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Healthy eating should be a priority for all, but it is all the more important for sportspersons who have added needs of energy to fuel their performance while recovering quickly from extreme activities.

Any sportsperson would require more calories to attain peak performance in their respective sports, and hence the need of a sports nutritionist is all the more important to optimize the beneficial effects of physical performances. You be a bodybuilder, or a runner, or an athlete, your body needs the right foods to improve and sustain high levels of physical and mental health.

Why do you need a sports nutritionist?

A sports dietician helps you in making informed decisions regarding your nutritional and hydration needs for your improved performance, prevention from injuries, and better and quicker recovery; ultimately improving your performance on the track. They help you by supporting your health and as well your goals.

Diet2Nourish and Sports Nutrition

At Diet2Nourish, we understand that nutrition is a critical part of your life as an athlete. Our recommendations for your everyday nutritional needs tell you how much and what to eat so that it positively impacts your sports performance, training, and also your recovery. From fueling you to your recovery, and from muscle building to endurance, our nutritional advice ensures you of the best performance for all your sporting success.

Award-winning nutritionist and dietician Priyanka Jaiswal of Diet2Nourish is an expert in this field and have been helping sportsmen with consistency and clear guidance your body for all kind of athletic performances.

She applies the latest in sports science, integrated with the concepts of traditional sports nutrition that purely focuses on your exercise performance and recovery after. She works on the concepts of functional nutrition that is based on varied individual athlete responses towards training, diet, surrounding factors, and recovery. This approach helps all sportspeople with optimized performance and recovery along with promoting long-term health goals.

Why choose Sports Nutrition with Diet2Nourish?

As experts in sports nutrition, we at Diet2Nourish provide you with individual and as well group nutrition education and counseling to enhance your performance as both a competitive and recreational athlete.

Some of our key responsibilities include:

Keep your heart healthy and fit, with our special healthy heart programs.

Diet2Nourish Sports Nutrition Programs for sportsmen

Diet2 Nourish sports nutrition coaching has been designed by expert nutritionist and dietician Priyanka Jaiswal to meet the special needs of athletes in all kinds of sports activities. Her specialized sports nutrition programs come with:

Diet2Nourish Bodybuilding Nutrition

Bodybuilding involves a lot of bulk and bulking involves gaining muscle mass and weight to support your strength development. Be it for competitive purposes or recreational, bodybuilding involves a lot of training and the need for the right nutrition. To maximize your bodybuilding outcome, planned nutrition is one of the most important things and this is where we at Diet2Nourish can step in with tailor-made programs as per your need and health vision and the best person to rely on our bodybuilding nutritionist.

Bodybuilding nutrition from Diet2Nourish supports your efforts and maximizes the outcome of your gym work. It is of utmost importance for you to know the right and the wrong foods for bodybuilding. Proper nutrition and the timings of specific nutrients are the two of the most critical factors that decide the outcome of your training and the program, along with helping you with recovery quicker between workouts.

We at Diet2Noursih individually tailor-make your program to meet the needs of your body based on several factors, including your lifestyle and activity levels. We work out on the smallest, yet most important factors like your habits, baseline eating habits, and your workout schedule by maintaining a journal of everything about your eating.

Our bodybuilding nutrition services include:

The Key Components of Optimal Sports Performance

For optimal sports performance, fueling the body with the right kind of foods is very important, mainly carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel your body needs and are used by your working muscles. It is very important to ensure adequate intake of carbohydrates to keep you energized and prevent your muscles from fatiguing. Controlled fat intake is important, but it is equally important to ensure you are having enough fats. The fatty acids in healthy fats are energy sources, especially when your training sessions are longer. Fats are the building blocks of hormones and the formation of the cell walls. Proteins are also used as an energy source and are very critical for building new muscles tissues and repair. The need for protein is all the more important if you take part in resistance training.

How can Diet2Nourish help?

As an expert in sports nutrition, we at Diet2Nourish create a tailored nutrition plan, that can support your training programs and goals. Our plans incorporate both food and hydration, both of which are integral for your performance. Our tailor-made nutritional programs help you with:

To create the best nutritional strategy, our sports nutritionist assesses your training needs and devises a balanced diet for athletes based on their lifestyle, daily habits, need for supplements, and medication needs.

Our primary focus stays on:

Weight Management

Eating well and correct is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight, but, with so many options and information available, it might be hard to know and get the correct. This is where our expert athletic nutritionist comes in handy in advising you on losing weight for your sports activities and optimal performance.

For optimal sports performance, we suggest you include the following in your regular diet: Whole Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Lean sources of proteins and low-fat dairy, and healthy fats.

Preparing for Special Events

Major sports events can put your mind and body under immense stress, mainly because your nutritional needs are not met. Our running nutritionist can advise you with strategic plans that you can follow to optimize your performance during special events.

Your nutritional needs are your priority, your nutritional needs should not be neglected. Our athlete diet plan ensures you get all the vital nutrients through your diet and you can restore balance prior, during, and after any event.

For instance, Bodybuilding involves a lot of bulk, and bulking involves gaining muscle mass and weight to support your strength development. If you are interested in bodybuilding, you need to understand that nutrition plays a key role in your bulking success. Our bodybuilding nutritionist will ensure that you get more calories than you spend or expend. This puts your body into a positive calorie balance so that it enters an anabolic growth state. A healthy bodybuilding diet will never allow the fat consumption to fall below 15% of the total calories that you consume, even if you are having a bodybuilding vegetarian diet.

The fuel for performances comes from what we eat. Our bodies transform the food we eat into energy that we can use. This need for energy can be different for every person and depends on factors like lifestyle and age. This need for energy increases, when you are more active and performing, as an athlete. And most importantly, it is very important to know where these calories for energy are coming from.

To turn a body, into a high-performing machine during the training process, certain dietary needs must be met. It should fuel proper recovery, and bring about compositional changes. And all of these are driven entirely on proper nutrition and through the Diet2Nurish Diet chart for athletes.

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