Consult with Best Dietician in Hyderabad to maintain your health

Best Dietician in Hyderabad

Best Dietician in Hyderabad

If you are experiencing chronic problems like diabetes or are falling ill persistently, then you should see the Best Dietician in Hyderabad. They assist you in preparing a healthy meal plan suitable for your health and lifestyle.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician?

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician?

They educate the clients about the consequences of specific foods on health and also prepare a meal plan suitable for their needs. Both types of professionals are trained in different ways.

Dieticians are usually registered dieticians or registered dietician nutritionists (RDN). Such professionals are usually certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or have attained a bachelor’s degree. After passing a national-level certification examination, they should undergo a training program later. Then, they can further study additional courses to maintain their license.

Some nutritionists undergo intensive training, while others are not well-trained. The type of training provided to nutritionists differs from state to state. Some nutritionists are certified by the Board of Certification of Nutrition Specialists.

Why should you meet a nutritionist or dietician?

Every client visits a nutritionist or a dietician for different reasons. Some people just want to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Some pregnant women visit nutritionists or dieticians. Some people approach them before the surgeries. Some people require nutritionists or dieticians as lifestyle support when they are stressed.

Following are the reasons why they seek help from a dietician:

1. Cut down your expenditure on the grocery bill.

Usually, when you are visiting a grocery store, you would buy recklessly, but forget the ingredient or food item significant for your health. You should remember the advice of the dietician or nutritionist. So, buy something really important.

2. Personalizing your meals

They can suggest meal plans based on the nutritional requirements of an individual. As you grow older, the types of nutrients or supplements required for your body differ. A pregnant woman should consume different types of food to stay healthy. Some people who are urged to eat excessively should lose weight. So, a dietician or a nutritionist prepares a dietary plan.

3.Increase energy levels

If you are feeling too tired during the day or if your body is not able to retain proper nutrients during the day, then you can meet a nutritionist or a dietician. So, a nutritionist chooses the type of food ideal for your body and recommends dietary plans. If you have any food allergies, they even find alternative therapies. So, you are energized throughout the day.

4. To manage chronic diseases

If you are suffering from problems such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, or kidney problems, then you should approach a registered dietician. So, you should meet your primary care provider and ensure you are getting the nutrition recommended by the nutritionist.

5.Losing weight

Can you lose weight if you visit a nutritionist? Yes, you will lose weight. According to studies conducted, a person who visits a dietician loses weight more easily than a person who is simply controlling. People who were trying to lose weight without a dietician’s support gained weight slightly during the day.

How does Dietitian help in nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition Counseling is a two-manner interaction between an affected person and their issuer. Under the guidance of a registered dietitian, patients discover ways to interpret the effects of their nutritional assessment and the way to contain a selection of well-balanced nutrition into healthy, economical, and flavorful food and snacks. Patients can get knowledge of the impact that nutrition has on their health reputation and regulate their conduct to recognize the sensible way of life.

How Dietitians help manage malnourishment?

Too little, or an excessive amount of one aspect – malnutrition comes in many forms.

Dietitians are educated to perceive the reasons and risk elements for malnutrition across all age groups. They work with people suffering to fulfill their nutritional needs to broaden interventions that restore the balance of nutrients required for vitality, power, fitness and properly-being.

Nutrition First

Dietitians develop food regimen plans that have right pleasant, nutrient rich meals on the center of treating malnutrition. simple substitutions and manageable modifications take choice. The unique desires of humans are also incorporated into menus and meal plans in session with clients.


wherein meals alone can not meet the dietary needs of customers due to specific deficiencies, physical barriers or illness, dietitians might also suggest dietary supplements to boost consumption. In instances wherein a person can not receive meals by way of mouth, dietitians may create a plan for dietary supplements to be supplied by means of a tube because the simplest source of vitamins.


dealing with and treating malnutrition requires cautious monitoring to make sure that strategies are running and nutritional fame is enhancing. Dietitians visit clients and caregivers in character or through telehealth to comply with up on dietary interventions and adjust them to the changing desires of their customers.

List of top 5 dietitians in Hyderabad:

1:Dt.Priyanka Jaiswal:

top 5 dietitians in Hyderabad

• Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is one of the Best Dietician in Hyderabad with 12 years of experience in this profession. She has finished her strategies to provide you with a first-class healthcare plan for the betterment of your fitness and health.

• Her diet plan method is primarily based on scientific studies and logical thinking combined with the fundamental requirement and needs of humans in terms of nutrients and meals.

• She additionally combines modern methods with conventional home treatments in developing healthy meal plans.

• She holds her master’s in nutrition and Dietetics, with a Certification in Diabetes Educator route, and additionally has a lifetime club of the Indian Dietetics affiliation.

• you are free to take her guidance offline or online after taking her appointment.

• She has a strong education history and best dietitian in Hyderabad.

• She has an online website named ‘diet2nourish’ wherein you may contact her.


Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal can be reached by online as well as offline modes. Further contact details are mentioned below:

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm



• To make her patients’ lives healthier and disease-unfastened is her motto.

2:Dr. Deepa Agarwal

Dr. Deepa Agarwal is a famous dietician and nutritionist in Hyderabad with more than 8 years of experience.

3Dr. Jyoti Chabria

She is one of the top notch dieticians of Telangana. She is a Senior consultant of nutrition in diverse hospitals.

4:Dr. M.S. Haritha Shyam

She is one of the popular dieticians in Hyderabad and Secunderabad for nine years in the field of nutrition

5:Dr. Vani Srinivas

She is one of the top dieticians in Hyderabad. She completed her MBBS, MD FAN, and licensed medical Nutritionist.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How dietitians will improve your health?

Ans: Dietitians will help their clients to get them right way of eating with proper time scheduling.

Q2: Is it important to go to a dietitian to lose weight?

Ans: If you struggle so much to get the right consultation will help you to reduce weight easily.

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