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Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), also known as Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder and the most common condition affecting 5% to 10% of women in the age group 12–45 years. This problem is related to the imbalance of female hormones which causes irregular menstruations, difficulty in ovulation and hence affecting the fertility in women. PCOS/PCOD is characterized by multiple small cysts in the ovaries. It makes the ovary enlarged and lead to excessive production of androgen and estrogen hormones causing various bodily issues such as acne, growth of facial hair and body hair, hair fall, depression, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and much more. Many women who suffers from PCOS develop insulin resistance. In fact, more than 50 percent of those with PCOS develop diabetes or pre-diabetes before the age of 40.

Although till now there are no permanent cure for the condition, but we can easily control and manage the condition up to certain levels. The best way to deal with this condition is the life style changes, healthy eating habits and an active routine. One having PCOS should start following a healthy diet as early as possible. There are two primary ways that diet affects PCOS are weight management and insulin production and resistance. Because of the insulin resistance factor, the body weight keep on increasing which can be only manageable with a healthy diet.

Seed Cycling: Because there is no treatment in particular for this condition, we have to take a little help from naturopathy or homeopathy along with allopath. With this same belief, a new concept is introduced for females suffering from PCOS or PCOD known as Seed cycling. Seed cycling is the practice of eating specific seeds during the two main phases of your menstrual cycle (follicular and luteal) to help promote the healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone levels. The correct combination of seeds at the right time will help to control your symptoms. Although there is no scientific evidence that supports these claims. Females who have been practicing seed cycle have shown positive results in their symptoms and have seen improvement in overall health. These combination of seeds in two different cycles, support the balance of female hormone system and thus help in reversing the symptoms of PCOD or PCOS.

Nutritionist for pcos can easily manage the condition by giving them a healthy diet plan. A balanced diet will help to combat the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. With proper weight management this will help to regulate insulin levels. Finding a professional Nutritionist for pcos will help you to understand and provide a right guidance regarding your dietary and lifestyle changes.

Utilising nutritional science, a Nutritionist for pcos will work closely with you to identify the hidden trigger of your PCOS. A nutritionist will support your body back to your optimal health. Hence you will live your life healthy and happy. Nutritionist for pcos organises food and nutrition diet care plans to enhance your eating habits and will help you to achieve health related goals such as losing weight. This will surely regulate your blood sugar levels.

Nutritionist for pcos is a great partner who will be by your side who ensures the best to manage your PCOS symptoms. If you want to change your diet plan to improve PCOS symptoms its always better to consult a professional Nutritionist for pcos. Nutritionist will create a customised diet plan based on your requirements.

Just make sure to contact a nutritionist to lead a PCOS free life.

To provide you the best solution and reverse most of the symptoms fast, we provide the best diet for pcod, conducted by our best dietician for pcod/pcos in delhi,

Along with healthy diet one also has to maintain an active life. Doing just a little bit of physical exercise will not only helps you in reducing and controlling weight but will also help in releasing some happy hormones in your body which will result in providing a balance to the female hormones.

So speak with our dietitian in Delhi for PCOD/PCOS and get your personalized diet plan and activity routine to control and manage your condition. Get proper help and stay healthy and happy.


Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

Female body works on two main hormones. In PCOD/PCOS, because of cysts in ovaries imbalance in these hormones occurs. This imbalance in hormones, results in many health issues such as weight gain, insulin resistance, infertility, acne, hair fall, facial hair growth etc.


We can but then we always have to be alert and take precautions. Once you learn how to manage your condition, you can maintain your good health easily. But then you always will be a carrier.


Once you develop this condition, your body


In PCOS/PCOD, your body develop the insulin resistance and the ingestion of dairy can lead to higher levels of insulin on the blood which result in gaining more body weight. But we can have some amount of low fat milk and milk products if you follow a proper healthy balance diet.


Losing weight in PCOD is the only cure. There are no medicines to cure or to maintain this condition. If you been able to manage your body weight, you will not have to rely on any medications for the rest of your life but you have to just maintain your weight.


PCOS is a complicated and overlooked ailment with notable long-term metabolic risk circumstances throughout a woman’s life. Since nutrition and lifestyle are the principal treatments, dietitians for PCOS play an extraordinary role in helping ladies with PCOS optimize their fitness and prevent disease.