Military Diet Plan

In the year 1861, the first know dietary guidelines for soldiers of the United States were published, identifying the priorities of diet and its effects on the soldiers. After that several modifications carried on with the dietary specification of U.S soldiers until in 1986, the actual efforts were made by the U.S Military on diet and nutrition of their soldiers. Following which several nutrition studies were conducted on the subject, establishing new programs for weight management and otherwise optimize the health condition of soldiers, and came out with the modern ‘Military Diet’ concept.

The Military Diet Plan

If you are on the lookout for a diet plan that can aid you with quick weight loss, you must consider the military diet plan. The diet promises to make you lose in just three days, and it is why many also refer to the military diet as Military 3-day Diet Plan.

So, what is the military diet all about?

The military diet is a strict low-calorie diet plan with certain foods to eat and some to omit. You will have only a set of foods to eat for all your meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You do not have the option of snacking in between, and you are allowed no room for any food wiggling based on your taste and preferences.

The diet is set to last for just three days (the strict period) and after which, you are allowed to shift to a normal healthy eating regime for the next four days. The best part of the military diet is, that you can repeat the diet, as many times as you can, as long as you take a break of four days in between each time you follow the diet plan.

The 3-day military diet is a strict three-day weight loss diet, that can be of great help for all those who are looking for a quick remedy for weight loss. If you are a vegetarian, you can always have military diet substitution for every item on the diet plan with something else or follow the vegetarian military diet.

The Military Diet Rule Book

Unlike all other known and unknown diets that have a complicated set of rules on various aspects like the weight of the foods you eat in every meal, the calorie count of each food, the way you prepare your food, its measurement and hell lot. These diets often sell along with pre-packed meals or foods too, as a replacement in the form of shakes and more, The Military Diet, though a strict low-calorie diet, is simple to follow and tells you exactly need for quick weight loss.

The military diet does not allow you any snacks. It is all about just three meals a day for effective and fast weight loss. It is believed that adding snacks to the diet will only make you land up adding more calories to the body, and thus slowing down your fat loss, thereby, extending the process altogether, and defeating the main purpose of quick weight/fat loss.

How does the Military Diet works?

The military diet is a real low-calorie and uncomplicated form of intermittent fasting, that speeds up your metabolism process the body and burns fat. The logic is very simple:

You eat less than 1000 calories a day for three days a week. Since an average person burns 1600 to 1800 calories in a day, you are guaranteed that you will lose weight. The deficit is quite big – 600 to 800 calories. You for sure will lose weight, as the body burns the stored fat to compensate for the difference.  Military diet results are sure shot and amazing. 

For whom is the Military Diet for?

opting to go for the military diet is the best decision for all, who are extremely motivated to drop down their weight and along with having that strong willpower to survive the extreme hunger pranks and food carvings, that come along with such a restricted diet regime.

It is for sure that you will feel hungry for the three days, but if you can survive the challenge, you for sure will be rewarded with great weight loss.

The diet works best for:

  • People who have limited or no money to take up expensive diets and eating plans.
  • People who don’t have the time and money to go on for extensive and expensive shopping before a diet.
  • People who do not want to get involved in complicated diets that are very difficult to follow. The military diet is straight forward diet, making it an easier proposition for everyone willing to follow it.
  • People who don’t want to get into the hassles of meal and menu planning, recipe shopping, and alike.

Military Diet Plan is a simple diet and works the best who are motivated to lose weight. You do have to fancy your imaginations with meal preparations, weird recipes, and foods, lengthy and expensive shopping lists, hard-to-find ingredients, and alike. You will probably be able to follow the military diet with whatever you have in your refrigerator.

Each of the meals in the military diet plan is low on calories, but you will always have a decent and needed mix of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The diet combination helps support your lifestyle and bodily needs, keeping your metabolism running, burning calories, and thus supporting your current lifestyle.

The Military Diet Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you too can easily follow the military diet. With some tweaks, the military diet veg allows easy substitution of non-vegetarian foods like meats, poultry, eggs, and tuna with healthy nuts, tofu, lentils, and cheeses. Vegans who do not eat cheese can eat nuts and tofu instead of cheeses like cheddar along with soy ice creams and vegan cheeses.

The diet is actual a 7-day military diet, and the vegetarian version of the diet is equally similar to its non-vegetarian counterpart. It is just that the non-vegetarian foods are replaced with vegetarian or vegan options.

Although the military diet is strict and yet easy to follow, there are certain points that you should strictly adhere to, to ensure that you are at the top of your health, while on the diet. Remember these following points while following the military diet:

  • Make sure to drink at least three to four liters of water in a day. Water helps to flush out the impurities from the body, helping in faster weight loss.
  • Abstain yourself from alcohol, soft drinks, and sodas. These have no nutritional values and adds to more calorie intake.
  • A strict ‘NO’ to white bread, salt, and sugar or any processed and fast foods.
  • You can always substitute the foods that you do not like but replace or change them only with healthy alternatives.
  • You will lose weight in just three days of following the military diet and that too even without any exercise. However, it is highly advisable to carry on with your workouts and fitness schedules even while on the diet, as it can help better in your weight loss efforts.

Military diet Indian

military diet plan
military diet plan

The military diet Indian also works similarly to the original military diet and follows the basic rule of weight loss – cutting down calories = losing weight! The military diet India is a simple military diet plan that has been Indianized by substituting the original foods with Indian foods.

Here is a sample Indian Military Diet Chart for your ready referral:

  • The first three days:
BREAKFASTA slice of toasted brown bread with two tsp of peanut butter, or An omelet of three whole eggs in one tsp of olive oil One whole apple or banana A cup of tea with little sugar and milk or a cup of black coffee
LUNCHA small bowl of brown rice or two chapatis with one Katori dal or chicken (anyone combination)A (small) bowl of mixed vegetable salad½ cup Vanilla Ice Cream
DINNER100 gms grilled chicken or fish or paneer (Indian cottage cheese) Mixed salad with some mashed potatoes (the salad mixes to have veggies and fruits of your choice, but no bananas)
SNACKSNo snacks are allowed on all these three days of the military diet. The only things that you may have in between meals in black coffee or some plain or lemon water. Make sure you drink three to four liters of water every day as it goes a long way in flushing out the toxins from the body and aiding in faster weight loss.

What about the remaining four days of the military diet plan?

Well! What will you have in your remaining four days of the week? After you have followed the diet to its roots for the first three days of the week, the next three days you can increase your calorie intake to 1500 to 1800 calories a day, but with precautions – NO FAST FOODS, NO TRANS FATS, NO PROCESSED AND PACKED FOODS. These foods will spoil all the efforts that you have put in in the last three days.

Since the Indian Military Diet or the original Military Diet are strict low-calorie diets, you will lose weight and see results. Always remember that no WEIGHT LOSS DIETS can guarantee sustainable results. For lasting results, you will need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, change your bad habits and stay physically active. no diet can guarantee you lifelong results by just following them for a week.