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Keto Diet

Obesity and overweight are the most common health issues these days. Every age group is having these issues. Every page on social media is full of new types of diets and plans which people are trying to adapt so that they can lose some weight nice and easy. But everybody is different and every person needs a unique set of rules to apply to get good results in terms of weight loss. No two bodies can react to the same type of diet in the same way.

In this race of diets, one type of diet which is mostly on win is the Ketogenic diet. The reason for this diet method winning is the quality of nutrition it can provide and the types of good results it provides at the end.

The Indian keto diet plan is a diet in which one includes foods from high-fat sources, eats adequate-protein, and low-carbohydrate. This type of diet is not only beneficial for weight loss but also helps in managing some major health conditions such as controlling Epilepsy in children. The principle of the ketogenic diet is, a gradual decrease in carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat, we force the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. This process helps in weight loss, helps in preventing seizures, helps with metabolic syndrome.

But following a keto diet plan for weight loss is difficult as it limits your food list which you can include in your daily eating patterns. Plus you cannot stop working. You need to concentrate on your work while managing a good keto ultra diet.

Our top dietician in delhi for keto experts, can help you in creating your version of an Indian keto diet plan for weight loss which will give you good results as per your health needs.

Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

In this diet we eat very less carbs but high fat and adequate protein. This leads to a metabolically process in our body which is called Ketosis. This process makes your body to burn more stored fat from the body and hence helping in losing weight.


You have to eat very less amount of carbs, good quality high fat and moderate amount of protein. You are allowed to add more fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and milk products, more legumes and pulses but less cereals, nuts and seeds.


No, you do not have to starve yourself. Yes the list of foods which are allowed to eat is limited but that does not mean that you need to stop eating. You will be given a list off foods which you can have more and more. So feel free to munch on healthy foods from the list and enjoy your keto diet.


Only if you starve yourself. Because we eat very limited foods in keto diet, there is very slight chance to develop some nutritional deficiency. But if you do Keto under the supervision of an expert then it is safe and healthy.


Ketogenic abstains from food are a marginally more limited type of low sugar that consumes fewer calories. While as much as 150 grams of starches a day might be viewed as low carb, entering a condition of ketosis for the most part requires bringing sugars down to a degree of under 50 grams every day. A ketogenic diet is likewise significantly higher in fat and lowers in protein advised by the best keto expert in Delhi.


Numerous individuals are worried that a ketogenic diet probably won’t be viable with a high-energy way of life. keto dieticians recommend the inverse, in that ketones can improve execution. Nonetheless, you ought to decrease your exercise power or not take part in whatever requests a huge load of glucose while you attempt to get fat-adjusted.


The term keto-adaptation alludes to your body’s change from consuming fundamentally glucose as fuel, to have the option to likewise utilize ketones created from consuming muscle to fat ratio. It will require a couple of days or weeks to feel your closest to perfect on keto with help of top keto experts. You may encounter indications of sugar withdrawal from the outset, however, once you become fat-adjusted, you’ll see that you will not long for carbs as much any longer.


Your body has consistently depended on glucose as its essential form of energy. Thusly, when you cut carbs radically, the body is basically going ballistic, until it in the end changes its digestion to consuming fat. This time of transformation causes the gentle actual shortcoming or absence of energy average of seasonal flu. This state is brief and the change can be worked with by a couple of preventive measures, for example, keeping hydrated and having sufficient salt.