Best Cooking Methods to Preserve Nutrients

Human learned to cook food to make it chewable and easily digestible. Different regions and religions have different methods of cooking food. But with time to make foods more tempting and tasty, the nutritional quality of the cooked foods has been compromised and is been affected.

Before we learn about the best way to cook your food in order to preserve the nutritional value of your food, we should know the wrong ways and methods of our today’s cooking. Overheating Healthy Oils, Frying your food, Using Wrong Cookware, Cooking vegetables for too long, adding uncooked salt over the food, peeling off the thick layer of vegetables. These are some examples of unhealthy and wrong ways while cooking food. When we try to make food extra tasty we do not try to save the nutritional value or you can say that we do not know, what are the correct ways to cook food so that its nutritional value is preserved;

Here are some great cooking methods and tips for you

  • Dry Heat Cooking with or without fat: Broiling, Grilling, Roasting, Baking, Sauteing.
  • Moist Heat Cooking: Steaming, Poaching, Simmering, Boiling, Steaming
  • Combination of Dry and Moist: Braising, Stewing
  • To cook rice use Simmering as cooking method or cook them in microwave.
  • To cook Legumes or Pulses, it is always a good idea to Boiling without soaking them. For this you need to give them a visel and leave it there for 30 minutes. After that cook it like the way you cook after soaking.
  • When you are cooking Vegetables, use Stew, Saute, or Steaming methods to cook
  • Add salt in between the cooking
  • Do not use peeler for every vegetable.