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Keto Diet Plan Veg: All that You Need to Give it a Go

Consuming fewer calories than what the body burns can lead to weight loss, be you be on any diet type. Vegetarians who are keen on weight loss and following a diet type focuses on eating fresh vegetables and whole foods. Nevertheless, for a vegetarian person to lose weight and that too quickly, he or she […]



Perfect Diet to Control High Blood Pressure

A healthy diet is necessary for lowering blood pressure levels. The minimum optimal levels should be maintained. Study shows that including certain foods in your diet, those rich in specific nutrients such as magnesium and potassium decreases your blood pressure levels. What actually Blood Pressure is? Blood pressure is just a force of blood that […]


Fatty Liver Diet Chart

Fatty Liver Diet Chart of Indian Foods by Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

Fatty liver can affect both children as well as adults, but it mostly affects people who are obese or have other risk factors for this disease, such as an unhealthy lifestyle. Fatty livers are often times referred to as steatohepatitis and cause inflammation in the organ, which can lead to scarring and permanent damage to […]