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Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss & Weight Gain – What to eat on a Vegan Diet?

There are a lot of people adopting ‘veganism’ as their new way of life, and the number seems to be considerably increasing day by day. Veganism (vegan diet) is a way of life, it is a lifestyle, including dietary choices where you completely abstain from anything and everything that is animal-based, from meats, eggs, milk, […]


Cholesterol Diet

The Cholesterol Diet: An Effective Way to a Healthy, Happy and Long Life

If there is one thing that can be directly associated with life-threatening heart diseases, it is ‘cholesterol’. Higher levels of cholesterol in the body worry many. The biggest challenge is, that cholesterol is misunderstood by almost every one of us. Cholesterol has often been called a ‘silent killer’, majorly because you notice no symptoms when […]



Keto Diet Plan Veg: All that You Need to Give it a Go

Consuming fewer calories than what the body burns can lead to weight loss, be you be on any diet type. Vegetarians who are keen on weight loss and following a diet type focuses on eating fresh vegetables and whole foods. Nevertheless, for a vegetarian person to lose weight and that too quickly, he or she […]