Meal Plan for a Diabetic Patient

Diet chart for the diabetic

Diet Chart for Diabetic Patient

Diet Chart for Diabetic Patient – Diabetes is a condition in which the body is incapable to take sugar molecules. Energy flows in the body through certain molecules, which creates the body to work correctly. In contrast, obesity also has traits of sugar disease. During this time period, insulin composition in the body reduces. Starting a few modifications in your lifestyle now will assist you later to avoid the severe health complexities of diabetes in the future. Let’s move further with a Diet chart for the Diabetic Patient in India.

Lifestyle & Diet changes for Diabetic person

According to investigations, mindfulness, medications, a fair nourishing low glycemic menu, way of life changes, directing or strong treatments, and so on are extremely fundamental in supervising diabetes. This technique for approach is exceptionally ideal. Late years show huge exploration in the field of diabetic nourishment. It is about time to merge every one of the possibilities for an ideal diet chart for diabetic patient.

Additionally, the way of life changes is inescapable as food. The propensity for eating out is a typical culture these days. The changing food culture significantly impacts the body’s digestion. It welcomes numerous way of life problems later on. Food taken in little amounts discontinuously is best in diabetes. It decreases body fatigue and keeps your stomach full. Whenever eaten properly, food is more compelling than medication. A similar food causes a diet chart of sugar patient whenever taken incorrectly. In any case, whenever taken to extents in need it’s anything but a remedy to your body. The strength of a decent eating routine is simply surprising.

You should know about Hba1c normal range


A common term used with diabetes, and is referred to as Glycated Hemoglobin. The condition develops when ‘hemoglobin’ (a protein in the WBC- White Blood Cells, responsible for carrying oxygen in the body), turns glycated by joining with the glucose in the blood. 

By examining the Glycated Hemoglobin (Hba1C) doctors can determine your average blood glucose levels over a certain period (say weeks or months). It is very critical to do so, if you are diabetic, as you are always at risk of developing several other complications related to your diabetic conditions. 

Hba1c range

  • Normal: 4% to 5.6&
  • Pre-Diabetic: 5.7% to 6.4%
  • Diabetic: 6.5% and higher 

(The targeted level is a maximum of 7%. If it is higher, higher are the chances of developing complications related to diabetes).

List of Foods for Diabetes

list of foods for diabetes

If diabetes is not looking upon well then it can become very fatal results. Let us review here what foods diabetics patients can follow under the vegetarian diet chart for diabetic patients. So, here is the list of foods to include:

1. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are aromatic, a little bitter as well have a special aroma. These are the properties of herbal tonic. It is one of the best food for sugar patient diet charts. Curry leaves for three months regularly can be taken empty stomach in the morning. The chance of diabetes due to genetic circumstances can be less. These leaves also can reduce weight.

2. Amla

This is one of the rewards given to people by nature. It has vitamin C and is the source that the human body can absorb efficiently.

Indian gooseberry is the ideal diet for Indian diet chart for diabetic patient. After combining one spoon of amla juice with one cup of bitter gourd juice for two months repeatedly. It arouses langarhase cells. It also improves the secretion of natural insulin.

3. Jamun

Jamun has antibiotic properties and is known as very important in the treatment of diet chart for diabetic patient Indian. Juice and seeds of Jamun are considering in the therapy of diabetes.

4. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd regulates blood sugar in the body. The diabetic patient should include Bitter gourd in their diet chart for high blood sugar patient. Diabetic patients should take 3-4 bitter gourd juice empty stomach in the morning.

5. Soybean

Soybean is another item in the diet chart for Indian diabetic patient. It is good in salts, protein, vitamins, and other factors. Moreover, soybean has a prominent influence on the remedy of diabetes. Soybean is very necessary for diabetic patients. It is so because the quantity of starch in it is very small, on the contrary, it is rich in protein too.

6. Avocado

Avocados are crucial in the remedy of allergic diseases. Avocados are known for controlling blood sugar levels in our bodies. It even fights against heart illness. Diet chart for diabetic patients Indians can also introduce avocado to their diet strategy. It is because avocado is also readily available in the Indian market.

Foods to Avoid for Diabetics

foods to avoid for diabetics

There are many foods to avoid during the sugar patient diet chart. These foods are as follows:

1. Starchy Foods

Food sources that contain starch contain high measures of carbs. Starch is changed over to glucose rapidly in the body of the patient. However, in diabetes, your body can’t use blood glucose level that expands. It is because of which numerous intricacies emerge. Hence, white rice and roti produced using refining flour get add in a small amount to the diet chart of a sugar patient.

2. Fatty Foods

It is known that in the body that unnecessarily fat gives origin to diabetes. Therefore, patients are being taught and suggested this. They should not use all the food at the same time when they follow a diet chart for sugar patients.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol very quickly converts into blood sugar. Handling the situation emerging from alcohol can be very challenging for diabetic patients. In addition, it also raises blood pressure levels. Diabetic patients should not have Alcohol in the diet chart for high blood sugar patients if they want to avoid complexities.’

4. Potato

Potato raises blood sugar in a large amount. By consuming too many potatoes, the ordinary man can expect to have diabetes, and if anyone is diabetic, then having potatoes will make his condition worse.

Eat infrequently boil potatoes, but nevermore eat potato chips and more products. But, if your sugar is too high, you should avoid boil potatoes in the diet chart for diabetic patients.  

5. White Bread

After having the white bread, it acts like sugar while assimilating. Therefore, a diabetic patient should not eat white bread. White bread may raise the blood sugar level, which is deadly in diabetes.

6. Cakes And Pastries

Diabetics should never include cakes and pastries. Consequently, sodium, sugar, and much more are use when preparing the cake. It develops the level of blood sugar. It also influences the capacity of insulin. In addition, they also develop heart diseases.

This ultimate Indian diet chart for a diabetic patient is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This diabetic diet chart for Indians will accommodate to control diabetes healthily. Diabetes sufferers also can experience delicious meals. So follow the diet chart by consulting a dietician and be healthy!

Fruits to avoid for diabetics

Fruits are always considered a healthy option and often recommended to us to include them as a part of our balanced meal. However, some fruits may not be right for consumption for people with diabetes because of their higher sugar contents, which may spike up their blood sugar levels. 

Fruits that need to be avoided by people with diabetes are: –







How can you control your diabetic cravings?

To follow a particular diet chart for blood sugar patient, you ought to have control and an adjusted psyche as well. Yoga can assist with defeating any mental variances. Yoga likewise assists with consuming the overabundance of fat in the body. It synchronizes the body’s metabolic capacities like processing, hormonal discharges, discharge, and so forth.

Moreover, many of the yoga asanas, whenever rehearse day by day can handle undesirable food desires. Yoga can promote digestion and assists with directing the craving. We can’t just discuss the possible exercise with regards to diabetes. Not just a workout is necessary, yet in addition, a decent measure of diet chart for sugar patients is required. Workout can be of any sort as long as your body can do it.

7 days Diet Chart for Diabetes Patient 

The 7 days 1200 calories diet chart for diabetes is for all diabetic patients to enjoy what they love to eat and still manage their blood sugar levels easily.  

Diet Chart for Diabetic Patient PDF

Diet chart for the diabetic patient

At the point when you are experiencing diabetes, the dietician prescribes with an exceptional diet chart for diabetic patient. In such a circumstance, you ought to pick an eating routine arrangement that isn’t unsafe to you and furthermore, decreases sugar. Another approach to control diabetes is to practice consistently. You should know what food should we eat to control diabetes.

Let’s read about the diabetic diet chart for Indians that can help diabetic patients. Stick to some particular directions for controlling diabetes in a regular condition.

In fact, diabetes is a hazardous sickness. However, its patient can handle the illness from multiple points of view. Also, they can keep away from different illnesses brought about by it. Do you realize how to control an illness with a diet chart for diabetic? Subsequently, the primary method to control diabetes is to practice routinely. Moreover, the alternate path is to eat the right food sources.

Sample Diet plan for Diabetic Patient


Buttermilk-1 Glass Masala Oats -1 K


Fruit -1 Bowl


Salad-1 bowl Roti-2

Veg-1 K

Curd OR Buttermilk

Evening snacks

Tea-1 Cup

Makhana -1 k



Salad-1 bowl

Multigrain Roti-1

Veg-1 K Dal-1 K


Diet Changes are centered around sustaining your glucose levels and nutrients in the body. Every one of these relies on the seriousness of your diabetic condition. It is prescribed to talk with the best dietician in Delhi for master guidance. This Indian diet chart for diabetic patients recorded essentially updates common diabetic food habits. You can regularly create your own healthy choices with the help of a dietician. Live joyfully with diabetes by making the most of your preferred food sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)  Is rice good for diabetes?

The glycemic index or GI is a value to measure a specific quantity of foods that increases blood sugar levels. Rice has a high glycemic index. It is low in fiber, micronutrients, and polyphenols. A cup of white rice has 53.4 grams of carbohydrates. When a person with diabetes consumes food with carbohydrates, it breaks down into glucose, and the blood sugar level rises. Rice contains a considerable amount of carbohydrates and a high glycemic index. Studies have shown that white rice can increase the risk of diabetes.
There are diabetic-friendly alternative options to consider. Opt for brown rice. It lowers the chances of type 2 diabetes due to its high fiber content, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It has a medium GI score. Other options for rice are wild rice, jasmine ricecauliflower rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and barley.

2)  What Indian food should people with diabetes avoid?

Processed, preserved, and canned foods
Fruit juices
Instant food packets 
Refined food products (maida, semolina, biscuits, white bread) 
Artificial sweeteners
Simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, jaggery, sweets, chocolates, muffins, carbonated beverages, white rice, sabudana)
High fructose corn syrup
Fried food
Whole milk, regular yogurt cheese, and ice creams.

3)  Is chapati good for a diabetic?

Diabetics can consume whole wheat chapatis in moderation. When the whole wheat kernel is intact, the glycemic index is as low as 30. However, due to the process of milling, the glycemic index of wheat flour increases up to 70. Therefore, it may increase the postprandial (after meal) blood glucose levels enormously. Whole wheat has many vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, with its external layer intact. That is why diabetics can consume whole wheat. However, consult your doctor regarding the portion size according to your age, diabetes control, carbohydrate requirement, physical activity, and other health parameters.

4)  Is non-veg good for diabetics?

Lifelong adherence to a vegetarian diet is associated with a 35% lower risk of developing diabetes. In addition, those adopting a vegetarian diet after being non-vegetarian had a 53% lower risk for developing diabetes than non-vegetarians.
If you are diabetic and want to consume non-veg, opt for seafood and chicken instead of red meat. Red meat has more saturated fats, which are harmful to the body. 

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