5 Detox waters to drink for weight loss during summer

Detox waters to drink for weight loss during summer

Different climate has a different effect on our metabolism and hence the fluctuations in our body weight. When we try weight loss in summers, we have to eat different foods than in winters. But luckily summer is the best time to start your weight loss journey and get results quickly.

You can easily remove toxins from your body and can improve overall health. It is easy to keep yourself hydrated, eat fewer carbs, and do more detox in summers. Because all summer fruits and vegetables are rich in water content and minerals, we can make a lot many types of detox waters which you can sip on in small amount every day. These detox waters will help to keep you hydrated, energetic, fresh, cool, and overall lose weight and extra fat from the body.

With the help of fresh summer fruits and vegetables, you can make many healthy detox waters that are rich in taste, refreshing, almost nil calories, and helps in melting stubborn body fat.

Weight Loss in Summers: Here are the top 5 best detox drinks for belly fat during the summers:

  1. Cucumber –mint water

Chop one cucumber into thin slices and add it to one-liter water with some mint leaves in it. Keep it like this in the refrigerator overnight. Now next day you can consume this water in small quantities by adding a few drops of lemon while serving. Cucumber provides a lot of hydration, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and all this helps in weight loss, control blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol.

2. Pineapple water:

One of the best detox drinks to lose weight and extra fat quickly. Chop some pineapple and add to water. After keeping it in the fridge overnight, you can consume this the next day. Add a little bit of salt while drinking. This will help you lose weight because of the rich content of vitamin C.

3. Watermelon:

Although watermelon itself has a lot of water content in it but making detox water using watermelon would be also very healthy and nourishing. Providing a lot of minerals, vitamins, and hydration, you will be able to lose your stubborn fat very easily.  A few pieces of watermelon soaked overnight in water will do the trick.

4. Beetroot:

Because of its unique color, beetroot provides a lot of nutrition and helps in weight loss, control in blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, etc. Some people find it difficult to eat beetroot raw because it is very hard. But once you sock it in water overnight, it not only becomes soft but also makes the water more nourishing.

5. Chia Seeds:

Making chia seeds water is a lot easier and quicker. It can be used by those who do not like the takes of socked fruits or vegetables. Because chia seeds do not have any particular taste in them, you can add it to water just half-hour before drinking and slowly sip on this water throughout the day in small quantities.  You can also add the chia seeds to any of the above detox water.

These waters can actually help you breaking a point where you feel that your weight and belly fat is stuck and even after so much of hard work you are unable to pull them down.

For more good results, you can combine with a perfect weight loss diet plan with the help of one of the best dietician for weight loss in Delhi.

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