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If you find it difficult to visit a diet clinic but desperately want to consult and start with your health plan, here is the best way to connect with our expert Priyanka Jaiswal. We understand the importance of your time to manage your work and home, so we provide all the care plans through Online communication with you over telephone consultations, video consultations, text messages, whats app, emails. Once the consultation is over, the Diet Plan and all the instructions will be mailed or through whatsapp. This will be like just having face-to-face communication with the dietician.

Regular follow-ups and keeping a track of your progress will be done. Just take out few minutes from your busy schedule and talk to our expert anywhere and at your convenient time and get your healthy diet plan and care plan.

When we visit a clinic we expect that the health expert will listen to our issues carefully and then help us. But sometimes doing it online is a challenge as it is difficult to understand the facial expression of a person behind a camera. Our health expert understands all this very well and so keeping this in mind, dietician Priyanka makes a true connection with you by greeting you and asking you about your wellbeing.

We understand that sharing your personal and medical details is confidential and we keep them safe with us. Before planning a diet plan, here what we do:

  • Most Initially, we note your basic details such as your age, height, weight, gender.
  • We then ask for any special condition or medical history or surgical history if you have any.
  • Then we note your daily habits, lifestyle, routine, and schedule.
  • All these are then followed by the calculations of the requirement of macro and micronutrient proportions as per your health needs.
  • The diet plan is then shared and reviewed and then queries are taken on the given plan.

Modes of Online Consultation with Dietician Priyanka

Just take some time out of your busy schedule for the online consultation and get your personalized diet plan

The mode of the online consultation could be Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, google duo, Microsoft team, or Facebook. Then get your diet plan through whatspp or emails.

No need to worry so much now about your diet consultations and getting your diet plans. Get them anytime and anywhere you want.

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Diet2Nourish is a Diet clinic, where you can find the best ways to deal with your health and medical issues. Under the supervision of our best dietician in Delhi, you will not only lose your weight but will also learn how to empoweryourself in making positive lifestyle changes.Our healthcare plan will be based on healthy eating. We provide betterment in your health without any starvation, or products or supplements. Start your health journey today by joining the best nutritionist of Delhi.

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