Nutritionist for Seniors

Nutritionist for Seniors

It has been well said that “most of us have not worn the years well…instead, the years have well-worn us”.

Numerous changes occur to our bodies as we age, and these changes pose several unique challenges. One of the most common challenges that almost every senior adult comes across is ‘nutrition’.

It is a reality that we all have to face in our lives – getting old, but this is no reason why we should not try to stay healthy, feel young and enjoy our lives till our last breath. 

Under the mentorship of an award-winning nutritionist and dietician Priyanka Jaiswal, Diet2Nourish have been helping elderly with both – support and aging. Priyanka is an expert in Geriatrics, and have been helping older adults consistently with nutritional advice and guidance so that they live the later years of their life enjoying and staying healthy and happy. Priyanka is an expert dietician for the elderly, who has specialized in nutrition for the elderly. She works closely with older adults and understands the need for customized nutrition plans and interventions required to meet the critical needs of seniors.

What makes it much harder for the elderly to eat healthily?

We a Diet2Nourish understand that the changes that happen as you age, can make it difficult for you to eat healthily. Some of these changes are difficult and are like:

Why choose Diet2Nourish for seniors?

We understand that good nutrition is an important part of aging. We thrive to provide the best care for older adults in their life. Good nutrition is the most critical component in caring for all elderly. Our recommendations for your daily nutritional needs will tell you how much and what to eat so that it positively impacts your health and well-being. From allowing you to age gracefully to helping you with your daily activities, we provide the best that you deserve in terms of nutrition and food. We understand very well, that nutrition for older adults is different. The physiology of seniors is such, that it makes it easier for them to get chronic illnesses.

As an expert nutritionist and dietician and with a specialty in senior nutrition,

Priyanka Jaiswal understands all the changes and signs of the aging bodies of elderlies, making it easier for her to create customized care and nutrition plans for them.

You should consider her services for the elderly in your life, because:

The importance of nutrition for seniors

Good nutrition is important for everyone, irrespective of your age. Apart from providing us with energy and keeping our weight under control, proper nutrition is vital for our overall health and wellness.

The term “Nutrition” is all about eating a healthy and balanced diet so that our body gets all the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. Nutrients are substances in foods that we eat, and which our body needs so that we grow properly and age gracefully. But, as you age, the structure and composition of your body keep changing, and you need the best f support through food and nutrition, so that you stay healthy, stay away from diseases, and enjoy your life forever.

At Diet2Nourish, you get varied Senior Nutrition Packages

We offer:

Proper nutrition plan for seniors:

We understand that every physical body is different, and hence, we create individualized meal plans and develop customized programs to meet your particular nutritional needs.

Customized meal plan to support healthy life:

We take steps to ensure that you thoroughly understand portion control, take healthy decisions while eating out, and follow a balanced and nutritious diet plan.

Achieve overall health goals:

We set sustainable goals for you and work with you to help you achieve them. We review your progress in each session, along with the meal plan, and discuss and explain ways and means for you to follow and achieve your health goals for the rest of your life.

We are always there for you:

As your primary health care support, with us, you are in an ideal position to interact on a day-to-day basis with our experts on tips and resources that will help you address all the sensitive topics that may concern your health. You can always be in touch with us over different social media platforms.

Seniors with certain medical conditions may face difficulties maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We review our client’s condition and consider substitution with appropriate diets that are neutral and medically appropriate.

What does the nutritionist for the elderly at Diet2Nourish recommend?

Our nutritionist for the elderly recommends, that to stay healthy, fit, and happy as grow old, you must:

Include foods in your diet that provides a lot of nutrients without adding extra calories like:

Include foods low in cholesterol and unhealthy fats:

Avoid saturated and trans fats, as much as you can. These are fats mainly from animal sources and processed foods that are usually present in store-purchased baked goods and fried foods, and almost every fast food. Also, avoid foods with empty calories. These are foods with a lot of calories and very few nutrients like candies, baked goods, chips, fries, sodas, and alcohol.

Up your fluid intake:

Fluids, especially clean and plain water are vital to keeping you hydrated. As you age, it is quite common to lose the sense of thirst. Moreover, a high intake of medicines at an older age, makes it all the more important to drink good quantities of fluid.

Always stay physically active, as much as you can:

As you age, you start losing your appetite. Exercising and staying physically active can go a long way, upping your appetite and making you feel hungrier.

Diet2Nourish play an important part in healthy aging

What we eat matters and food is the most vital component of healthy aging. A state of complete wellbeing is not just living our lives without diseases, but it is an eye for our healthy aging. The perception of our health matters a lot. We all are very different from each other, and hence for everyone, healthy aging may mean a different thing like, pain management, independence, maintaining bodily functions, the ability to move freely, feel content and fulfilled, or being joyous in life.

Malnourishment is a big challenge in seniors. Some may eat, but not eat the proper foods, while some may eat the proper foods, but their bodies aren’t absorbing the nutrients in the food. Whatever the reason may be, malnourishment is a big challenge for seniors as it improves the chances of injuries, may lead to complex medical conditions, and more. This is where your Diet2Nourish and nutritionist for seniors can be of great help.