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Ayurveda is the “science of life” encouraging longevity. Ayurveda diet is designed to completely balance the body mentally, physically and emotionally. to completely balance the body – physically, mentally and emotionally. Ayurvedic nutritionist guides to get a proper nutrient to balance the mind and body. An Ayurvedic Dietician deals with several aspects of food, the way which food is taken, nature of food, combination, season, mode of preparation, environment, and the right proportion. Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal, a certified dietician in Delhi is a renowned wellness coach. She surely will provide you with the best benefits of ayurvedic diet. Her approach towards ayurveda diet is commendable.

What is ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s ancient holistic healing treatments. It was created 3,000 years ago in India. It’s believed that health and well-being depends on the balance between mind, body and soul. Its main aim is to promote good health. Ayurveda manages every basic function of the body. In cities like Delhi, Dt Priyanka Jaiswal is promoting a natural Ayurvedic diet. Ayurveda treats the major three doshas such as vatta dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha in the human body.

If you have vatta dosha you are more likely to develop conditions like anxiety, asthma, heart disease, skin problems, and rheumatoid arthritis. It manages your mind, breathing, blood flow, heart function, and ability to get rid of waste through your intestines.

If you have pitta dosha you may develop conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, infection. This controls digestion and immunity.

If you have kafa dosha you may develop illnesses like asthma and other breathing disorders, cancer, diabetes, nausea after eating, and obesity. This manages body strength, muscle growth, and immune system.

You will get following benefits if follow ayurveda diet plan from Dt Priyanka Jaiswal-

Why choose Dt Priyanka Jaiswal as your ayurvedic dietician in Delhi?

Ayurvedic Dieticians will do personal, online counselling. If you live anywhere around Delhi, you can see the best Ayurvedic Dietician- Dt Priyanka Jaiswal. If you are outside, you can book your online consultations. You can rely on an ayurvedic diet for a balanced body and mind. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest form of holistic treatment that has been extensively used in present days.

Ayurveda heals the disease from its root. It is effective in treating many kinds of disorders. Such as digestive troubles, sexual problems, psychiatric trouble, etc. It is also beneficial for cancer patients. Ayurvedic treatment improves detoxification of the body internally and outside. The toxins are eliminated with the period of time. This is known as the Panchkarma treatment.

As an Ayurvedic Dietician, Priyanka Jaiswal understands the deep root cause of the illness. Thus, she can offer different customised diet plans to the patients to stay fit. It is essential for people to take their health care seriously. Healthy mind and body are vital to lead a healthy life. So, Dt Priyanka Jaiswal as an Ayurvedic nutritionist will be of great help for this.

She can give you assistance about weight loss treatment. The customised weight loss program is designed by the dietician according to the specific lifestyle of the clients.

Ayurveda signifies the science of life and Ayurvedic nutritionists can understand the natural healing system. Food can affect the emotional and mental level of a person. Thus, Dt Priyanka Jaiswal focuses on the eating habits of the patients and also the timing of consuming food. An ayurvedic menu is completely different from other regular menus. All the essential building blocks for life include protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals etc. This should be managed in the right way. Only then, you can lead a healthy life.

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