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How to reduce blood urea by diet

How to reduce blood urea?

Blood in our bodies is an important fluid that runs through our heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins, carrying oxygen and all the necessary nutrients to the cells in our body. Along with it, blood also carries the wastes produced by metabolism, the most crucial of which is the carbon dioxide, from the tissues to the […]


Fatty Liver Diet Chart Indian

Fatty Liver Diet Chart of Indian Foods by Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

Fatty Liver Diet Chart Indian Fatty liver can affect both children as well as adults, but it mostly affects people who are obese or have other risk factors for this disease, such as an unhealthy lifestyle. Fatty livers are often times referred to as steatohepatitis and cause inflammation in the organ, which can lead to […]


Muscle Gain Diet Plan

Muscle Gain Diet Plan : Everything you need to know

Muscle Gain Diet Plan Best Diet for Muscle Gain: Disciplined nutrition, complemented with weight training exercise, is crucial in achieving the bodybuilding goals. Therefore, bodybuilders should cover 50% of the weight training program with novice (healthy) nutrition. We have listed below a few tips recommended by experts for the best diet for muscle gain. 1. Increase […]


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