Know all about your health from the Best dietician in Gurgaon 2023

best dietician in Gurgaon

Best Dietician in Gurgaon

If you are residing in Gurgaon and looking for the best dietician in Gurgaon, then worry no more! Here, you will get to know everything about the best dietician in Gurgaon as of the current times.

As it is well said that health is one’s greatest treasure, make sure your treasure is safe and sound with the best dietician in Gurgaon.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of a good nutritionist and how a good dietician can influence your life. Moreover, you can find all the valuable information about the best nutritionist in Gurgaon that will help you in your transformation journey.

Why do you need the Best Dietician in Gurgaon?

In the modern day time, there are several factors that contribute to the increase in health problems of humans. Unhealthy eating habits and constant consumption of junk food leads to a bad influence on one’s health. Moreover, the busy times have prioritized work over everything else, which is why people often consume improper meals or skip meals. All these factors have adverse effects on one’s health.

Importance of a Dietician Nutritionist

The following are the main points that represent the importance of a nutritionist:

●      Maintaining health and weight

If you are already healthy, then a nutritionist will find ways to keep you that way. A dietician will frame a proper diet chart for you that food conserves your health and keeps you away from the various harmful health conditions and medical problems. Moreover, the dietitian helps a lot in weight management.

●      Weight loss or weight gain

The body mass index of a person indicates the perfect amount of weight one should have depending upon the height. Therefore, a dietician will examine your BMI and set a weight gain or weight loss goal and help you achieve the set goal in a given span of time.

●      Medical health condition

Numerous chronic health conditions and medical problems like irregular blood pressure, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cholesterol and various other heart and kidney diseases require a proper diet that excludes certain food items and ingredients. A dietician can frame a proper diet plan for the patient which includes a variety of Healthy food ingredients that will give energy and contribute to the health positively. Moreover, the specialized diet can exclude all the unsuitable food items for the patient.

●      Allergies and intolerances

Energy can be defined as a medical condition which restrains a person from consuming or being in contact with certain foods or substances. Therefore, dieticians can prepare an appropriate diet chart for an allergic person which excludes all the food items that have unsuitable ingredients. Moreover, people with lactose intolerance also get a personalized diet chart that includes dairy and other lactose products.

●      Proper development of the human body

The growth process of the human body is quite complex as the growing person requires a certain amount of proteins, calories and carbohydrates which are different from the average human body. In order to meet these requirements, a nutritionist must be consulted for growing kids and transitioning adults.

Which is better, a Nutritionist or Dietitian?

Nutritionist Vs Dietitian

A dietician is a legally regulated health professional. On the other hand, a nutritionist is a self-proclaimed expert.

Both, nutritionists and dieticians have quite similar jobs. However, the difference lies in their qualification and spectrum of activity.

Furthermore, a dietician has a legal licence of practice that a nutritionist lacks. Both of them have different roles and can be consulted as per your needs. The dietician will assess, monitor and treat a health problem.

On the other hand, a nutritionist is not as versatile as a dietician. You can choose any nutritionist, for diet charts and information. A nutritionist and dietician, both have studied about and work regarding food and nutrition.

A side note:

  • If your health is a garden, then a nutritionist will be a gardener that will nurture your health and help you get healthy and fit for life.
  • A  dietitian can guide you, instruct you and advise you, but it is you who has to contribute in the process for goal achievement as well.
  • Patience and consistency are required from the clients part as a transformation journey has a long way to go
  • Do not compare your progress with anyone else’s progress or success as different people have different bodies with different capabilities.

Get your nutrition counselling from the Top Five Best Dietician in Gurgaon

Make sure you get the best or the best in case of your as well as your family’s health. And if you reside somewhere in Gurgaon, then all you need is the guidance of the best dietician in Gurgaon for a happy, healthy and long life.

Top five best dietician in Gurgaon

Given below is a list of the top five best dieticians in Gurgaon. You can access the various details and choose the best one yourself!

1)   Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

best dietician in Gurgaon

You can get to know all about Dt  priyanka Jaiswal who is also known as the best dietician in Gurgaon.

Who is Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal?

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is regarded as the best dietician in Gurgaon. This is because of her rich experience and vast knowledge in this field. She has treated people from various parts of the country. She is very well known for the effective diet plans she provides and guidelines that come along with her diet charts. She keeps her clients in check  whether they are  following the diet chart to ensure the results.

Why is she the best dietician in Gurgaon?

She is known as the best dietician in Gurgaon due to the following reasons:

●      Vast Knowledge

Her vast knowledge regarding food, health and nutrition ensures her expertise in this area. Her wit is incomparable and makes largely the factor of  her being the best dietician in Gurgaon.

●      Significant experience

With over thirteen years of work experience in the field of food and nutrition, Dt. Jaiswal can understand the entire toot of the problem just by listening to what the client is going through. She has treated various health related problems and  weight management issues which makes her an expert in the same.

●      Outlook towards life

With a positive outlook towards life, Dt. Priyanka promotes a  positive mindset in her clients. She believes in thinking positive and  being positive supremacy.

●      Treatment

Her effective treatment is infallible and very distinct. Priyanka Jaiswal believes in escaping the diet mentality and following the intuitive eating methodology. This implies eating good food with an optimistic approach. Her treatment is a remarkable fusion of high tech methods and ancient, ayurvedic and home made remedies.

●      Professionalism

With utmost professionalism, she treats her clients well and with a humble attitude. Dt. Priyanka has all the professional skills and qualities.

What are her qualifications?

The following are the qualifications of Dt. Jaiswal, the best dietician in Gurgaon

  • A bachelor’s degree in home science and nutrition
  • This is followed by a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.
  •  In addition to this, she has also practised an advanced course for diabetic educators and even joined the Indian Dietetics Association permanently.

What are her achievements that make her the best dietician in Gurgaon?

  • She has had a high media coverage for her excellent work in food and nutrition
  • She has managed to make more than four hundred people adopt and follow  her diet plans to see the desired results.
  • Furthermore, Dt. Jaiswal was presented with the most respected “the nutrition award” for her expertise in the said feild.
  • Dt. Jaiswal, being the best dietician in Gurgaon, is the co-founder and chief dietician at the diet2nourish clinic. This clinic has also been known to help people with their diet and ease up their transformation journeys.  A number of services like those of health problems, medical conditions and weight management issues are treated here. This clinic is well known for its well coordinated staff members and expert dieticians..

When and where can I reach her?

Dt. Jaiswal is very responsive and can be reached at her clinic.

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]


2)   Dt. Ashu Gupta

Dt. Ashu Gupta is a well known name when it comes to Health and nutrition. She has a very long history of treating people with various health conditions. This is why she is among the top best dieticians in Gurgaon. She welcomes people with great hospitality and treats them with great care.

3)    Dt. Moumita Kumar

She helps with weight loss and other medical conditions. Dt. Moumita Kumar has an excellent eye for diet charts. She framed diet plans with great excellence, keeping the taste buds and preferences of her client in mind.

4)   Ms. Shipla Arora 

Ms. Shipla Arora is a very talented dietician and does wonders for her clients. She provides proper guidelines and instructions for her customers. Her foolproof diet plans and complementary lifestyle changes are very efficient for the clients.

5)   Dt. Sunaina Khetarpal

Dt. Sunaina Khetarpal is a well-known dietician who is also the founder of the Health is wealth clinic. She always addresses her clients with great respect and high communication skills. She makes sure she provides proper diet and good nutrition advice to anyone who consults her.

What could be the fee charges for consulting the best dietician in Gurgaon?

fee charges for consulting the best dietician

The price could vary depending on the type of consultation. In some cases, it could be different for medical guidelines and for general check up. Moreover, the average fees charged by the best dietician in Gurgaon can range from 500₹ to 3000₹. You can choose whoever you want as there are many good nutritionists listed below. All of them are totally worth every penny you spend.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Is a dietician and a nutritionist the same?

Answer: A dietician is a licensed professional who has a proper degree of education in the field of dietary and nutrition. On the contrary, a nutritionist does not have these credentials and is rather a self-proclaimed expert.

Question 2: what are the different factors based on which a nutritionist can draw a diet chart?

Answer: Factors like the job of the person, daily activities in the routine, eating habits and food preferences, metabolism and appetite play a major role in drawing a diet chart for a client.

Question 3: Who is the most famous dietician?

Dt Priyanka Jaiswal is the most famous dietician. She is one of the leading nutritionists and dieticians in India. Moreover, she is best known for her top-notch treatment strategies and high-end professionalism.
People from various parts of the country consult Dt Priyanka Jaiswal. She has a vast spectrum of knowledge about various health conditions. Furthermore, she has an experience of more than thirteen years.
Ranging from hormonal health disorders to weight management issues, Dt. Jaiswal can help with anything. In addition to this, her treatment works like magic and is absolutely effective. Dt Jaiswal frames personalised diet charts for her consultants.
Moreover, her clients have always had positive feedback and are highly likely to recommend her. Dt Priyanka is accredited as the most famous dietician and has also been in the Indian media limelight.

Question 4: Can I lose weight with a dietitian?

Yes, you can lose weight with the guidance and treatment of a dietitian. Moreover, a dietician is a specialised professional that can help you with weight loss in healthy ways.
A dietician will check your height and weight to find out your BMI index. Then will conclude how much you need to lose in order to be under a normal BMI.
Thereafter, a dietician will set realistic, weekly or monthly weight loss goals. The dietician will help you in reaching those schools with the specialised diet plan.
Furthermore, the diet plan will be a calorie-deficit diet plan. It consists of all the essential nutrients to meet your daily nutrient requirement. Dieticians will suggest the healthiest ways to lose weight without causing any weakness.
In addition to this, with constant follow-ups dieticians, ensure your progress. Moreover, they keep track of the weight loss progress through regular check-ups.

Question 4: Is a dietician an MBBS doctor?

The answer to this question is now. A dietician is not a medical doctor but rather a healthcare professional. A dietician assesses, identifies and treats disease-related problems.
Furthermore, a dietician conducts medical nutrition therapy for consultants. Therefore, a dietician is a food expert but can not be called an MBBS doctor.

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