Best Cooking Methods to Preserve Nutrients

Human learned to cook food to make it chewable and easily digestible. Different regions and religions have different methods of cooking food. But with time to make foods more tempting and tasty, the nutritional quality ...

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Benefits of Curry Leaves

One of the best think about Indian cooking is that the most of the Indian spices and herbs which provides a lot of health benefits. One of a very common thing which is used in Indian cooking is Curry leaves...

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Clean Eating Tips to Lose Weight and Feel Great

People are desperate to lose weight and get their good health back at any cost. Trying different diets and new concepts is in fashion these days. Anything which comes new or different on social media, we want to try ...

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Indian Diet Chart For Weight Loss in 7 Days

Weight loss is the topmost health issue people are discussing everywhere the most these days. As being overweight or obese invites a lot of health issues and medical conditions, it is becoming very important to have the correct bodyweight and correct BMI. ...

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What to Do When Your Uric Acid & Creatinine Fluctuates?

If your last blood reports showed high uric acid and/or high creatinine levels, than you must be thinking that your kidneys are getting effected. You are right at some extends but not completely true...

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Alternate Day Fasting Benefits

Fasting is an ancient tradition and practice in which people use to refrainment for day, hours or weeks from food willingly. Different cultures have different methods of doing this...

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