20-4 Intermittent Fasting for Quick Weight Loss

20-4 Intermittent Fasting

20-4 Intermittent Fasting

20-4 intermittent fasting has taken over our minds. The majority of us have heard stories of healthy weight loss with it.  The truth is that some of us have even tried doing 20-4 intermittent fasting with not-so-good experiences. It is considered an effective way of weight loss provided you set your goals right.

With 20-4 intermittent fasting, it is important to set up an effective plan for nutritional levels and weight loss management to achieve weight-loss goals. Here is a quick guide for 20-4 intermittent fasting to master it for perfect weight loss.

What is 20-4 intermittent fasting?

What is 20-4 intermittent fasting?

The 20- 4 hour intermittent fasting is an advanced version of intermittent fasting where you fast for 20 hours of the day and eat within the 4-hour time frame. 

It originated from the ancient warriors who kept on haunting every day for a great feast in the evening to enjoy their meals. Before you think that you are free to grab anything to eat during the 4-hour window, it is important to re-think again for weight loss goals. Let’s not forget the ancient technique of enjoying a massive feast was far away from yummy cakes and fast foods. In fact, it just included animal protein and a plant-based diet. Let’s kick start to know more about this form of intermittent fasting.

Two types of 20-4 intermittent fasting

The two types of 20-4 intermittent fasting are as follows:

1.    A Warrior Diet

Warrior Diet

This includes having small protein snacks like plant-based dairy products, hard-boiled eggs, fiber-rich fruits, and vegetables during 20-hour fasting time. This allows you to keep your body active all day long. The whole idea is to keep you full of protein and fiber-rich foods to avoid unnecessary hunger pangs.

2.   A Clean 20/4 intermittent fasting

Clean 20/4 intermittent fasting
Clean 20/4 intermittent fasting

This includes staying clean with body detox to have calorie-free fluids during the 20-hour window period. You can opt for water, black coffee or tea, coconut water, and green tea. A Clean 20/4 intermittent fasting allows you to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals in the evening during the end of the day.

20/4 intermittent fasting is very similar to the concept of having one meal a day. Obviously, with a 4 -hour time frame, you will have access to consume 1-2 meals. Let us check how you can achieve this in the next part of the article.

How does 20-4 intermittent fasting work?

How does 20-4 intermittent fasting work?
How does 20-4 intermittent fasting work?

Follow these steps to make it more interesting so that you can easily follow it for healthy weight loss.

Step 1: Start gradually to adopt the 20-4 cycle

Jumping directly into 20-4 intermittent fasting will not help you achieve weight loss. If not done correctly, it may take a wrong turn. Moreover, 20-4 intermittent fasting is considered an advanced version of a weight loss diet which requires skills to master it. Beginners to intermittent fasting may start it with simple 12-12 intermittent fasting which is easily achievable. Then, you can couple it up and opt for 20-4 and 12-12 cycles of intermittent fasting.

Step 2: Experiment with different schedules

Experimenting with different schedules of a 4-hour window period can work wonders to achieve success with 20-4 intermittent fasting. Majority of us prefer the evening time to enjoy our meals and the end of the day with a feast. Choosing the earlier part of the day as a feeding period for a 4-hour window will help you keep your energy levels at the top. Moreover, the metabolism tends to slow down in the evening.

Step 3: Plan meals beforehand

Plan your meals for the 4-hour window period. It is important to organize your meals beforehand to make the most out of this weight-loss technique. Prepare and plan your meals so that you do not grab packaged munchies that are unhealthy in nature.

Step 4: Focus on nutrient levels

Nutrition is the key to getting success with 20-4 intermittent fasting. Consuming healthy nutritious food will allow you to improve energy and stamina levels during the fasting window period of 20 hours. This will also make you feel good and release feel-good hormones to keep you motivated during 20 hours of fasting. Moreover, nutrient-dense superfoods will help prevent hunger pangs to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Sound sleep and hydration is a must

Ensure to keep going with sips of water and good 7-8 hours of sound sleep. After all, sound sleep also helps burn fat to some extent as your body systems need energy to function as well at night.

Foods to consume during the 20-4 intermittent fasting

Here is a quick guide on which foods you can keep handy to take care of those 4 hours of munching. It is important to fuel your body right with good foods to provide your energy.

  1. Antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and veggies
  2. Anti-inflammatory foods which include herbs to provide energy
  3. Protein-rich foods such as almond milk, chicken, lean meat, and fish
  4. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts, and seeds
  5. Opt for protein snack bars with jaggery and sugar
  6. Opt for a gluten-free diet with ragi, bajra, nachni, and oats
  7. A healthy banana smoothie can work wonders for weight loss
  8. Sprouts and lentil salad is a must
  9. A wholesome meal of dal, rice, sabzi, fresh curd, and bhakris can be taken
  10. Avoid deep-fried fruits or fast foods such as burgers, or samosas

What are the benefits of 20-4 intermittent fasting?

The benefits of 20-4 intermittent fasting are as follows-

  1. Helps in fat loss and muscle gain
  2. Improved brain health
  3. Relaxes and calms spiritual health
  4. Has anti-aging benefits
  5. Helps in cellular repair and rejuvenation
  6. Improves insulin functioning by controlling sugar levels
  7. Enhances gut systems with regular detox
  8. Helps in the proper absorption of nutrients
  9. Reduces inflammation by fighting oxidative stress
  10. Improves cholesterol levels with the best cardiac health
  11. Helps reduce hunger pangs
  12. Promotes ketosis and autophagy for good health

Do and don’ts of 20-4 intermittent fasting


  • Start it gradually and get into the groove
  • Focus on nutrition and energy levels
  • Keep sipping liquids to help detox naturally
  • Go for light walks


  • Do not take stress and stay relaxed
  • Avoid bingeing on heavy outside meals
  • Do not overdo by extending the fasting period by more than 20 hours
  • Do not keep looking at the clock by starving yourself

Pros and Cons of 12 Intermittent fasting

Here are the pros and cons you know in order to yield positive results and avoid negative results on 20-4 hours of intermittent fasting.


  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps in improving overall personality
  • Helps in reducing stress and anger levels


  • Hard to follow
  • May cause nutritional deficiency
  • May cause side effects such as low sugar levels, dizziness, or hypotension


20-4 Intermittent fasting is considered one of the advanced forms of intermittent fasting especially suited for those whose body is tuned to intermittent fasting or may who have mastered it. This can be very challenging at times. One may have positive or negative experiences. It is important to practice a healthy form of eating with good nutrition and hydration for long-lasting results.


Is 20- 4 intermittent fasting considered healthy?

20-4 intermittent fasting is considered healthy provided it is practiced regularly with good lifestyle solutions. Initially, monitoring is a must in cases especially when you are new to intermittent fasting. It is recommended to start gradually with 12 hours of intermittent fasting and gradually increase it to 20-4 intermittent fasting.

Is 20-4 intermittent fasting more effective than other forms of intermittent fasting?

It depends on what suits your body the best. Every person is different. Moreover, if you are able to master the 20-4 intermittent fasting with the right technique, it can work wonders for overall health.

How to stay committed to 20-4 intermittent fasting?

Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing a healthy lifestyle for achieving weight loss goals is a must. Combining another form of intermittent fasting with advanced versions and planning them appropriately can help you master 20-4 intermittent fasting allowing you to stay committed to it.

How much weight can you lose per week with 20-4 intermittent fasting?

There can be a good amount of fat burn with 20-4 hours of intermittent fasting. This helps in burning the deposited fats and also helps in preventing deposition of the further fats into the cells. Healthy fats are good for cellular function which provides energy. A long 20-hour fasting increases the absorption capacity of the cells for better functioning.

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