind make you all sweaty, hot, and thirsty. Summer is a season when you want to feel a cool breeze but unfortunately, it is not available any time of the day. With every season change, the food we eat also has to change to let us cope with the weather change. With uprising, all the lifestyle-related medical and health problems, and the awareness among people about health and fitness, we need to learn the best Summer diet that can fit in our routine, provide us all the required nutrition, and helps us to stay cool. Plus we also want to lose weight or manage our weight. This means that the diet should not contain too many sugary beverages.

Here are the diet tips by the famous dietician in Delhi for summer which not only will provide you with enough nutrition but will also help you to stay hydrated, and help to keep energy levels high:

  • Include more curd and buttermilk in your diet: Curd and buttermilk are rich in lactic acid, calcium, protein, potassium, etc. These two are said to be the best natural probiotic which helps with keeping your digestion healthy and strong while regulating your body’s temperature during the summers. You can include low-fat curd with meals and buttermilk as a healthy drink in between your main meals as a snack.

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  • Eat Watermelon daily: It is the most delicious, and refreshing fruit of summer. It also helps you with your dehydration due to the presence of so much water in it. Eating it every day will provide you adequate minerals and natural electrolytes which will help you not only in weight loss but also to help you with balanced nutrition.

  • Lime water: Nothing is more refreshing than a cold glass of lemon water on a hot day of summer. The lemon helps you to fight heat while melting down your extra fat from the body and hence helping you lose weight.

  • Cucumber: Eating salad could be boring in summers but having a cucumber as a salad in summer will provide you a lot of energy, fiber, and hydration. Weight loss could be easy if eating cucumber on regular basis. 

  • Mint: This gives cooling of the body from the inside. You can add a few leaves of mint to your healthy drinks and make healthy drinks more cool and healthy.

  • Chia Seeds: Just soak some chia seeds in water for some time and mix this in your healthy drinks or even you can just sip on the water in small quantities throughout the day. This will give you good nutritional support and also will help you feel cool from the inside of your body while helping with your weight loss.

  • Fruits Smoothies: Including all these foods can help but to add more nourishment to the body you can include fresh fruit smoothies on regular basis. This could perfectly fit if one wishes to have the benefit of weight loss. It is difficult to consume more fruits at one time but having combinations of fruits in 1 glass will give you more nutrition. You can also add curd or buttermilk to this to add some protein.

Including all these foods in your diet, this summer will surely provide you a lot of health benefits. One can use all these foods and tips to create your own healthy summer diet to lose weight and gain good health. If you are searching for the best dietician for weight loss and looking for a weight loss dietician. If you need a more elaborated summer diet plan, you need to connect with a health expert. 

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