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A very common lifestyle disorder is Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure. It is a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated. This pressure happens because of the narrowing of your arteries due to cholesterol. Increased blood pressure is implicated as a risk factor for coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. This condition is hence called the silent killer. Many of us think that controlling the sodium intake or in common terms controlling the salt intake is good enough to manage your blood pressure. But actually, there are a lot of contributing factors to manage your high blood pressure. You also have to take care of your heart more now that you know you have a condition. The severity of your high blood pressure condition depends upon the dosage of your medicine. So even if your blood pressure is under control with a higher dosage of medicine, Hypertension Diet plays a major role in managing your blood pressure. Following a high blood pressure diet chart and managing your physical activity is not only important to control your blood pressure, but also makes your heart stronger.

Avoiding or controlling your salt intake is very common advice for hypertensive people. But did you know that there should be a mineral balance as well in your body if you wish to keep your blood pressure in check?

Our high blood pressure diet conducted by our best nutritionist in Delhi, will not only help you to manage your blood pressure but also will help you to prevent further heart disease and keep you healthy and happy.

  • By analyzing your body and its conditions, we will be able to understand the status of your heart
  • You will be than given a high bp diet chart to make your heart healthy and stronger
  • We will help you to create an active schedule so that you can have a healthy active heart. List of foods that lower blood pressure quickly and foods to avoid with high blood pressure will be available.
  • You will learn how to live a healthy Adulthood in order to gain a healthy ageing
  • Diet plan will be based on Indian meals and menus and will be very simple, easy to follow and in your budget.
  • Day to day tracking to review your food intake and weekly calls to monitor your progress
  • Will help you to fight with your unhealthy foods and sugar cravings
  • Provide you more options in foods as per your choices and tastes
  • No product or supplements will be given to you
  • Get positive results and sustain your achievements

Hypertension is said to be a silent killer. So make your heart healthy and strong and prevent further heart conditions.

Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

Can my high blood pressure causes a heart attack?

In longer run it can. If you are not taking care of your blood pressure then it keep putting pressure on your blood vessels and heart. This pressure can effect on your heart efficiency to work.

Why suddenly my blood pressure drops sometime?

The fluctuation in blood pressure happens because of the imbalance of minerals in the body. Some time you sweat and releases extra salt from body and when you take your medicine without checking your blood pressure, it drops.

What is the main reason of hypertension?

Thinning of blood vessels due to the deposition of fat releases a pressure on blood supply. The blood speed decreases and hence increases the pressure which is called high blood pressure. So to cause this you may have high cholesterol, overweight, or any other health issues.

Can my hypertension be cured completely?

With a good diet and a healthy lifestyle and routine you can manage your condition. You might need to keep taking a very small dose of medicine just to prevent sudden increase in pressure for future reference.

Will a dietician assist with hypertension?

The primary concern in bringing pulse is down to follow a high bp diet chart, keep a sound weight and increment active work. Counsel an enrolled dietitian nutritionist to begin battling hypertension and for direction with respect to better food decisions

How does nourishment cause hypertension?

At the point when you eat an excess of salt, which contains sodium, your body holds additional water to "wash" the salt away from your body. In certain individuals, this may cause the pulse to rise. The additional water puts weight on your heart and veins. Consult and follow bp patient diet chart.

How might I bring down my BP quickly?

If BP is raised and you need to see a prompt change, rests and take full breaths with foods that lower blood pressure quickly. This is the means by which you bring down your pulse in practically no time, assisting with easing back your pulse and reducing your circulatory strain. At the point when you feel pressure, hormones are delivered that contract your veins.


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