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How to cure GERD permanently

How to cure GERD permanently?

“How to cure GERD permanently?” This question keeps on ticking in many people’s minds. Majority are aware of GERD as a form of acidity or acid reflux. But, there is more to this! In this blog, we shall give you a sneak peek into the causes, symptoms, and solutions to GERD along with how to cure GERD permanently. So, if you are battling with issues of chronic and recurrent GERD with the inability to enjoy your meals, you are on the right page with us. Let’s begin and know more about how to cure GERD permanently.

Insights and awareness about GERD are a must. This allows early detection of GERD which helps in recovery of GERD. Moreover, knowing the causes, and symptoms of GERD allows you to eliminate the triggering factors of GERD preventing flare-ups and relapses. This allows you to know the root cause of the problems and how to cure GERD permanently.

What is GERD?

What is GERD

GERD or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is termed a chronic acid reflux problem due to the lower esophageal sphincter which may lose elasticity causing laxity of the esophagus muscle resulting in reflux of acid from the stomach to the food pipe. In the initial phases, GERD patients may just come up with simple acidity. Neglecting acidity in the early phase may turn chronic causing GERD issues with severe acid reflux.

As the name suggests, gastro-oesophageal reflux is basically a reflux of acid from the gastro (stomach) to the esophagus (food pipe) causing discomfort and certain symptoms.  Awareness about GERD is a must in order to know the technical know-how to cure GERD permanently.

Causes of GERD

The main causes of GERD are as follows-

  • Stress
  • Genetics or family history of GERD
  • Aging may cause loss of the esophageal sphincter
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Overweight or obese
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Taking too many medications for long-term health issues
  • Large meals at a time
  • Overeating or eating hastily

Symptoms of GERD

Symptoms of GERD

The signs and symptoms of GERD are as follows-

  1. Heartburn or retrosternal burning of the chest.
  2. Regurgitation of food into the mouth causes backflow of stomach contents into the throat through the food pipe
  3. Reflux of stomach acid
  4. Chest pain or epigastric pain
  5. Abdominal pain or cramps
  6. Gastric headaches
  7. Difficulty in swallowing food
  8. Sensation as if something is stuck in the throat
  9. Loss of appetite
  10. Weight loss
  11. Vomiting and nausea in severe cases
  12. Body pain
  13. Fatigue and weakness
  14. Chronic cough
  15. Soreness of throat
  16. Hoarseness of voice
  17. Symptoms are worsened at night or while lying down
  18. Changes in stools causing constipation
  19. Indigestion and bloating
  20. Weakened immunity

With all these symptoms, there may be certain complications in the future leading to weakness, fatigue, weight, and body pain due to the inability of the digestive tract to absorb the nutrients for better immunity levels. Keeping GERD under control is very important to avoid complications. Having said that, knowing how to cure GERD permanently is a must to eradicate it from the root cause of the problem.

What are the treatments for GERD?

The three modes of treatment for GERD are as follows-

  • Prescription-based medications which include antacids, H2 blockers, PPIs (Proton pump inhibitors), laxatives, prokinetic agents
  • Surgeries that involve invasive procedures such as fundoplication, LINX device, transoral incision less fundoplication.
  • Lifestyle changes

The first two treatments would definitely require the guidance and supervision of a medically qualified doctor. Well, as per research, it is confirmed that GERD is a recurrent issue and the above-mentioned treatment may just help for a certain period of time. Let’s know how to cure GERD permanently in the next part of the article.

How to cure GERD permanently?

When we talk about how to cure GERD permanently, the first thing that comes to our mind is antacids. This is very common. Most of us tend to grab some over-the-counter antacids for temporary relief. But, it is important to remember that GERD is a chronic and recurrent issue.

If you have been popping antacids to cure your GERD, it’s time to put an end to this. If you are looking at how to cure GERD permanently? You are on the right page with us.

Looking out for permanent solutions is very important as regular popping of antacids may worsen the problem of GERD or make you dependent on it. Moreover, if you have been taking antacids for a long period of time, sooner or later, your body might turn resistant to them. This means your body might stop responding to it which can lead to further complications like inflammation or erosion of the stomach or colon causing gastritis or colitis.

Here are quick tips on how to cure GERD permanently with natural holistic solutions on how to cure GERD permanently.

1.    Eliminate the cause.

Knowing the causative factor in your GERD case can allow you to eliminate the problem. Every person may react differently in the case of GERD. Maintain a diary or calendar to know the causes of GERD. Eliminating the cause of GERD can help you make a major difference in curing GERD from the root cause of the problem.

2.   Avoid triggering foods.

Knowing which foods trigger your GERD issues is a must. Make a list of those GERD-triggering foods and eliminate them completely from your diet. Check for sour things, packaged foods, outside fast food, chocolates, and fatty fried foods which may trigger the problem. If you are addicted to such foods, keep them out of reach or away from the kitchen.

3.   Eat healthy diet

It is recommended to consume a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables. Avoid any packaged foods that may trigger the problems of GERD. Packaged food is all stuffed with preservatives and excessive salt which may cause excessive acidity. Healthy food is enriched with minerals and vitamins which is good for health.

4.   Consume protein-rich diet

Ensure to consume a protein-rich diet to boost collagen production. This is especially important for the elderly age group to slow down the aging process. Protein-rich food will help boost collagen production which is a must to strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter.

5.   Consume fiber-rich diet

A fiber-rich diet will help in the perfect cleansing and detoxification of the gut. This will help prevent indigestion and constipation which tends to trigger acid reflux. Cleansing your body will help the nutrients to get properly absorbed into the body.

6.   Focus on hydration levels

Focus on hydration levels and consume at least 3 liters of water/day. This will ensure to elimination of acidity and nullify the effects of acid by calming down your stomach and gut. This will also improve the metabolism of foods to convert them into energy without causing any acidity.

7.   Focus on weight loss

Stimulate your metabolism with exercise. Indulge in simple walking, workouts, weight training in the gym, yoga, zumba, or any kind of physical activity. This is very important, especially in the case of obese patients suffering from GERD. Maintaining a healthy weight balance will keep your digestive system active.

8.  Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonate drinks can lead to severe acidity in the body. Most of us grab for sodas to relieve acidity. But, this may trigger GERD issues and may lead to more acid reflux. Keep all acidic drinks away in case of GERD. Tender coconut water works best to stimulate the digestion process.

9.   Quit smoking and alcohol

Alcohol and smoking will trigger GERD issues with major flare-ups. The main reason behind this is that both addictions are very toxic to the body. This may cause major inflammation of the gut lining leading to colitis or gastritis with the inability to absorb the food causing food regurgitation. 

10.                 Keep stress at bay

Stress can cause many issues with GERD. It provokes an inflammatory response due to the release of stress hormone (cortisol) causing acidity and reflux. Staying calm and composed can help in the proper digestion of food. Remember, the gut is your second brain. A healthy gut helps in building a healthy productive mind.

11.                  Eat small frequent meals

Eat small meals to help prevent GERD issues. A small portion can help in easy digestion. Having large meals can pressurize the stomach and cause food regurgitation.

12.                 Chew your food well

The main digestion process begins from the mouth during the process of mastication. Mastication is the process where food mixes with saliva making it easily digestible in the stomach. Chewing well allows the food to mix with salivary juices and helps in a healthy easy digestion process that prevents acid reflux.

13.                 Wear loose clothes

Ensure to wear loose clothes to prevent discomfort. Tight clothing at the waist may cause reflux issues, especially during meals. Loose comfortable fabrics can help in the easy digestion of meals.

14.                 Do not lie down at night or post-meals

Avoid lying down immediately post meals. Sit in an upright position which works towards natural gravity and allows better digestion. This will prevent backflow or upflow of food which leads to reflux. You can also walk or casually stroll for 15 minutes post meals to help in the easy digestion of food which helps in preventing reflux.

15.                 Sleep well on the recline

Sleep well in a reclined position if you have GERD issues mainly at night. It is recommended to sleep in a recline position or prevent any reflux issues.

16.                 Check for your vitamin levels

It is important to check your vitamin levels regularly. Acidity due to GERD may prevent the ability to absorb nutrition. Yes, that’s true! Acidity and inflammation of the stomach and gut lining may inhibit the absorption of vitamins B13, D, B complex, and many other essential nutrients causing complications such as weakness and body pain.

17.                  Ensure to have lighter meals at night

When we talk about how to cure GERD permanently, the first answer that comes directly in our mind is to have lighter meals. Choose lighter meals at night like vegetables or fruit salad with some healthy dressing. You can also opt for khichadi or oatmeal which is very easily digestible and does not cause any kind of reflux. A simple banana can also work great to prevent acidity or GERD issues.

18.                 Plan out a perfect diet routine

Plan out a perfect diet routine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ensure to have basic meals. Avoid gluten and lactose if possible. Replace with ragi, bajra, nachni, or quinoa for better digestion which helps prevent acid reflux.

19.                 Eat timely meals

Timely meals can work wonders for easy digestion and prevent GERD issues. Timely meals will help prevent acidity. Staying hungry for long hours may trigger an acidic reaction.

20.                Avoid tea, coffee, or other stimulants

Avoid tea and coffee or other stimulants which are acidic in nature. This will trigger acidity and GERD issues. Consume green tea which is better than tea or coffee and helps stimulate metabolism and easy digestion.

Home remedies for GERD

Home remedies for GERD play a very important role in cure for GERD. Apart from lifestyle changes, there are certain home remedies that you incorporate into your daily routine. Know the best way how to cure GERD permanently with these top home remedies listed below which are as follows-

  1. Aloe Vera juice helps in calming and soothing stomach inflammation by reducing acidity.
  2. Turmeric or curcumin extract is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps in relieving the mucosal lining of the stomach to prevent acidity.
  3. Fennel seeds or saunf work as a great source of fiber which helps in relieving digestion.
  4. Papayas and bananas are superfoods that help in the easy smooth digestion of food and prevent indigestion flare-ups due to acidity.
  5. Ginger and chamomile tea are potent antioxidant drinks which helps reduce acid formation
  6. Apple juice possesses pectin fiber which helps prevent acidity and indigestion
  7. Oats work as a superfood enriched with fiber for easy bowel movements.


GERD can be manageable, controlled, and preventable too. With healthy lifestyle changes, one can go into long-term remission with no relapses and recurrent issues. This will definitely help achieve a cure in the long run by eliminating GERD issues. Knowing how to cure GERD permanently will allow you to put an end to these recurrent issues of GERD successfully. Planning out the best diet plan for GERD can work wonders for your health

The majority of patients dealing with GERD recurrent issues are always in search of answers to one common question -how to cure GERD permanently? With this, we hope to solve all your questions related to GERD to put an end to this.

Here are some FAQs related to GERD issues that might be ticking your mind.


Que.1 How many times a day should you eat in GERD?

You should eat 6-8 times smaller meals in GERD issues. Go lighter on meals for easy digestion and to boost the metabolism of the digestive tract.

Que.2 Can GERD affect daily lifestyle?

Yes, GERD can affect daily lifestyle, especially the sleep cycle. GERD issues tend to increase during sleep on lying down typically in a horizontal position which causes acid reflux.

Que.3 How to cure GERD permanently without medications?

The best way to cure GERD permanently without medications is to practice healthy lifestyle changes with good eating habits, exercising daily, and hydrating yourself for 3 months continuously to see some notable difference. You can also start with home remedies to relieve acidity.

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