Best foods options if you want to gain Muscles.

1. Egg

Amino acids make up proteins. Leucine, a crucial amino acid for muscle growth, is present in considerable quantities in eggs.

2. Greek Yogurt

Dairy products include high-quality protein as well as a combination of whey and casein proteins, which digest more slowly.

3. Soybeans

Unhealthy unsaturated fats, 16 grams of protein, and a number of vitamins and minerals are all included in half a cup (86 grams) of cooked soybeans.

4. Cottage Cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein in one cup (226 grams), including a significant amount of leucine, an essential amino acid for building muscle.

5. Beans

While eating foods high in protein is necessary for developing lean muscle, it's also crucial to have the energy to exercise.

6. Chickpeas

Approximately 15 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbohydrates, including 13 grams of fibre, are present in each 1-cup (164-gram) meal of canned chickpeas.

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