How to Gain Weight For Men

How to Gain Weight For Men

Nowadays, while some people are worried about their obesity, on the other hand, some people see their low weight as unhappy. Such people are longing to gain a little weight. But you cannot gain weight unless you take the right diet. Therefore, a weight gain diet, various herbs that help in weight gain, and a diet chart that helps in how to gain weight for men.  

If you too wonder and are looking for an answer to “How to Gain Weight for Men”, you’re at the right place. Diet2Nourish is a platform where you can find healthy diet plans for every problem. Eat enough food and the correct kinds of food to gain weight, regardless of your weight status—whether you are underweight or just sick of being the tiny guy at the gym. Although some people find it difficult to gain weight, the procedure does not have to be difficult. By concentrating your efforts on behaviors that are going to make a difference, you can ignore the bro science and simplify your health goals.

How to Gain Weight for Men

If your metabolism is fast and you want to gain weight, then changing your exercise pattern and eating habits can help you gain weight faster. Regarding your question about how to gain weight for men, you can gain weight by eating fast food and getting some exercise, to gain weight in a healthy way you need to eat nutrient-rich food and do weight training to increase your muscle mass. You cannot do this overnight, but if you start now, you will be able to see results within a few weeks.

Best Foods for Gain Weight

Best Foods to Eat for Weight Gain

Consume High Carbs

If you are worried about how to gain weight for men, then carbohydrates can help with weight gain. Eat healthy carbs like bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, rice, fruits, etc. Due to this your weight will increase rapidly and belly fat will also not increase.

Eat things rich in protein

Your muscles are made of protein. To gain weight and build lean muscle, you must include a protein source at every meal. For how to gain weight for men, aim for 1.5-2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

Consume High Calorie

Foods high in calories and balanced in nutrients can help you gain weight. Therefore, include foods like avocado, banana, and milk in your diet. Also eat plenty of things like turkey, tofu, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds, fish, eggs, milk, and yogurt.

Take Healthy Fats

If you wondering about how to gain weight for men, it’s time to choose healthy fats that do not harm the body in the long run. Because if you consume unhealthy fats, it will increase your belly fat fast. As healthy fats, you can consume things rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. For this, include foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, avocado oil, and olive oil in your diet. Consuming a handful of pumpkin or flaxseeds is a good way to provide your body with healthy fats.

Take Weight Gain Supplements

Many times people find it difficult to gain weight with the help of diet alone. In such a situation, you can take the help of weight gain supplements. You can add it to milk, a smoothie, or juice.

Potato and Starch

Potatoes and other starchy foods are a very easy and effective way to add extra calories. They work to increase glycogen in the body and increase muscle mass rapidly. In the form of starch, you can include many things in the diet of how to gain weight for men. You can add quinoa, oats, maize, cereal, potatoes or sweet potatoes, winter root vegetables, beans, and legumes.

Many of these carb sources also provide important nutrients and fiber for how to gain weight for men, as well as resistant starch, which can help nourish your gut bacteria. Quinoa is a seed that is prepared and eaten like a grain. It can be cooked and eaten, added to soups, or made into flour and used in bread, drinks, or oatmeal. You can eat quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes for lunch.

Eat these Ayurvedic Foods to Gain Weight


Chamomile is famous for its appetite-boosting properties for how to gain weight for men. Its daily consumption will help in improving your appetite. Naturally, you will see a change in your weight with its consumption. If you are completely thin and underage, consume chamomile extract.

Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots are a great herbal supplement for weight gain. It is often used by women to increase appetite and gain weight. For how to gain weight for men, it is especially recommended for pregnant women so that their appetite is stimulated. It has a high content of beneficial nutrients, which makes it a healthy and smart choice for weight gain.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple is a herb that is suitable for weight gain. It cools the body and activates the enzymes that cause weight gain.


Ginger has been used for many years to treat intestinal issues. This is one of the best herbs that you can use to relieve your stomach, nausea, and indigestion. It effectively treats loss of appetite and helps you enjoy food better.

Weight Gain Healthy Plan for 1 Month

By the way, it is very difficult for anyone to gain weight in a month. But if the right diet plan is followed, then gradually the weight gain can be started within a month. For this, you need to take special care of your diet, and lifestyle. Learn how to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to gain weight. Also, how to gain weight for men in one month, you have to take extra care of your diet plan and be in touch with a dietician or nutritionist.


Never skip breakfast. People who are gaining weight should always have breakfast. Healthy foods should be consumed in this. To gain weight, you should include 2-3 eggs, 2 toasts, and a glass of full cream milk in your breakfast. Apart from this, you can also eat porridge, oats, stuffed paratha, upma, or poha for breakfast to increase your weight. Consuming heavy breakfast continuously for a month will help you in gaining weight.

Mid-Morning Diet for Weight Gain

To gain weight, it is necessary to eat some healthy food every 2-3 hours. People who are gaining weight should also take a mid-morning diet. You can include any fruit, yogurt with granola, and nuts. Eating these things together every day will help in increasing weight. Along with this, you can also take fruit juice, or a smoothie in the mid-morning.


People who are gaining weight should have a proper lunch for how to gain weight men. In lunch, you should include 2-3 roti, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of lentils, a little non-veg, and a bowl of rice in your diet. If you do not eat non-veg, then you can eat full cream curd or paneer instead. Along with this, include a bowl of salad in your lunch. Grilled chicken and cheese sandwiches are also beneficial in gaining weight. People who are gaining weight should have heavy lunches. After this, a walk of 20-25 minutes must be done.

Evening Snacks for Weight Gain

To gain weight, it is also necessary to have breakfast in the evening. In this, you can eat a vegetable or non-veg sandwich cheese with a milkshake. This will help you in gaining weight.


Although it is said that dinner should always be eaten lightly, people who are gaining weight should have dinner in good quantity. For dinner too, you should eat 2-3 rotis, one bowl of vegetables, and one bowl of lentils like lunch. But avoid eating rice at night. Apart from this, you can also have based fish, grilled wad sandwich or veg sandwich for dinner. Dinner should always be taken 2-3 hours before bedtime. After this, drink a glass of milk at bedtime.

How to Gain Weight for Men in one Month

By following this diet plan completely for how to gain weight for men in one month, your weight will start increasing gradually. But if you are already taking any diet, then take it only on the advice of experts.

  • Eat more than three meals a day.
  • If your metabolism is naturally very fast, then eating three meals a day will do nothing, no matter how many nutrients the food contains.
  • Your body burns calories rapidly, so you need to feed your body several times. This means that you should not eat food only when you are hungry, but you should eat food several times a day.
  • Make it a goal to eat five meals a day to gain weight.
  • Don’t wait until you start making a growling sound from your stomach. Plan to have five meals a day so that you do not feel hungry at throughout the day.
  • Eating that much food can take a lot of effort because you’ll have to store up a lot of food to eat several times a day.
  • Carry some calorie-rich snacks like bananas and peanut butter or granola bars with you when you go out so you can eat even when you’re out.
  • Keep the calorie intake high at each meal.
  • Eating small and low-calorie meals five times a day will do nothing; you have to keep the amount of food more and also keep the number of calories in the food.

How to Gain Weight For Men

Lots of men don’t want to become thin. If you think you are too skinny, then this content will guide you to know How to gain weight for men. you should remember one thing that not to add fat rather add muscle to your body. Weather you are under weight or simply wants to gain weight the tips of How to gain weight is same. Underweight is defined as a body mass BMI below 18.5. being under weight can cause serious health issue. Hence, you should aim to How to gain weight for males.

Its vital to eat healthy foods while you are gaining weight. There are some tips below you can follow How to gain weight for men.

Eat more calories and focus on calorie enrich foods. You should eat more calories than your body requires. If you want to gain weight slowly, then focus to eat 300-500 calories per day. If you want to gain weight fast, then take 700-1000 calories per day.

Add more protein to your meal such as milk. Milk provides carbohydrate, protein and fat. It contains vitamins, minerals and calcium. It can be added to the diet plan to gain weight.

A cup of rice contains 200 calories and it has carbohydrates that will help to gain weight.

Add red meat in your meal. Steak has both leucine and creatine, nutrients that play an essential role in boosting muscle mass. Steak and other red meats contain both protein and fat, which offer weight gain.

If you eat nuts regularly you will surely gain weight. It is known as an excellent snack can be added to salad and other meals. Raw and roasted nuts have more health benefits.

Eat whole grain bread, it contains carbohydrates and promote weight gain.

Following are the starches will offer weight gain









winter root vegetables

sweet potatoes


whole-grain cereals

whole-grain breads

cereal bars

salmon, dried fruits, avocados, dark chocolate, cereal bars, eggs, cheese, fat and oil, yogurt, pasta, are the foods can help How to gain weight for men.

Skinny men always wish to gain weight, so that they would look more toned and handsome. If you are seeking How to gain weight fast at home for male then keep attention on some tips by dt Priyanka Jaiswal.

  • Don’t drink water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories.
  • Eat frequently
  • Drink milk regularly
  • Use big plates
  • Add cream to your coffee
  • Get quality sleep

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How can I gain weight quickly?

Consume extra Calories: You should have 1,000 extra calories for a day to increase your weight. Eat more frequently. Drink lots of liquids, carrot juice is very good to weight gain. This way you can gain weight rapidly.

Q.2 How can I gain weight in 7 days at home?

Eat more calories than you burn that’s around 500 calories extra. Maximize the meal portion. Maximize the amount of your meal. Add some healthy snacks in between your lunch. Add full fat milk and milk products to your diet. Tracking your calories, you can gain weight at home in 7 days.

Q.3 Which food is best for weight gain?

Protein and fat foods are the best for gaining weight. Milk, Rice, Nuts and nut butters, red meats, Potatoes and starches, Salmon and oily fish, Protein supplements.

Q.4 How can people with small appetites gain weight with smoothies?

Smoothies are a great way for people with small appetites to gain weight because they are easy to consume. Moreover, smoothies can be packed with nutrient-dense ingredients.
To make a weight gain smoothie, try adding ingredients like nut butters, Greek yoghurt, protein powder, and healthy fats like avocado or coconut oil. You can also add calorie-dense fruits like bananas or mangoes to increase the calorie content of your smoothie.
Drinking smoothies in between meals can also help increase your overall calorie intake and support healthy weight gain.

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