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best dietician in Patna

Best Dietician in Patna

The best dietician in Patna can do wonders to improve your health and lifestyle. If you are based somewhere in Patna, then make sure to consult the best dietician in Patna.

Patna, the capital of Bihar state has a high variety of nutritionists. All of them are absolutely capable and experienced. Here, you can get to know all about the top five best dieticians in Patna.

Who is known as a dietician?

Who is known as a dietician?

A dietician is a regulated health professional. They use their expertise in dietetics, food and nutrition to help people. Dietitians enhance the life of various people and aim to improve their lives.

A dietitian aims to use highly updated and well-practised science for meeting the health needs of people. Moreover, they guide, support and help their clients to stay focused on their transformation journey.

In simple terms, a dietician is a certified health expert.  A certified dietitian guides and advice people regarding healthy diets

What are the Credentials of a certified dietician?

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to become a certified dietician. The following is the description of the qualifications of a registered dietitian RD or a registered dietician nutritionist aka RDN.

The credentials of RD and RDN are interchangeable. Moreover, the designation of RDN is quite recent and expresses a wider range of knowledge.

To become a professional, a dietician-to-be must earn an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree from a reputed college. Furthermore, it is followed by a master’s degree in dietetics or food and nutrition.

An internship for practice is also required from a recognized university. In addition to this, a dietician must clear a national-level exam to earn their dietician licence.

The successful completion of all these requirements makes a professional dietitian. Moreover, they have a legal licence for their practice.

How many types of dieticians are there?

There are four specialised areas of practice for dietitians. All four are discussed below:

1)   Clinical dietician

Dieticians who work in a hospital or healthcare setting are categorised as clinical dieticians.

Primary Role of a clinical dietician

A clinical dietician is to frame nutrition programmes for the patients at the healthcare centre. Moreover, a clinical dietician is directly involved with the hospital staff and doctor.

2)   Food service management dietician

Dieticians working within large organizations which provide food to the public are food service management dieticians. These large organizations can be schools, military bases etc.

The primary role of a food service management dietician

The primary role of the food service management dietician is very descriptive. They supervise the food safety guidelines within their respective organisations.

Furthermore, they have expertise in food labelling and allergy information.

3)   Community dietician

A dietician who is directly involved in health promotion and protection within a specific community is a community dietician. These communities can be senior citizens, children, women, teenagers etc.

The primary role of a community dietician

A community dietician designs and implements programmes for a certain community. Furthermore, they also emphasise the food, health and nutrition needs of the community.

4)   Research dietitians

A dietician working in research fields like that of a hospital, organisation, laboratory or university is called a research dietician.

The primary role of research dietitians

A research dietitian carried out nutrition-related interventions. Moreover, they operate within a research team to carry out their tasks.

Dietician Vs nutritionist who is better?

Dietician Vs nutritionist

Dieticians and nutritionists have somewhat similar career paths. The difference lies in the credentials or the qualifications of both.

Factually, the role of a dietician is more diversified than that of a nutritionist. This is because of the difference in the educational and professional training practised in the dietician fields.

Moreover, the key difference lies in the legal restriction that each designation has. A dietician earns a legal licence after months of internship and practice. On the other hand, the designation “ nutritionist” is not quite regulated. The title is claimed by anyone who may or may not have any professional training.

How can a good dietician influence your life?

A good dietician can always impact your life with great positivity. They help you by optimising your food choices and improving your eating habits. A dietician has a very important role in stabilizing health. Even if you are healthy, seeing a dietician would never be a bad option.

This is because the dietician will make sure your health is always stabilized. Moreover, a nutritionist will watch out for any potential health threats.

Impact of a Dietician

  • A dietitian can help you with nutrition counselling. This way, they support you to improve your health with your own willpower.
  • A dietician impacts your life by keeping you away from diseases you may encounter in the near future. Since it is well said that precaution is better than cure. A dietician implements this in the practical life of the clients.
  • A nutritionist would devise a health chart that would help you to do so.
  • If struggling with any nutritional problems like deficiency or so, a dietician will assess it. Moreover, address it with proper counselling and help with proper dietary treatment.

What can the best dietician in Patna help with?

The best dietician in Patna is very versatile and well-known for their hard work. Moreover, they are very versatile. They can work on a vast spectrum of medical health problems and weight-related issues. Furthermore, they understand the nutritional requirements and needs of the people.

The best dietician in Patna can help with the following problems:

weight-related issues

These issues consist of the inability to gain weight or struggle in losing weight. These problems require a nutritionist’s assistance. A dietician can frame a proper diet chart that would help people meet their daily nutrient intake.

Furthermore, a person can reach the required BMI with proper nutrition counselling. A dietician would help people with patience and consistency to get over weight-related issues, step-wise.


Being allergic to certain food items requires the severe attention of a dietician. This is because a nutritionist can frame a proper diet chart, including everything the allergic person can eat.

Moreover, the diet chart also contains warnings about what to avoid.

Medical problems

Almost every medical problem requires the assistance of a nutritionist. This is because the human body is largely related to what it consumes. Some of the medical problems that a nutritionist can help with a stated below

●      Diabetes

Both type one and type two

●      Thyroidism

Both hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism

●      Kidney problems

Kidney stones, Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney, kidney failure etc

●      Cardiovascular problems

High blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol etc

List of top five best dieticians in Patna

If you are residing in Patna, your quest for the best dietician in Patna ends here!

Given below is a list and description of the top five best dieticians in Patna

1) Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

 best dieticians in Patna

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is a versatile health and wellness expert. She is also known as the best dietician in Patna. It is because of her hard work, dedication and vast knowledge in the said field.

Why is Dt.Priyanka Jaiswal the best dietician in Patna?

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is known as the best dietician in Patna due to various reasons. Some of them are described below


Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal has an experience of thirteen good years. She is an expert in the domain of dieticians and nutritionists.  Moreover, Dt. Priyanka has treated and helped people from various parts of the country.

In addition to this, various famous personalities have considered Dt. Jaiswal as their dietician.


She has completed her bachelor’s degree in home science from Delhi University. It is followed by a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Moreover, Dt. Jaiswal has completed courses as a diabetes educator.


Dt. Jaiswal has infallible strategies for treatment. Her treatment consists of a simple blend of updated sciences and traditional home remedies. Furthermore, she promotes an intuitive eating strategy to people. With the belief that healthy food will do good for the body, you can nourish yourself.

Moreover, she is capable of drafting appropriate diet charts for any given health condition.

In addition, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is the chief dietician and co-founder of the very famous diet2nourish clinic. With her competent guidance, diet2nourish has been a part of various transformation journeys. With the help of its well-coordinated staff and supreme quality dietician, diet2nourish is a reputed clinic.


Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal can be reached by online as well as offline modes. Further contact details are mentioned below:

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]



      2) Dt. Meghna Krishna

Highly qualified Dt. Meghna Krishna is certainly among the best dieticians in Patna. It is due to her efficient and effective treatment strategies. Moreover, her ability to communicate creates a safe space for her clients. She helps them with stepwise treatment and diet plans.

      3) Dt. Puja Pandey

The spectrum of medical problems that Puja Pandey can help with is quite broad. She is quite popular for her work in the field of food and nutrition. Moreover, her treatment and diet strategies are absolutely result oriented.

     4) Dt. Rupali Singh

Dt. Rupali Singh is an expert in her field. She is very determined to ensure the health and long life of people. With her vast knowledge, she aims to cause improvement in people’s health status. Furthermore, she has won numerous prizes for her achievements.

5)   Dt. Sumita Kumari

Dt. Sumita Kumari is an excellent choice for a dietician. Due to her high level of knowledge and skill, she is one of the best dieticians in Patna. Her diet charts are doable as well as effective. Faster results and great effects are seen when following her advice.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

Can a healthy diet keep me away from health problems?

The answer to this question is “ You are what you eat.” You can stay healthy if you eat healthily. Moreover, when a healthy diet is complemented with appropriate exercise then you can achieve wonders. Results will be faster and more satisfying!

What are the possible alternatives to candies and sweets that are quite unhealthy?

There are a couple of good alternatives to unhealthy candies and sweets. Dates, frozen yoghurt, fruit pops and smoothies are some of them!

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