Best Kidney (Renal Issues) Disease Dietician

Renal/Kidney Diet

As science and technology have given us many gifts and comforts, it has also brought us many health issues and diseases. With time people are getting more than one health issue at a time. Having more than one medical issue is causing some more serious health issues. This made kidney issues very common these days. Having a long history of diabetes, hypertension or thyroid is affecting your kidneys very badly. Your creatinine and uric acid increase and the doctor even put a restriction on your water or fluid intake. Following a renal diet is more important than relying on medicines while having kidney issues. There are stages and levels of seriousness of kidney disease. We have to understand that every situation is not the same as the other. 

Diet modifications for those patients who are on dialysis are very different from the one who is not on dialysis. Also, if you have more medical issues the dietary modifications become more challenging. The list of foods good for kidney repair shrinks a lot and you have to compromise a lot with your taste and choices.

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Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

Mainly, due to diabetes and hypertension. These are the major reasons of developing the kidney issues but some more reason could be Poor life style, use of less of water throughout your life, other chronic medical issues, too much of medicine use.


Kidney’s function is to remove the waste from the body. If the kidneys are not functioning properly then this waste gets mixed with our blood and harm us like weakness, swelling, nausea and these symptoms can cause even more damage to our kidneys and the stops working.


The protein intake in kidney disease depends upon your creatinine levels. If you are on dialysis then you need to have a high quality protein diet but if you are not on dialysis, then on the basis of your creatinine levels we add protein to your diet.


Yes, you will be given a list of foods to eat and not to eat. Because a wrong diet can make your condition worse and can damage your kidney more.

  1. Eat healthy foods for kidney health.
  2. Monitor blood pressure regularly.
  3. Do not smoke too much or drink alcohol.

A dietitian is a food and sustenance master. At the point when you start dialysis, you need to begin watching the CKD diet that you eat because specific food varieties can hurt you. Your dietitian will meet with you to examine and suggest numerous food decisions that accompany your recommended diet. They will likewise audit your lab work with you and assist you with changing your eating regimen to improve your lab results.