Navratri Diet Plan for Weight loss

Navratri Diet Plan

Navratri Diet Plan

Navratri is a Hindu ritual and you must be so excited to celebrate the festival eagerly. Its not just about fasting but cleansing your body with the perfect food. Sometimes if we are fasting, we eat oily, salty, fatty and simple carbs foods and what happen at the end we feel our weight increased and its unhealthy. Hence, there’s a high chance of seasonal infection. Its essential to take light and healthy food. By following Navaratri diet plan you can get rid of the toxin in the body and increase your metabolism and immunity.

What is Navratri Fasting Diet?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are considered to be the best way to keep you’re your body from unwanted fat during the Navaratri fasting. Its important to drink plenty of water while you are fasting. Water will hydrate your body.

Navaratri Diet Plan For 9 Days

Day 1– Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast- Apple almond milk shake with chia seeds

Mid-Morning – Tender coconut water.

Lunch- Rajgira (amaranth) roti with bottle gourd vegetable

Post- lunch – Jaggery lassi or mint chaas.

Evening- 1 cup tea / coffee without sugar (optional)

Before Dinner – 1-2 fruits

Dinner – Sauté spinach with 1/2 boiled potato.

Day 2– Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast- Kuttu paneer cheela with hung curd dip

Mid-Morning – Lemonade with any fruit of your choice.

Lunch – Baked sago tikki with cucumber salad and yogurt.

Evening – Peach tea with baked or roasted makhana with a pinch of rock salt (sendha namak)

Dinner- Thick pumpkin lauki soup + 1 glass milk after 30 minutes

Day 3 – Navratri diet Plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Kuttu dosa stuffed with vegetables (pumpkin, lauki)

Mid-Morning – Handful roasted makhana + fruit

Lunch -Singhara aata roti with boiled potato sabzi

Evening- 1 cup tea / coffee without sugar (optional)

Dinner – Dry fruit milk

Day 4 – Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Amaranth dosa + mint coriander chutney

Mid-Morning – Chamomile Tea.

Lunch – Sweet potato chaat + walnuts

After Lunch – Jeera Water.

Evening- Coconut Water with baked banana chips.

Dinner – Pumpkin soup + paneer sauté with makhana

Day 5– Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Raw plantin (raw banana) yogurt curry

Mid-Morning – Tender coconut water.

Lunch – Samak rice idli stuffed with potato

After Lunch – Ajwain water.

Evening- Dahi makhana chaat

Before Dinner – Cucumber salad.

Dinner – Baked sweet potato cutlets with hung curd dip.

Day 6 – Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Sago vegetable khichdi + soaked almonds

Mid-Morning – Coconut water with any fruit

Lunch – Kuttu roti with arbi vegetable and yogurt.

After Lunch – Ajwain Water.

Evening – Tea/coffee (without sugar) + handful of roasted peanuts.

Dinner – Paneer stuffed amaranth cheela

Day 7 – Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Amaranth + makhana khichdi

Mid-morning – Mint/ jeera chaas

Lunch – Samak polenta with curd

After Lunch – Jeera Water.

Evening – Moringa tea with roasted makhana.

Dinner- Paneer tikka made in ghee.

Day 8 – Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast – Lauki kheer made in almond milk (use jaggery for sweetness)

Lunch – Samak rice pulao

Evening – Fruit Salad.

Dinner – Rajgira roti + cucumber raita

Day 9 – Navratri diet plan

Early morning- Fruit/ milk/ soaked nuts

Breakfast: Kuttu paneer dosa with hung curd dip + soaked almonds

Mid-Morning – Fruit

Lunch – Dahi aloo chaat + handful roasted makhana

Evening – Ginger Mint tea.

Dinner – Samak + peanuts rice

Go for the above Diet chart for Navaratri fast and you can easily understand which food you should eat or not. To keep yourself healthy you must eat healthy food during fasting.

When you following Navaratri diet plan for 9 days weight loss Eat nuts and fruits more and say NO to fried foods. You can prepare kuttu paneer cheela for main meal. The nine days fasting is best for losing weight, Weight loss diet chart for Navratri.

Navaratri diet plan for 9 days weight loss

  • eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Take small and frequent meal
  • Keep yourself hydrated with nibu pani, coconut water, fruit juice, vegetable juice
  • sweet and carbonated drinks should replace with low fat milk smoothie, fruit juice etc.

Navaratri is the Indian detox time of the year. Indian diet is the best way to lose weight. Thus, Navaratri is the perfect festival to stop you craving for unhealthy food. Navaratri detox diet plan will give you an easy diet plan. Dt, Priyanka Jaiswal offers you the ultimate Navaratri diet plan to ensure that you will have healthy food during this time. 

Navaratri diet plan is considered to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and also drink plenty of water to dehydrate your body. Now when the Navaratri begins you must be preparing for fasting. This is a good idea that will detox your body and fasting will help to lose weight too. If you are opting for snacks go for healthy snacks like oats, nuts, almonds, makhana, rajgiri ladoo, sweet potato etc. sweet potato is the best alternative of potatoes. Never skip your lunch. Eat some light healthy snacks.

There are some foods you should avoid eating during Navaratri fast-

  • Don’t eat too much potatoes, that will lead to acidity and gas.
  • don’t eat onion and garlic. They produce heat in the body.
  • Don’t eat oily and fried foods. Never consume packed foods as they are rich in sodium.
  • Use pink salt instead of regular salt. It has lots of health benefits like it will increase energy, low down your blood pressure and manage water regulation in the body.
  • Don’t keep your stomach for a long time.

While breaking the fast don’t mad over unhealthy foods. Hence, its important to manage your weight during this fast and follow Navaratri diet plan. Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal exclusively makes a diet chart for you during this time. You can follow it to lose weight rapidly and get a correct guidance for a healthy fasting.

You should do the fasting in such a way through Navaratri diet plan to get the maximum health benefits. Instead of taking unhealthy food you should eat mindful eating to keep yourself happy and healthy. There are a lots of food options available for Navaratri diet plan, you can choose according to your favorite food.  This festival has religious significance, but scientifically the fasting is the excellent way to cleanse the body with right food. This will tone your body by make you shed extra kilos.

Break the fast with Navaratri diet plan. In most cases when breaking the fast, many of us go crazy and indulge eating unhealthy food, that is the main reason to gain more weight. Navaratri diet plan offers you an effective food menu that will detox your body and helps to lose weight as well. Fasting is the ideal way to detox your body.

Ps note- immunity plays a major role during this pandemic time. Hence, Navaratri diet plan helps to give you a balanced diet. The idea of this diet plan is to give you a nutritional value to your system and make you healthy and fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I eat grains during Navratri fasts?

Yes, you can have a number of grains in your diet. They are suitable for Navratri rituals. You can eat buckwheat, amaranth, and water chestnut flour. They are healthy. So, you can add them to your special diet.

How can I maintain my energy levels while fasting?

It is obvious that your energy levels may drop while fasting. The fasting periods come with low energy. But you can keep your energy levels high with your diet. You should add protein-rich foods. They can give you some energy. If you have small, frequent meals, your energy will be maintained. Make sure you drink plenty of water for high energy.

What are some healthy choices to choose instead of regular flour?

You need to have flour in your diet. It is used to make bread and rotis. If you are looking for healthy options, then you can choose from these. You can try buckwheat, amaranth, and singhara (water chestnut) flour. They serve the same purpose as regular flour. Their nutritional value is also rich.

How can I ensure that I am getting enough protein?

Protein is important for diet. If fasting, you should add proteins in your diet. It is important for energy. So, you can eat dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Having them in your diet will help you. It will make sure you are getting enough proteins.

Can I eat dairy products in my Navratri diet?

The answer to this is a big Yes. You can have milk, yoghurt, and paneer in your fasts. They are good options for protein and calcium. You can eat it as per your Navratri rituals. For weight loss, you can go for low fat variants.

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