Alternate Day Fasting

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Fasting is an ancient tradition and practice in which people use to refrainment for day, hours or weeks from food willingly. Different cultures have different methods of doing this. In last couple of years these tradition is back in practice now.

Over the time people have understood the concept behind fasting and benefits of doing this. With growth of science and technology, we have discovered new health conditions and illnesses and also have discovered solutions for most of the problems. But still there are a lot of conditions for which we still don’t know the best treatment and solution. Doctors and professional are asking people to focus more on their healthy eating and life style. This is pushing people more into trying new diets and ways to stay healthy and out of health trouble. In order to stay healthy people re trying variant of diet and life style. Different variety of fasting is also involve in this. One of a way is called the Alternate Day Fasting. In this fasting people eat for one day and avoiding eating anything on the next day. Different people have different rules of doing this. First, let us understand the benefits of doing this type of fasting.

  • It helps to clean out your system. If you are in the habit of doing unhealthy or mostly outside then this way you would be able to remove toxins from your body.
  • Provide rest to your digestive system which hence helps in improving your gut and immunity.
  • Your intake for calories reduces on an average. Since you are eating very less half of the time, you eat less and burn more stored fat.
  • Helps in controlling you medical vitals and parameters such as sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Now that we know what the benefits are, let us understand what the ways are of doing this

  • You are allowed to make your own rules. Since you are doing this for the sack of your health and not for any cultural or religious thing, you can make your own rules. You can choose a list of foods and drinks which you want to quit or reduce for the day of fasting.
  • You can start or stop any time you want. You can start whenever you think things are getting out of control in your body and can do for some time then stop. Then again you can start after some time.
  • Your routine and schedule will not be effected much. You can eat and fast as per your timings and work.

A few suggestions are that it would be best if you can ask a professional to help you creating your rules and methods. As per your body some professional would be able to explain it with reasons and ways.

Alternate day fasting is specially designed to lose weight. There are several types of alternate day fasting timing that will fit your lifestyle. This fasting schedule should be calorie restrictions of alternate days -500 for women and 600 for men with taking meals for three days. Below mentioned are the foods and drink you should follow on your fasting days.

If you want you can have zero calorie beverages such as coconut water, cucumber drink, green tea, ginger tea, turmeric tea. for fast days. one should focus for 50gms of protein and eat some low-calorie veggies such as salad with grilled chicken. It will make you feel full for a long time. For vegetarians, a cup of lentils will provide 18gms of protein.

  • Its suggested to eat whole plant based food instead of processed food.
  • You should consume fresh fruit and vegetable juice.
  • Once the fast gets over, gradually take fresh juice and solid foods.

Alternate day fasting results are many. Hence, you will lose weight very fast as you are cutting on calories. Even this will be very beneficial for people with high BP, epilepsy, diabetics and many other diseases. This fasting should follow under the guidance of dietician. Alternate day fasting means ignore food for 36 hours. By skipping the meal for one day you can easily lose weight and get rid of other health related issues. In Alternate day fasting you can eat in every alternate day. Fasting means not consuming calories for a recommended time.

If you are new to Alternate day fasting then start fasting for 12 to 16 hours. If you are approaching for a strict fasting you can have water or zero calorie beverage. If you are in moderate Alternate day fasting you can have foods that are rich in fibers and more of water content. You can go for spinach, tomatoes, melons, citrus fruits, mushroom, broccoli etc if you are in moderate Alternate day fasting . Even you can eat legumes, beans, egg whites, fish, lean poultry that are low in protein.

In Alternate day fasting results 1 month you can lose around 3.6 kilos. Even this diet will help you to burn extra fats in your body rapidly. On fasting day, you are allowed to drink water, unsweetened coffee/tea. Alternate day fasting is very effective and its healthy too. The result is phenomenon. You will increase your metabolism level. This is the effective approach of fat loss.

Alternate day fasting is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women, people with eating disorders. It will give health benefits to the people who are under the process of Alternate day fasting. It is easy to stick on this diet as you can have this fasting in every alternative day. Before embarking this diet plan, you should consult a certified dietician. Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal will help you to assist with Alternate day fasting that involves the patterns of eating food. Even you can get the beneficial way to lose weight and calorie.

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