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Customized & Unique Diet Programs

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The best diet clinic in Delhi for your better health! Diet2nourish is one the top and leading diet clinic that gives the best diet & nutrition plan for your health by Nutritionist in Delhi

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Diet2nourish is a diet clinic located in South Delhi, operated by Delhi’s
best dietician & nutritionist Priyanka Jaiswal


In today's accelerating and high demanding generation, the one thing which is being most compromised is our food and hence our health.With the rising of so many lifestyle and metabolical conditions, there has been a gradually increased awareness about the importance of healthy eating. This also has increased the demands of an expert who can help you and guide you as per your needs. With the popularity of so many health industries and health experts, this is difficult to choose the correct one. Here is an overview of what we do and how we can help you in the betterment of your holistic health.

Diet2nourish, meaning eat to nurture, believes in holistic nutrition which means healthy eating foods in their most natural state possible for your optimum health and wellness. It is not only about diet, but you have to accept what you eat if you wish to get all the good nutrition out of the foods.

It is a belief that food is not just the fuel to our body but it could be medicine or poison depending upon the situation. We use this same principle and create the best care plan for you to overcome your health and medical issues.

Priyanka Jaiswal (Dietician & Nutritionist) help you understand the basic root cause of your health issue and then what could be the best way to reclaim your health. She is the best nutritionist in Delhi to help you combine your healthy foods with your daily busy schedule and helps you stay active enough to get the best positive health results.

It is easy to get a diet chart but the challenges come when one starts following it and has to stay on track for your health journey. We will walk hand in hand with you in your Health Goal journey and will help you in maintaining and sustaining your health goal results with our evidence-based nutrition techniques.

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About Dietician

Dt Priyanka Jaiswal, one of the Best Nutritionist & Dietician in Delhi, Says "Make a true connection with what you eat and have the benefit of complete nourishment out of your food for your overall health improvement.

You should feel healthy and happy while eating your food and not counting calories and your body weight while consuming something. With this belief, she has conducted her very own strategies to provide you the best healthcare plan for the betterment of your maximal health.

She is one of the top dietician in Delhi her approach is based on scientific research and logical thinking combining with the basic requirement and needs of human beings in terms of nutrition and food.She is not only the best dietician in Delhi but also one of the best dietician in India.

She also combines modern science and new technological developments with traditional old home remedies, naturopathic and Ayurveda concepts to create a healthcare plan. The treasures of Indian spices, herbs, ancient kitchen remedies, combining with balance and adequate nutrition as per your health requirements, make it easier for you to achieve your health goal.

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Why Should You Join the Diet Program Of Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal?

Dietician Priyanka is renowned as the best dietician in Delhi and provides weight loss program, online diet program, healthy weight guidance and much more. Dietician Priyanka aims to make India aware of the healthy eating habits and follow a good diet plan to stay fit. The Diet Program of Dietician Priyanka has a clear objective to spread the awareness of holistic wellness.

We all know that our brain needs fuel to function. It's what gives you energy to work the whole day and has a direct impact on how well your complete system works. Have you thought of how you’ll get to know what food is right for your well being? Mostly, people don’t know about it and suffer from various medical allergic conditions due to the lack of diet or nutritional knowledge. To make yourself aware of your body and brain, the Diet Program Of Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal is extremely beneficial for you. Dietician Priyanka gives dietary guidance to assist people achieve better health and wellbeing. To create a diet that is right for you, the dietitian will collaborate closely with your doctor and you.

Joining the diet program of best nutritionist Delhi Dietician Priyanka is also beneficial because the diet plan will be clear, simple to follow and within your budget. It will be based on Indian dishes and menus to make it easier for you. Before making your diet plan, the first and foremost step is to do a full body composition analysis to get a clear picture of your health.

Also, in case of some emergency if you are looking for an instant appointment, Dietician Priyanka will allow you for an instant appointment as well. She is always conscious about the way to improve your health.

    Benefits to join the Diet Program of Dietician Priyanka
  • Dr. Priyanka Jaiswal, a clinical nutritionist and chief dietician in Delhi Diet2Nourish, is the best dietician in India. Choosing her as you dietitian nutritionists will play the role of facilitator of good health & balanced diet in your life.
  • Dietician Priyanka has a passion to use her years of knowledge to support people and make their weight reduction journey simple through internet platforms.
  • Through the Diet2Nourish, Dr. Priyanka has helped a lot of people channel their willpower and lose weight successfully online.
  • More and more people are becoming aware of this platform and contacting Dr. Priyanka for advice and assistance.
  • She provides a great combination of diet that fulfills all your nutritional needs.
  • During your regular or routine checkup, she always checks your body fat percentage which is very important to stay fit.

Diet Program of Dietician Priyanka for Weight Loss

Gaining excess weight in the era of the internet is a common problem nowadays. For which, dietician Priyanka helps you with customized and personalized weight loss diet plans. She always asks to come for a regular check to keep an eye on your healthy weight loss journey. With this dynamic facility, dietician Priyanka owns the position of a mentor in your life who always makes you understand about how a good diet plan is important. To make your diet for weight loss interesting, she always keeps changes in the diet chart. The major thing that professional best dietician in Delhi NCR for weight loss Online make sure of is that you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds or stop eating to lose weight.

If you also wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, must join the diet program of Dietician Priyanka.

Top 10 Reasons Why Join the Diet2Nourish Diet Program By Dt Priyanka Jaiswal

Are you concerned about some of your unhealthy habits that you’re not able to omit from your daily routine ? It can be quite helpful to work with a Registered Dietitian to maintain or enhance your healthy behaviors or nutritional eating habits.

Following are the Top 10 Reasons Why Join the Diet2Nourish Diet Program By Dt Priyanka Jaiswal:

  • Dietician Priyanka is an experienced and skilled dietician and renowned as the best dietician in Delhi provides weight loss program, online diet program, healthy weight guidance and much more. She has a complete knowledge of dietetics, so joining a diet Program of Dietician Priyanka gives the awareness of holistic wellness and healthy diet. She is undoubtedly the best dietician for weight loss.
  • Dietician Priyanka spends time with their patients to learn their basic habits, regular intake eating plan, etc. after knowing the root cause of your said problem, she suggests you the personalized diet chart to follow whether it is a weight management issue, or some other medical conditions. She also makes you mentally prepared to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dietitian Priyanka through the platform of Diet2Nourish has channelized determination in the hearts of people and has majorly contributed to the awareness of health and fitness.
  • Dietician Priyanka assist their patients with required help and always keeps a check on their progress report as well with the help of a routine check up.
  • Dietician Priyanka understands that what you consume has a direct impact on diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease. So she makes healthy dietary adjustments that can slow or even stop the progression of certain disorders. For instance, prediabetes can be prevented from progressing to diabetes by adopting healthier eating and exercise routines and you can again lead towards a healthy lifestyle. She teaches each of her patients “how to diet for the sickness you have so you stay healthy."
  • Before giving any suggestions, she always check the medical history to her patients to understand the state of her particular patient, after which she advice them with the right food habits and necessary precautions one should take to stay fit.
  • There are some things you just cannot eat when managing diseases like celiac disease or food allergies. So, in this case Dietician Priyanka does a body composition analysis of each of her patients to understand the nature of their body. After which, she assists you in identifying dietary triggers and regaining control of your stomach, for instance, if you suffer from a digestive issue. She also assists you with a personalized diet chart in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • To follow a healthy routine, it is crucial to understand why it is important and what if someone does not follow a healthy diet. As Dietician Priyanka’s primary aim, she always educates everyone about the importance of a right food, healthy lifestyle and a good diet plan. She also teaches about the need of nutrition and health education in her diet programs.
  • If you’re a vegetarian and think that you don’t have enough food options to eat to maintain a diet, you must join the diet program of Dietician Priyanka, she helps with the ample of healthy vegetarian options. Also, if you consider switching to a vegan diet or giving up meat. In the absence of animal products, vegetarians and vegans should be careful to eat a balanced diet, according to Bissell. It's a fantastic excuse to join this nutrition program.
  • In case of some emergency or convenience, you can also pick the option of online sessions with Ms. Priyanka Jaiswal or a virtual consultation. We value your time and give consultation over the phone, via video, text, Whatsapp, and email to provide all care plans.

Why Choose Diet2nourish?

We feel safe in hands of only the best of health experts. Nutritionist Priyanka Jaiswal is one of the best dietician in Delhi and uses the following tools to assist you in your health:

  • Finding the uttermost ailments and the best way to overcome this.
  • Full computation of your medical parameters, vitals, daily routine, dietary habits, choices, and taste buds.
  • We then outline the best strategy for your care plan.
  • Daily monitoring of your food intake and health status.
  • A maintenance program to keep and sustain your results.

Delhi's top dietitian & nutritionist Priyanka Jaiswal understand the importance of your time to manage your work and home, so along with clinic visits, Priyanak jaiswal (nutritionist & dietician) also provide all the solutions through Home visits, Virtual communication with you over the telephone consultations, video consultations, text messages, whats app, emails. her programs may target on Weight loss, Weight Gain, Diabetes management, PCOS/PCOD, Digestive Issues, Thyroid Hypertension, Healthy Heart, Pregnancy and Lactation, Post Pregnancy Weight, Kids Nutrition, Liver Disease, Keto diet, Renal/Kidney Issues, Gluten/Lactose Intolerance,and many more. Connect with best dietician expert in Delhi and learn the art of mindful eating and healthy living.

Success Story of Diet2Nourish's Diet Program

With the help of Diet2nourish’s diet program, India's top clinical dieticians and nutritionists will help you in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Dietician Priyanka, best dietician in Delhi will monitor you to know the root cause of your problem and suggest you a personalised diet plan. She will recommend you a pathological test if required to keep a check of your health condition and accordingly upgrade your diet.

How Media Appeciate the Contribution of Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal

With more than 20 years of experience and being well-known as the best dietitian in Delhi, Priyanka Jaiswal has been proving her excellence in the field of nutrition & has been awarded the "Nutrition Award" for the same. She is a Health Practitioner & Nutritionist who has successfully changed the lives of more than 4000 people. As an expert in nutrition & other health issues, she has been a part of much leading news television, magazines, & newspaper which required her crucial knowledge.

Deserving the tag of Best Nutritionist in Delhi, she has been operating from Delhi & has designed 300 plus diet ideas to help those who seek wellness through nutrition. She aims at changing the outlook of people & introduce them to the wealth of nutrition with taste.

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Clients Testimonials


I am living in USA from past 12 years and have been really busy with my studies, jobs and household activities. In all that I have lost count on my healthy eating and started eating whatever comes easy and cheap. But then I realize that I am losing my health. When I consult with Priyanka, she helped me understand that how I can eat healthy even when I am very busy and have less of resources. She planed my diet as such that I gained my healthy again slowly, hair fall stopped, feel more energetic and active, and sleep well. Thanks to Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal I now manages my health and feel healthy and happy.

Dr Hitesh K Agarwal Assistant Professor (South Carolina, USA)


My main healthy goal was to lose weight and stay healthy. Priyanka (dietician & nutritionist) helped me understand the real meaning of food and health. She help me to change my bad eating habits and helped me reducing my weight without compromising on my daily schedule. Now I know how to maintain my weight and stay healthy.

Dr Pratibha Ranjan Physical Therapist (Michigan, USA)


I wanted to know that how I can manage my health because I was very much busy in my job and did not had time to eat healthy foods. I always use to look for some easy solutions for my balance eating. Priyanka (dietician in Delhi) helped me understand that how I can manage my balance eating and stay healthy and can prevent some life style disorders. Thanks to her now I can manage my balance nutrition.

Vipin Mittal CBI Officer ( Delhi)


I am a home maker and a mother of 2 boys. I had lost hope to ever lose my weight because I had no time for myself. But then when Dietician Priyanka Jaiwal provided me a diet plan, it was so simple and practical. I didn’t had to prepare separate meals for my dieting and still I lost a good amount of weight.

Geetanjali Bhardwaj Merchandiser (Delhi)


I am a complete foodie and have a sweet tooth and had resigned to being overweight for life. I was scared to work with any dietician. But when I had a word with Priyanka (Dietician & Nutritionist), she explains that how her diet is calorie based and she will give me Desserts and cheat day in between my diet to eat, I was impressed. Even chaat has been incorporated in my diet on a regular basis. Even with all this I have lost 8 kgs and 2.5 inches from my waist. I am still following her diet.

Hemlata Thakur Home maker (Delhi)

best dieitician in delhi

I am a sales manager and I have to travel a lot for my work. I had to stay 4-5 days in a week in hotels and had to eat whatever is available. Of course I had no time to exercise. This made me gain a lot of weight and belly fat. Then I got chance to get a diet plan from Dietician Priyanka, and it changed all my lifestyle. Today not only I have lost my extra weight but I have also lost my extra belly fat. She changed the way I think of food. Now I know how to manage my healthy eating while I am traveling and working.

Harkesh Singh Technical Marketing Manager (Pune)


My focus was not on losing weight but I wanted to stay fit and healthy. Priyanka (dietician in Delhi) gave me a diet plan which was not only customizes as per my taste and choices but also was very simple to cook and eat. As I am living alone away from my family because of my job, it was very difficult for me to eat healthy. I had not much time to cook and was not feeling good in eating outside all my meals daily. She gave me simple and practical solutions for my problems.

Varun Gupta Mechanical Engg (Jaipur)


I always had a week digestion and had a lot of digestive issues since many years. I didn’t know what wrong I was doing in my daily eating. But when Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal explained me how digestion works and how can I make mine better I was surprised. I tried her diet for 1 month and I am glad I did. Today not only my issues are resolved but also I can eat my choice of foods without fearing of getting troubles in my stomach. Also I feel more energetic and happy with my body.

Vinod Maurya Senior Merchandiser (Delhi)


Your detox plan was amazing and gave me so many good results. I had great energy all day and feel so fresh. Thankfully, I had a lot of options to eat and not just fruits and vegetables and juices. At first I didn’t expected it will give me much results but I saw changes in my energy, sleep and skin. Also I lost 5 kgs in just 40 days.

Samriddhi Goyal Production Assistant at NDTV (Delhi)


I was suffering from Pre-diabetic condition. My health goal was to reduce my blood sugar levels so that I do not need to go on insulin. With Priyanka I was able to not only control my blood sugar levels but also maintain a good health. She taught me how to manage my food habits and control my cravings for sweets and oily foods. Thanks to her I do not have to take any medicine for diabetes.

Sharda Jaiswal Home maker (Mumbai)


I am a diabetic patient and was having breathing difficulty because of my weight. My doctor suggested that you should start some exercise so that you can lose some weight and you would be able to manage your health issues. But even when I started walking there we not many improvements. Then I consulted with Nutritionist Priyanka. With her diet plan, I was able to lose 6 kg just in 1 month and my stomach issues were all gone. Also, I felt more energetic and light. Her easy and simple diet made me more motivated to lose weight and become more healthy.

Kiran Singh TomarWife of Narender sigh tomer ,Minister of agriculture & Farmers welfare


VVIP Client

Priyanka is Dietitian of Mrs. Kiran Tomer, Wife of Narender Singh Tomer, Minister Of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare

Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

What is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist?

A dietician is an expert who guide people on food and nutrition for clinical and non-clinical health issues. They are professional and certified people and have done practice in hospitals, clinical, nursing homes etc. While on the other hand a nutritionist is one who advise people on food and nutrition for their health issues. They may be self-proclaimed or may have done some small diploma or certification in the field of diet and nutrition.

Does a dietician only assist with losing weight?

No, a nutritionist in Delhi is disciplined in many areas of humanistic nutrition and helps people in knowing the relationship between diet and illness. A dietician can give you guidance on a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Issues
  • Thyroid
  • Hypertension
  • Healthy Heart
  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Post Pregnancy Weight
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Liver Disease
  • Keto diet
  • Renal/Kidney Issues
  • Gluten/Lactose Intolerance

How can a dietician help in health management?

For a human, diet plays an 80% role in maintaining our good health and 20 % is physical exercise. It means even if you are quick enough but not eating perfectly then your body is experiencing in a way or the other. So when you have a health issue or some clinical issue or just need weight loss, you need to consult with a dietician who can tell you what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat as per your body and health needs. Consult the best dietician in Delhi for weight loss to know the tricks to maintain good health.

Are a doctor and a dietician different?

A doctor diagnoses your medical or health issues and prescribes medicines as per your health needs. On the other hand, the Best dietitian near me will tell you about what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat as per your wellness and medicinal needs.

Should I consult a dietician or a nutritionist?

A dietician is a specialist who guides people on diet and nutrition for clinical and non-clinical health issues. Best dieticians in Delhi are professional and certified people and have done practice in hospitals, clinical, nursing homes, etc. Whereas a nutritionist advises people on food and nutrition for their health problems. They may be self-proclaimed or may have done some small diploma or certification in the field of diet and nutrition.

Who can consult a dietitian?

Any person can consult a dietician in South Delhi if they need or desire to update or change their diet, feeding habits, or meal outlining, both for good health or medical state.

How many sittings will I need?

This is a tough question to reply to as everyone has distinct needs. The least would be two sessions to find information and monitor your process and acknowledge follow-up questions. But, if you want to make some long-term changes to your diet, health or weight then this will take more appointments. There is testimony to suggest the longer you see a dietician in South Delhi the more reliable results you get.

What will occur in my appointment with a dietitian?

We will have a conversation with you to acquire more about your eating habits, exercise levels, and lifestyle. You will be monitored and questioned to ensure we have a good perception of your life. You will have your issues answered and have complex health and nutrition theories explained in friendly terms you can follow. You will gain practical knowledge and a plan of work at the end of the session by a dietician near me.

Will I be provided a meal plan?

Some people feel a meal program is what they need. What you will gain is a plan which takes into fits your lifestyle, medical restrictions, and food choices by a dietician near me. If you like a structured way or just want some approaches we can work with you along with the method you like, to improve make the modifications you desire.

Can you advise me with options to junk foods?

Whether you are watching to drop your weight or simply eat healthy, it’s rarely a bad idea to keep an eye on your junk food intake. In some cases, your best dietician in Delhi for weight loss may suggest that you stop eating junk food completely. This normally appears out of necessity due to a medical state, such as diabetes. No worries, your dietician will suggest an alternative for your cravings.

Can I ever have sweets?

Sweets are not completely off-limits in a diet plan, but they must be replaced for other carbs, not eaten in interest to your diet. Substituting healthier foods with sweet treats, nonetheless, will possibly cost you important nutrients. When you crave sweets, the Best dieticians in Delhi recommend taking foods that do not contain added sugar, like fresh fruits.

How much does Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal charge?

Dr. Priyanka is well known as one of the most famous dieticians in Delhi. She is well-versed in combining modern science and new technological developments with traditional old home remedies, naturopathic, and Ayurveda concepts to create a healthcare plan. And the best part is, she charges affordable fees for the consultation that even anyone can easily afford.

Can I consult Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal dietician online?

Yes, you may schedule an in-person visit with Ms. Priyanka Jaiswal or an online consultation with dietician Priyanka Jaiswal at your convenience. As we understand, your time and work are equally important and respect that you are desperate to discuss and begin your health plan. We give all care plans via online communication with you via phone, video, text, Whatsapp, and email consultations.

Are dietitians good for weight loss?

Yes, dieticians are very important to lose weight in a healthy way. As per statistics, medical nutrition therapy is always beneficial for weight loss for many people. In a recent study, the researchers say people who used a dietitian lost an average of 2.6 pounds while those who didn't use a dietitian gained 0.5 pounds. To lose weight gradually and securely, your nutritionist will advise you on how many calories to consume each day. A dietician can assist you in creating a balanced diet to get optimum results. Not only this but the skilled and professional dietician at Diet2Nourish will also make you aware of the precautions that should be taken during your weight loss journey.


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Diet2Nourish is a Diet clinic, where you can find the best ways to deal with your health and medical issues. Under the supervision of our best dietician in Delhi, you will not only lose your weight but will also learn how to empoweryourself in making positive lifestyle changes.Our healthcare plan will be based on healthy eating. We provide betterment in your health without any starvation, or products or supplements. Start your health journey today by joining the best nutritionist of Delhi.

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