Weight Gain Diet Chart

Weight gain can be strangely difficult and often requires adjustments to both your diet plan for weight gain and lifestyle. If you are categorized as underweight as per your body mass index (BMI), the best dietitian in Delhi may suggest that you gain weight. Nevertheless, just adding specific foods to your plan can make your weight gain in both a healthy and more effective way. This blog will cover weight gain diet.

What can be the possible reasons for being underweight?

Different medical conditions which can make you underweight are as follows:

  • Family History
  • Eating Disorders
  • Poor digestion
  • Medical Conditions
  • Poor immunity
  • Poor adequate and balanced diet

If your BMI is below 16, please visit the best dietician in Delhi.

Why would you need to gain weight?

In the present culture, weight reduction is a more mainstream subject than gaining weight. It seems like such countless individuals are searching for the following best eating routine or food to eat to get more fit. But, there are numerous people who might not get assistance with weight. Moreover, they may have to put on weight to improve their well-being. Also, how to successfully and economically execute the Weight Gain Diet Chart with the best food sources and methodologies! 

Foods to include in diet Chart for weight gain in 7 days!

If you are searching for how to gain weight healthy diet plan? There are a variety of food sources that give more noteworthy calorie content that can be blended and coordinated to make heavenly diet and delicacies. Albeit the food varieties recorded beneath are largely acceptable proposals for weight gain, some ailments may expect you to restrict specific food sources. Continuously make certain to work with the best dietician in Delhi to ensure you are eating the best food sources for you.

By and large, weight gain happens with the more calories you have. So, a basic objective for gaining weight is viable might be expanding either the measure of food burned-through or the number of calories in every feast.

Healthy Fats for Weight Gain

Healthy Fats for Weight Gain

Fats are very high in calories as well as are a great way to combine more calories into a Weight Gain Diet Chart. They have more major energy than both carbs and protein which presents them an exceptional option for enhancing caloric content. Combining extra calories to your weight gain diet by consuming more nutritious meals is the most dependable way to gain weight. When you’re underweight, you may feel full faster. Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than two or three meals.

To illustrate, high-fat foods as per the weight gain diet chart provided by your dietician that you could combine into refreshments or meals to help boost caloric content. 

Healthy Protein for Weight Gain

Healthy Protein for Weight Gain

Protein, particularly lean protein, accommodates to strengthen a muscle which indeed can assist you to gain weight. Moreover, all excess protein consumed ahead of what your body wants will be deposited as fat, in turn improving weight gain. High protein foods which are good for weight gain can be included in your diet. When looking at how to increase diet to gain weight, the carbs for weight gain it is suitable to focus on whole grains as well as starchy veggies. Combining fats like butter and olive oil can further improve caloric intake by having these foods.

You will notice that in how to gain weight diet, protein sources that contain some good fat are great for weight gain. Consequently, this is why dairy products are perfect for weight gaining. Remember to refer to the Indian diet plan for weight gain

Probiotics for weight gain

Healthy Protein for Weight Gain

The diet you have plays an essential role in the balance of healthy and harmful gut bacteria. There are numerous individuals who take probiotics for gut wellbeing and to have an improved feeling of fitness and health. Be that as it may, to emphatically impact weight the executives long time, one requirement to consider the probiotic supplements defined with extra normal fixings to expand viability. There are several very healthy probiotic options you can have. You will get a good and fit body, powerful mental as well physical fitness by consuming the right weight gain foods list as mentioned above, without eating supplements.

Consequently, the more natural formula, the better it is.

Healthy Tips To Gain Weight Quickly!

How to gain weight ?

1. Have a Balanced Diet 

Following your objective builds your shots at hitting your objective. Keep an Indian diet chart for weight gain to compose your calorie objective and track the food sources that you eat. 

Accordingly, check your weight each week or 10 days. This rouses you as well as assists you with breaking down your advancement better. You can even track your activity example and begin estimating muscle gain. You can also refer to a dietician for how to gain weight diet.     

2. Eat Mini-meals

Eat Mini-meals

If you’re coping with a smaller appetite, due to pharmaceutical or sentimental issues, eating large quantities of food may not show appealing. Practice eating more miniature meals during the day to boost your calorie consumption. Gaining weight doesn’t mean you need to gain fat mass. Gain slender muscle mass. Moreover, to reach there, you need to head out to work out and take 5-6 meals along with lift a few weights if possible along with an Indian diet Chart for weight gain

3. Eat Calorie Rich Food Sources 

Eat Calorie Rich Food Sources 

Food sources high in calories and regulated in nutrients will benefit you gain weight. Food sources like banana, avocado, and full-fat milk ought to be included in your diet chart for weight gain

4. Take a Protein-rich Diet 

Your muscles are composed of proteins. To gain weight and fabricate fit muscle mass, you should incorporate a protein source in each diet chart for weight gain. Intend to take 1.5-2 gm of protein for each kg of body weight. 

Specifically, Tofu, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, chicken breast, ground turkey, fish, eggs, milk, and yogurt ought to be your go-to decisions of protein. 

5. Add Healthy Fats to Your Meals

Try not to any fatty food. Pick solid fats that don’t cause problems over the long haul. Solid fats are additionally adequate wellsprings of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats. Carbs can help in weight gain. Supplant high sugar and refined carbs like chocolates, doughnuts, pizzas with better choices like banana, potato, yam, entire grains, rice, and organic products, and so on. Incorporate food varieties into your diet for weight gain. Eating a pumpkin or flaxseeds is a decent method to furnish your body with absolute fat. 

6. Take Weight Gain Probiotics

Sometimes, exercise alone may not achieve the ideal outcomes. Another approach to this is by remembering some diets for your eating regimen are equally important.

7. Improve digestion

Weight gain isn’t excessively complicated; it’s anything but a logical methodology and all-around focused way of life. Be patient and keep the focus on your digestion. Try not to plan to gain multiple pounds a month. Searching for quicker weight gain could be undesirable and may just give you transitory outcomes along with the  Indian diet plan for weight gain.

7 Day weight gain diet Chart

Day-1 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfastoat/chia seed+ full cream milk +fruits
Lunchcurry+ wholewheat chapati
Evening snackmilk +dried fruits+ apple
Dinnerspaghetti+ broccoli/ chapati + curry

Day-2 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfastbutter +toast+ glass of milk+ fruits of your choice
Lunchegg salad- prepared with 2 hardboiled eggs+ brown bread/chapati
Evening snackprotein shake + small mango or any seasonal fruit
Dinnerveg curry+ chapati+ curd

Day-3 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfastpaneer stuffed besan cheela + green chutney + 1 cup curd + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 apple smoothie +maple syrup
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM) 1 cup masoor dal + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + 1 cup low curd + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup tomato soup with bread crumbs + 1 cup aloo chaat
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup carrot peas vegetable +3 chapatti + salad

Day-4 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfast1 and half  cup vegetable bread upma + 1 cup milk + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup ripe banana with 2 tsp ghee
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM) 1 cup rajma curry + 1 cup spinach potato + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup vegetable juice + 1 cup upma
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)one & half cup parwal vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad

Day-5 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfast2 cucmber potato sandwich + 1 tsp green chutney + 1 orange juice + 3 cashews + 2 walnuts + 4 almonds
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup buttermilk + 1 cup sweet potato chaat
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM) 1 cup white chana/ fish curry + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup almond milk + banana
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup cauliflower potato vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad

Day-6 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfast2 cup vegetable poha + 1 cup curd + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)2 cups watermelon juice
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM) 1 cup chana dal + 1 cup bhindi vegetable + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup sprouts salad + 2 potato cheela + green chutney
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup peas mushroom vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad

Day-7 weight gain diet Chart

Breakfast3 vegetable suji cheela + 1 cup strawberry shake + 4 cashews + 4 almonds + 3 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup coconut water + 1 cup pomegrate
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM) 1 cup mix dal + 1 cup soybean curry + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup curd + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup fruit salad + 4 pc vegetable cutlets + green chutney
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup karela vegetable + 3 chaptti + salad

Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Don’t drink water before meals
  2. Do not smoke
  3. Eat more often
  4. Drink Milk
  5. Try Weight gainer shakes
  6. Use Bigger Plates
  7. Add cream to your coffee
  8. Get Quality Sleep
  9. Eat your protein first and vegetables last

Maintain healthy Weight Gain!

The weight gain diet plan is a gradual process. Steadily expanding calories throughout some undefined time frame to advance regular weight acquire. This will ideally prompt a more reasonable gaining of weight. Weight gain could be just about as trying as weight reduction, however, consistency is the key for long haul results. Absorbing calorie junk foods should not be the plan. Subsequently, make your focus on gaining lean muscle mass as it can drive to a weight gain diet plan.

When you track down the best weight for your body to work appropriately and proficiently, then, at that point you can quit expanding calories. Yet, you should be wary, guaranteeing you actually burning through enough calories to forestall weight reduction. Consistently checking your weight is the most ideal approach to ensure you are not losing it.

We believe the weight gain diet chart and information provided about foods to avoid in this article will help you gain and sustain your weight Good luck!


1. Would I be capable to gain mass without gaining fat?

No. You for the largest part gain one pound of fat for every pound of muscle while you have a larger quantity of calories than you utilize.

2. How to increase diet to gain weight?     

When you are skinny, you may consider full faster. Consume five or six smaller meals throughout the day preferably instead of two or three huge meals in your diet chart for weight gain. Specifically, foods rich in fiber, carbs and healthy fats in each feed will serve to enhance the amount of both calories as well as nutrients in the food.

3. How to gain weight with vegetarian diet?

You can obtain pounds on a veg diet if your serving sizes are too large or if you consume too many calorie-rich foods, such as sweet drinks, snack foods, desserts as well as fried items.   

4. How to gain weight for men diet plans?

It does not matter if you feel that you eat in bulk. If your ordinary calorie consumption is less than your calorie outgo, you won’t obtain weight. To get the weight you must formulate a caloric surplus diet plan for weight gain in 7 days. You must eat more extra food to put on mass and stop being lean.