Liver Disease

Liver Disease


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One of the very necessary parts of our digestive tract is the Liver. The liver is an essential organ that has many functions in the body. The primary functions of the liver are the production and excretion of bile which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion., Excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, and drugs, Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, Enzyme activation, Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals, Blood detoxification and purification, Synthesis of plasma proteins, such as albumin, and clotting factors.

Any disturbance in the proper functioning of the liver causes illness. There could be any kind of liver disease such as

Disease caused by a virus which could be hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Or Disease caused by drugs, poisons, or too much alcohol. Examples include fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

Because the liver has a major function in our digestion process, following a healthy liver diet plan will help in dealing with and managing the liver conditions. There are some cases where there is as such no medical treatment available to heal the liver but to follow a healthy diet. We need to know what kind of foods could be taken to recover the liver and heal so that it can function properly in our body. There are so many factors and information available on social media but it is difficult to choose the correct one as per our situation.

Our nutritionist in Delhi has created the liver disease diet with some easy and helpful strategies to overcome your liver issues.

Frequently Asked Question: Dietician in Delhi

Since liver is a very important part of our gastrointestinal tract, yes, food can actually help in making improvements in liver disease or can make it worse by not taking care of the eating habits. So you need to know what you can and cannot eat as per your condition so that your food can help your liver to heal itself.


Some common signs and symptoms are Feeling of nausea or vomiting, jaundice, pain and swelling in abdomen, dark color urine etc.


Liver has a major part in food digestion. If you eat a healthy and liver friendly diet then it will help to function live better. We will give you a healthy diet which will help you to overcome from your difficulties.


Follow a liver cirrhosis diet plan. To combat weaken your muscles, eat lots of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables. Avoid oysters and different raw shellfish, because they carry bacteria that could create an infection.


Egg whites are fine for your liver, but overeating can begin digestion problems and the yellow yolk is a source of fatty liver diet plan.

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