Diet for Weight Loss For Female

diet for weight loss for female

Diet for Weight Loss For Female

Diet for Weight Loss For Female – In this article we suggest a simple Indian diet chart for weight loss for female. Most women in their adulthood at one or the other struggle with their weight.. Even research confirms that weight gain in women is different from that in men. Dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, and other health experts will make you believe that weight gain is a simple formula “when your calorie intake is higher than your calories burnt, you gain weight”!

Unfortunately, our bodies are living substances, and so immensely complex that it baffles all human attempts to comprehend them. And, weight gain in female is one area where science and knowledge, just do not comprehend.

There may be numerous reasons why female add on pounds and these might be surprising. It’s no surprise that a women’s skeleton structure is different, the body structure is different, the brains work differently, and so are the behaviors.

Losing weight for female, they need to understand that the odds are all stacked against them. Well, this does not mean that female cannot lose weight, but it might be harder for some than others, and this might become tougher as you age.

If you are an overweight female, don’t rush to get the magic pills for ‘lose weight woman’, understand what makes you gain weight.

The female body stores fat differently:

The way the human body stores fat is different in female than in men. Female have higher body fat percentage than men. Female are more prone to storing fat around the hips and thighs. Even if you compare the healthy fat ratio in female and men, it’s different and more – for women, 20 to 25% is normal and healthy, whereas, for men, it is 10 to 15%. It is the female hormones that likely play a role in it.

The female body metabolizes fat differently:  

Metabolism is the process in which the body utilizes fat for its energy. The female body uses fewer amounts of fat for its energy as compared to men, and this might be another reason the female body accumulates more fat, and you gain weight.

But there is good news too – the female body uses more fat for energy when you do low to moderate intensity exercises. So, if you are looking for a fat burner for women, you now know what to do.

The female body mobilizes fat differently

Fat mobilization is a natural process that takes the fat out of the fat cells to be burnt as energy. Science says, mobilizing belly fat is much easier and more responsive as compared to the fat stored around the hips and thigs. Since women store much of their fat around the hips and thighs, the mobilization of fat is also slow.

The eating habits of women are different:

Female food preferences are different. You will eat more dairy foods and foods higher in sugar. It is also true that female to cope with stress turns to food more. This influences your food choices and eating habits. If you are a victim of emotional eating and looking for the best diet plan for weight loss for female, there will be no advantages. Speak with your doctor and ask for help.

The female body has lower muscle mass

Men have more muscles than Women – we all know it. But do you know that muscle tissues use more body energy than fat tissues? This simply means – more muscle mass, more fat burning. Following a diet plan for weight loss for female and resistance training can improve your muscle mass and thereby increase your metabolism and the weight loss process. 

So, now that you know the main reasons for your weight gain, what should you do to lose weight?  There are many different ways to lose weight for female, but all are neither safe nor recommended.

Diet & Weight Loss in Female

All of us need to understand that a healthy weight is a vital component of a healthy and happy life, and this goes for all of us – women and men. It is your diet, meaning what you eat, how you eat, and how much you eat, all have central roles in determining a healthy weight or losing weight, and along with regular physical activities.

Primarily of our present-day lifestyle, diet plan for weight loss for women have gained much of the importance. Everything starts from an unhealthy lifestyle, then acquiring unhealthy dietary habits, and eventually building unhealthy toxins in the body, and thus weight gain.

We all know that female are highly conscious of their weight and figure.

So that you have begun to look out of shape, let’s look at what a diet plan for weight loss in women has to say:

Diet for weight loss for female should be structured around a customized food plan with more emphasis on the intake of dietary fibers, complex carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and low in fat foods daily. Also, the diet should consist of vitamin and mineral-rich foods, functional foods, and food supplements. The ultimate objective of a fat loss diet plan for a female is to make you healthily lose weight and assist you in leading a disease-free life.

The diet plan should include these food components as a must:

  • Greens: Green veggies, especially leafy greens have loads of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all that every female need to naturally lose weight.
  • Curd: Curd is a boon for all female regularly suffering from the problems of acidity and indigestion. The natural abilities of curd apart from aiding digestion and natural weight loss is a great source of calcium and protein.
  • Ginger: Ginger has been long used as medicinal and other health aids for centuries. The thermogenic properties of ginger help to raise our body temperature and in turn helping the body burn more fats.
  • Lemon: Lemons are a kind of superfood for weight loss and your overall health. It is great for the skin, along with being good for weight loss and digestion.

Quick Weight Loss for Female

Weight gain is a big problem for female of today. Losing weight is not at all easy and requires lots of effort, patience, and discipline. If you want to shed some kilos quickly and effectively, try the 7 days female weight loss diet for easy, quick, and effective results.

Include healthy foods and aids in effective weight loss like Fruits and Vegetables, Low-Fat Dairy and Dairy Products, and some healthy doses of Proteins such as meat, poultry, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

The focus should be on the consumption of low-calorie foods and complex carbs. However, you must not forget that weight loss is not a quick fix, and measures should be taken for long-term and everlasting results. The 7 days diet plan for weight loss can relieve you from your excessive weight burdens quickly but is not a permanent female weight loss solution.

If you are interested in losing weight, look for a long-term permanent solution that includes a dedicated 30 days female weight loss diet, adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, proper dietary habits, good rest, regular physical activities, and getting ways to de-stress (yoga, meditation, therapies, etc.)

A sample Indian diet chart for weight loss for female:

Morning (on waking up)A glass of lukewarm water with some lemon juice in it
Breakfast1 boiled egg with 1 toast or a bowl of oats upma
Mid-morning between breakfast and lunchFresh cut fruits
LunchA bowl of fresh cooked veggies + curd and two whole wheat chapatis
Evening SnacksRoasted nuts or Channa or some fruits with a cup of green tea
DinnerA bowl of salad, a bowl of freshly cooked vegetables, or grilled chicken/fish, or one egg white tomato omelet, and two besan chillas

Weight gain in female is a bigger problem than in men. It should be taken lightly. It not only affects your appearance and self-esteem, but can also be a great danger to several health-related issues like – diabetes, heart problems, stress, infertility, joint pains, depression, and many more.

Do not ignore, if you have started putting on weight lately. It’s time for you to act and get hooked on healthy living.

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