Best Dietician in Sarai Kale Khan Delhi

Best Dietician in Sarai Kale Khan

Get Fit & Stay Healthy With The Best Dietician in Sarai Kale Khan

We at Diet2Nourish provide you with the most personalized and customized diet and nourishment services for making a “Better You”. We plan for you and guide you in making the right life choices with eating, keeping into consideration your likes and dislikes, and preferences.

Best Dietician in Sarai Kale Khan

Diet2Nourish with its experienced and specialist dietician is ready to help you maximize your health and wellbeing through proper and good nutrition. We provide you with an insight on balanced eating and a healthy lifestyle with a focus on the latest health updates and tips to keep you fit and healthy!

  • We aim to provide you with the best professional guidance in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
  • We share with you rationalized ideas, which help you choose a healthier lifestyle.
  • We have specialized programs to help you stay fit forever and manage chronic health disorders.
  • We provide customized solutions for various disease conditions.

Real food, Real You by National Nutrition Award Winner Priyanka Jaiswal.

Based on tried, and true principles that have proven to help you stay healthy, active, and fit, dietician Priyanka Jaiswal at Diet2Nourish, a top dietician in Sarai Kale Khan, focuses on sound nutrition, proper portion control, and healthier food choices. She is dedicated to making you understand the basic root cause of your health issues and suggests what could be the best way to reclaim your health. She is the best nutritionist in Sarai Kale Khan and is eager to help you combine healthy foods with your daily busy schedule and works toward keeping you active, energetic, fit, and healthy.

Priyanka (Dietician & Nutritionist), helps you understand the basic root cause of your health issues and then suggests the best way to reclaim your health. She is regarded as the best nutritionist in Sarai Kale Khan and is there to help you combine healthy foods with your daily busy schedule and keep you active and get the best positive health results.

Diet2nourish, meaning eating to nurture. We believe in holistic nutrition, which means eating healthy foods in their most natural state for optimum health and wellness.

Smart programs are the ideal solution to get nutritional balanced and delicious calorie-controlled meals that are not only sumptuous, but also everyone can enjoy without any glitch.

Nutrition is the Key for Good Health

Diet2Nourish is committed to achieving your health, weight, and wellness goals. We are there for you to listen, understand, and support your specific body needs and design the right solution for you. We are committed to delivering personalized programs for measurable and as well as sustainable results.

Why Choose Diet2Nourish?

At Diet2Nourish we help you plan your needs. We have different plans for all age groups and all conditions. Our nutrition programs are designed to provide assessment and counseling, a wide variety of conditions that affect your diet, eating right, and living healthy.

Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal is an expert in caring for your needs and helping you reach your nutritional goals. She believes in nurturing people nutritionally, physically, and emotionally. Within your present lifestyle challenges, we wish to support you towards good nutrition and healthy life.

  • Diet2Nourish is the leading Health and Nutritional Services provider in the country.
  • Have the best dietician in Sarai Kale Khan with us.
  • Offer customized plans and programs for our customers depending on their nutritional needs and preferences.
  • Offer a range of lifestyle programs to modify and bring back your life to good health and happy living.

Over the years we have successfully helped people improve their health, looks, and quality of life. We have set a standard in holistic nutrition, that is drug-free and aids in rapid weight loss. Our approach is non-evasive, natural, and fast-acting.

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Our Diet Programs

Weight Loss

Our best weight loss dietitian will go hand in hand with you in your weight loss journey.

Weight Gain

We provide diet plan that will not just increase your weight but you will also recover from being malnourished.

Keto Diet

We will provide you the right kind of keto diet which will fit to your routine and your taste buds.

Post Pregnancy

Join our program and with our expert dietician you will be able to lose weight in a healthy way.


We will help you in your and your baby’s health with our expert dietician who have a personal experience.

Gluten /Lactose

We will not only provide a healthy diet but some healthy recipes will also be guided.

Kids Nutrition

She can help you with school-aged child nutrition and can help you making your child healthy and fit.

Liver Disease

We will help you to get rid of this situation with a healthy diet and will help you in making some good eating habits.


Join our expert Dietician you can learn the art to manage diabetes and live a healthy and a happy life.


We will help you in controlling your condition but also will help in preventing any heart issues in future.

Healthy Heart

Keep your heart healthy and fit, with our special healthy heart programs.


With our expert dietician you will learn how to tackle your weight and maintain a healthy and happy life.


With a proper diet you will be able to maintain this balance of your hormones and hence in controlling your body weight.

Kidney Issues

Few issues can be resolve only with slight changes in your diet. Join us and get the best diet plan for your kidney issues.

General Health

If you wish to learn the art of living with a healthy body without changing your daily routine.

Digestive Issues

We have conducted more practical and long lasting methodology to support your gut health,for digestive issues diet.

Cancer Patient

We all understand that how it feels when someone is diagnosed with cancer.

Sport Nutrition

At Diet2Nourish, we understand that nutrition is a critical part of your life as an athlete.

Senior Nutrition

Numerous changes occur to our bodies as we age, and these changes pose several unique challenges.

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With Diet2nourish’s Health programs, you will be joining India’s top Dietician and Nutritionist who will help you in your health journey by focusing on improving your daily eating habits, lifestyle and daily routine. This is done by our hand in hand collaboration in which we will monitor you closely on daily basis, motivating you and helping you at every step.

Frequently Asked Question

Be it in person or virtually, you can always benefit from chatting with a dietician. At Diet2Nourish, we are always ready to provide you with free access to our dietician and get all your doubts on dieting and healthy living cleared.

How a dietician can help you?

  • Gaining better clarity: Clearing your doubts on a diet can help you demystify all confusions.
  • Achieve better results: When you ask your dietician questions, it allows him or her to understand you better. Your goals, hesitations, and everything in between. The more insight your dietician has into your needs, the better he or she can personalize your solutions through nutrition.
  • It saves a lot of time, and you know why?
Do I need to stop eating carbs to lose fat and weight?

These days demonizing carbs is common, and using high-fat diets is vouched as one of the best ways to burn fat. Well, this might have worked for some, but it is not the entire plot. To lose and maintain a healthy weight, bodies need a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. When it comes to carbs, it is suggested of choosing minimally processed plant-based sources like whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Look out for these and you will lose weight eating carbs.

Is sugar as bad as it is portrayed?

Sugar is not as bad as it is shown everywhere, but yes, you should eat it in moderation. Sugar is the simplest form of one of the major macronutrients: carbohydrates. Carbs are critical for the body, providing the most efficient form of fuel. The problem starts when sugar is ultra-refined, processed, and added to other foods (i.e., high fructose corn syrup), but sugars found naturally in whole foods like fruit and dairy are just fine.

Reducing the number of added sugars in your diet is the key. Read the nutrition labels, as they are now required to show what type of sugar is in food.

Which is the best diet to lose weight the fastest?

You should stop seeing your ‘diet’ as something that you can start and stop losing weight. Some extreme diets are for the short-term, and results in short-term weight loss, and gain even more weight after you are done with it.

The best is to focus on healthier food choices and make permanent changes in your lifestyle. The best diet is the one that changes your thinking and allows you to discover the power of mindful eating.

Is Keto Diet the best? Should I try it?

Priyanka Jaiswal, the best dietician in Mumbai for weight loss says, that she is asked this question many times. She says that, overall, a true keto diet (one that gets 70 percent or more calories from fat and has so few carbs that it sends the body into a state of perpetual ketogenesis is extremely restrictive and difficult to sustain long-term. However, many ‘pseudo-keto’ diets are low-carb, but not actually ketogenic and these are potentially easier to sustain,”

There are conditions for which a true ketogenic diet is entirely appropriate—for instance, it’s been proven that it can help control seizures in pediatric epilepsy—however, if your goal is weight loss, there are far fewer extreme measures, including several popular “keto” plans, you can use that to help you lose weight without putting your body through so much stress.

Do I need to drink eight glasses of water daily?

Drinking enough water is vital for our health because we lose weight every moment through sweating, and even breathing. There is no scientific basis that you will have to drink eight glasses of water every day. In most cases, thirst is the best indicator, that you need to drink water. If this sense is compromised, keep beverages within visible range so that it keeps reminding you to sip throughout the day. Exactly how much you should drink is not static for everyone. The idea is to stay well hydrated at all times.

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