Corporate Wellness Program to Improve Company employee well-being

Corporate wellness program

Corporate Wellness Program

It is a program to motivate employees towards maintaining their health along with the work schedule. The activities performed in this programs are usually related to health concerns.

To create a healthy working environment, a corporate wellness program is conducted. During this program, numerous activities are performed to promote the wellness of employees in their daily lives.

What things Corporate Wellness program incorporate:

What things Corporate Wellness program incorporate

· Mental health benefits

· Fitness centers memberships.

· Volunteer Opportunities

· Free foods are available.

· Clinics for vaccination

· Rooms meant for taking naps or sleeping

· Assessments of health risks

· Providing support to quit smoking

· Free massages at work.

· Outings for wellness

· The workplace is ergonomically designed.

· Wellness challenges

The following are the benefits of a corporate wellness program:

benefits of a corporate wellness program

Such a program resolves some important issues about health risks. Such risks are caused by problems such as stress, poor physical activity, bad habits, etc.

When this kind of wellness employee program is organized in a workplace, it improves the percentage of employee retention and acquisition.

The wellness of an employee is also affected by factors such as work schedule, size of the workforce, overall working environment, etc. Such a program can be modified depending on the needs of the organization, budgetary factors, the size of the business, etc.

Wellness program is in various forms in different organizations. Some of the programs only provide insurance coverage, while others include holistic wellness.

This program is a unification of various features to meet the needs of the members. It also includes some programs to improve the social, mental, or physical health of the members.

How dietitian is incorporated into a Corporate wellness program?

The Corporate Wellness program aims to improve employee accountability and the personal health and well-being of employees. So, its purpose is to improve the health of an employee and also the productivity level.

Coach and team wellness

Wellness and health coaches are the most experienced in the industry. They create unique wellness programs depending on the needs of the employees in order to improve employee engagement.

Implementing a holistic health approach

Apart from physical health, they also understand the spiritual, emotional, and physiological dimensions of health. This approach aims to improve the personal growth of an employee and build health awareness.


The wellness coaches are implementing strategies to change science-based behaviors aligned with exercise, nutrition, or stress management techniques that are evidence-based. So, it helps employees achieve personal goals.


The interaction between the wellness coaches and clients is effective on the platform, and it allows coaches to trace the well-being of an employee.

How the Diet2Nourish dietitian deals into Corporate wellness program?

Our Professional Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal follow some steps in her corporate wellness program such as

• Set goals with a purpose to benefit both the enterprise and the team of workers

. • Set a committed group

• Collect information

• Make a plan.

• Communicate the program

• Acquire comments and modify the well-being program.

What are DREYMSS- The Seven Ways to wellness suggested by our health care experts?

wellness is not only a program to be applied; wellness is in itself a manner of living. In hindsight, most company wellness packages only recognize the physical aspect of health, but it includes other factors too.

But Wellness typically consists of 7 components, i.e –


Even slight dehydration can significantly decrease energy levels. Which then results in primary reductions in cognitive mind overall performance and memory.


Improved indulgence in regular exercise enables to increase in blood and oxygen flow during the body. It suggests a visibly increased heart muscle rate and improve cholesterol level.

Eating: you’re what you eat. A healthy, nutritious eating plan acts as medication- to preserve, save you, and treat illness.


Yoga uses physical postures, respiratory sporting events, and meditation to improve health and fitness.


Helps to raise positive mood and outlook. also enables improving discipline, healthy sleep styles, or even accelerated pain tolerance.


Normal exercising can help build self-confidence and increase immunity. it’s going to additionally protect you from fitness problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.


healthy sleep can help your body regulate higher blood sugar degrees. it’s going to keep your immune system functioning well and improve your coronary heart health by reducing pressure.

What factors do you consider primarily while selecting a wellness program expert for the best outcome?

To get the best results, you should choose a program based on scientific notions. If you are meeting with wellness experts, you should ensure the service providers are following the nutrition-based wellness tips.

To achieve your goals, you should ensure the program delivers the following features:

Action Plans that are personalized: The participants should get an action plan that is personalized, depends upon the output of biometric screening, considers personal health goals, and includes health assessments. Such plans can be easily implemented.

It also includes biometric screenings and assessing the health of all employees. As many employees do not have a proper understanding of their own health risks, factors, or vital statistics. So, significantly, the participants should establish baseline data so they understand the improvements and also remain motivated.

It should also include an online diet and activity tracking tool: The employees should be able to precisely monitor their health with their daily physical activities. They should learn the nutritional value of the foods they are eating and also choose different types of health plans. The employees are able to stay motivated and are able to monitor progress for 24 hours, and it easily fits into the busy schedule. These tools are user-friendly, which is a major factor in getting results. If the tool cannot be easily understood, then you cannot implement your program well.

Using educational aids: when the employees are engaged with the programs, then they require support to maintain them and understand the implications of their habits. These programs include seminars, podcasts, presentations, etc.

Although ,this nutrition-based program is meant to address the overall health issues of the participants, apart from the diet. So, the participants can understand the choices available to them concerning their health or well-being.

List of top 5 Corporate wellness companies in India:

1: Die2Nourish:

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is one of the well-known dietitians and health care experts in India. She provides holistic worker wellness packages by integrating yoga, meditation, and weight loss plans into one’s routine. She covers some important dimensions of wellness such as physical, emotional, mental, etc. So that your organization got:

  • Improved health outcomes.
  • Increased productivity
  • Return on investment
  • Reduced Health Care Cost
  • High Employee Participation
  • Whole Person Approach

2;1 to 1 Help:

It pursues to facilitate an unstressed and wholesome lifestyle for personnel with the assistance of a sturdy worker assistance application and self-assist tool.

3:Indus Health Plus

It offers less costly and custom-designed preventive health screenings and counseling to personnel.

4:The Yoga Guru

Yoga is long recognized to expose benefits in reducing stress stages and promoting holistic growth. And bringing corporates its many advantages is The Yoga Guru.


Mettasphere gives one of the top company wellness companies in India. Its 360-degree solutions cover bodily fitness, intellectual well-being, and nutrients thru calisthenics, yoga, meditation, and so on.


If your employees are eating healthy and nutritious food, then they can stay fit and active. So, your organization can become successful, and the employees can pay a greater dividend to you and the workforce of the organization. A good diet and nutrition affect the health of the employees of the organization in different ways. If the diet of an employee is improved, then it directly affects the health and performance of the employee. It also reduces the risks of chronic cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes problems for your employees.


Q1: What is the concept of a wellness program?

A wellness program is a complete fitness benefits initiative designed to maintain or improve employee health through the right weight loss plan, exercise, stress management, and illness prevention.

Q2:What are the types of wellness?

Well-being is normally considered as having seven dimensions: mental, physical, social, economic, religious, environmental, and vocational. These dimensions are interdependent and influence each other.

Q3:How to promote nutrition in the place of work?

To promote healthy eating habits conduct, use a nutrient general to make sure that foods offered in the cafeteria are higher in vitamins and low in added fats, sugars, and salts.

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