Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease and has become very common nowadays just like cough and cold. In earlier times the disease of TB was incurable, but now thanks to the development of medical science, treatment of TB disease has become possible.

TB patients need a lot of proper treatment and care. Otherwise, it can become a serious problem. For this, it is most crucial to keep one thing in mind the treatment of TB should never be left incomplete, due to this the disease will never go up forever. Along with medical treatment, and medicines, a proper and balanced TB diet chart plays a vital role. A lack of attention to “healthy diet best food for TB patients” can weaken the immunity of TB patients, which further increases the risk of disease.

In this article, Diet2Nourish will explain the history of this disease and how this disease is affecting globally.

As you know, the disease of tuberculosis is thousands of years older. Mycobacterium tuberculosis basically affects the lungs, which is a common cause of pulmonary disease. However, TB is a multi-systemic disease. Some parts of the body that are most affected by this disease are the gastrointestinal system (GI), respiratory system, lymphoreticular system, skin, central nervous system, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system and liver. The fact of evidence shows that this disease has been emerging in humans for thousands of years.

However, globally efforts are being made to eliminate TB through vaccination and medicines for some years. In the year 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO), based on data, estimated that the disease is falling by 1.5% per year. According to a survey from 2000 to 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO, 2016) has mentioned that the global TB death rate has declined by 22%. But the sad thing is that even after doing so, there are still many TB cases in the world. Even now in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, and South Africa, people have been found to be a 60% of the death rate due to TB (WHO, 2017). You will be surprised to know that patients suffering from HIV die more due to tuberculosis. It means to say that tuberculosis is still not completely gone from the world, it has only reduced the rate of death. So let’s understand what should be done, what is food for TB patient, what should be avoided in TB (tuberculosis food avoid) or what should be on the TB patient food list.


Diet2Nourish will tell you everything about the healthy diet best food for tp patients. Following the TB patient diet chart properly can help in defeating this disease as soon as possible and you can fight this disease better.

TB Diet Plan: Best Food for TB patients

Best Food for TB patients

TB patients should be given a balanced diet. There is an old belief about the diet in the TB Diet Plan or Tuberculosis that the “consumption of tonics or highly expensive food supplements will make the patient healthier soon.” But luckily, this statement is not true. It should be kept in mind that the diet has to be nutritious. During the treatment of TB, the appetite seems to be less and the patient does not want to eat. Therefore, the food should be healthy as well as delicious. Because of this the physical condition of the patients starts getting better and they start eating in a normal way. The best and most effective food for TB patients are as follows:

A Complete Guide to dietary management of tuberculosis

TB Diet Chart

Milk is a saviour

Many people used to be in a dilemma and ask our dieticians and doctors, “Can TB patient drink milk?” Rich in vitamins, calcium and protein, milk is considered to be quite beneficial for TB patients. Without any if and but, add the goodness of milk to your done TB diet and must consume milk daily to increase your immunity. By consuming milk, the patient’s body also gets the strength to fight the disease. You can include almond milk to get rid of TB disease quickly, as it is light and easily digested.

Sour fruit for TB Patients

Which fruit juice is good for TB patient? is one of the frequently asked questions. Here is the answer: 

Bananas, gooseberries, pineapples, and oranges, all of these fruits are very beneficial in tuberculosis. They help fight against tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis patients should eat fresh fruits with juice at an interval of five hours.

Consumption of fruits containing vitamin C, vitamin-A and vitamin E is very healthy for TB patients. Therefore, you should add this to your TB diet and consume such fruits regularly. TB patients can increase immunity by consuming many vitamins and nutrients such as lemon, orange, amla, guava and mangoes.

Green vegetables and grains are healthier

  • A good diet for TB patient can never leave behind green vegetables. Indeed! It can be beneficial for a person with TB to include some vegetables and whole grains in their TB diet. These patients should include all vegetables, but especially green and leafy vegetables that are rich in antioxidants as well such as broccoli, carrot, tomato, and sweet potato.

Garlic is a miracle

During this disease, the person becomes very weak. Due to weak immunity, many other diseases start to flourish in the body. In such a situation, you must consume garlic.

Hence, It is not wrong to say that garlic acts as a miraculous medicine for TB patients. Garlic can help you get rid of many diseases. Apart from this, it is very effective in the treatment of TB, as it contains allicin, which directly affects the bacteria of TB. Not only this, even if you are suffering from TB, everyone should chew two-three buds of garlic every morning. Therefore, it is right to chew garlic for two-three minutes to control TB. Eating garlic daily in the morning keeps problems like TB, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Vitamins and Nutrients are mandatory

TB patients should consume vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, especially in their diet. Apart from this, the patient should also take plenty of protein in food. TB patients should include foods rich in selenium, zinc, folic acid and calcium in the minerals. The patient suffering from the disease should be eaten a little instead of eating together.

Green Tea should not be left

TB patients should not consume tea and coffee during the intestinal tuberculosis diet. You can drink green tea instead. Green Tea is very effective in the process of treating TB. It adds plenty of antioxidants to the body. 

If you include foods from all the food groups in the diet plan of a TB patient, this will become balanced and the patient will also get the right amount of nutrients. It is important to take care of all these things in the TB diet chart, because, in the absence of these, the patient may suffer from malnutrition, which can worsen the patient’s physical condition. Due to this, the medicines will not be able to work properly for the disease and the body will not be able to fight against the disease. Most TB patients lose weight because they are unable to eat and drink properly. 

That’s why doctors always ask to keep an eye on the TB patient food list. Apart from this, the patient should also do some physical activity, so that the appetite is felt and the patient can eat well.

What to avoid during the treatment of TB? (Tuberculosis Food Avoid) 

Tuberculosis Food Avoid

Patients suffering from tuberculosis or have recently been cured should avoid below mentioned foods-

  • Excessive consumption of tea
  • Excessive coffee consumption
  • Consumption of tobacco 
  • Cigarette
  • Consumption of alcohol or alcohol (this can interact with drugs)
  • Excessive consumption of spices and salt

Studies have shown that majorly pulmonary tuberculosis occurs in India and for this, these foods have to be included in the TB diet along with the above-mentioned TB patient food list. The role of micronutrients in the TB diet is quite important.

Zinc – Due to tuberculosis, there is a lot of zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc deficiency also has a profound effect on the immune system. Also, zinc helps a lot in the metabolism of vitamin A. So include zinc-rich food in the TB diet plan.

Vitamin A – The role of vitamin A in tuberculosis is immunocompetent. The original source of vitamin A is cod liver oil. So include vitamin A rich food in the TB diet plan.

Vitamin D – You may not know that vitamin D also plays an important role in the treatment of tuberculosis. The vitamin acts as a macrophage. Consume Vitamin D regularly in the TB diet plan.

Vitamin E – The amount of this vitamin is often reduced in patients with tuberculosis. You can get this by consuming citrus fruits. Apart from all this, iron, selenium and copper are also essential elements. Also take special care of vitamin E in the TB diet plan.

About Bone Tb and its Diet  (Bone TB Diet)

Nowadays BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin or BCG) vaccine is available to the people, which has been made mandatory by the government to give the baby in childhood. Apart from this, it is the duty of every parent to get all the vaccines at the right time to protect their child from diseases. People who are TB patients are advised to wear masks so that the infection can be prevented from spreading.

Add Goodness of wheat to your TB Diet Chart

There is less appetite in TB, but whenever you eat, take food rich in calories. For people who want to know if is chapati good for TB patient? Wheat is extremely beneficial in many ways and should be added to your diet list.

Moreover, intake of cereal porridge, semolina pudding, groundnut chikki, wheat and ragi sprouted malt porridge or khichdi etc. is also good for your overall health.

Prevention from Tuberculosis

Nowadays BCG (Bacillus Calmette Guerin or BCG) vaccine is available with the people, which has been made mandatory by the government to give the baby in childhood. Apart from this, it is the duty of every parent to get all the vaccines at the right time to protect their child from diseases. People who are TB patients are advised to wear masks, so that the infection can be prevented from spreading.

As much as the treatment of TB is important, its prevention is also important. For the medicine given for TB to work properly, it is necessary that the TB Diet Plan or Diet in Tuberculosis is followed well. Before following the TB diet plan, definitely consult your doctor about this. The information above is not a substitute for medical advice. Therefore, before using any home remedy, medicine or supplement, be sure to consult a doctor. 

According to the reports, the symptoms of intestinal TB are less visible than TB infections in other organs. In many cases, it is detected very late, due to which people have to face a lot of problems. Actually, intestinal TB is easily treated, but the delay in treatment affects the intestines badly and spoils digestive health. During this disease, you must consult with a doctor who’s a specialist in Tuberculosis just like Deit2Nourish; we have a team of specialised and experienced doctors and dieticians who always treat you in the most effective way. Also, focus on your intestinal tuberculosis diet plan to get rid of this disease.

You can also book an online consultation with our Tuberculosis specialist to get a personalised TB diet chart. For more information, visit our website and you can also get a chance to avail 1-week extra diet.