Best dietician in Ahmedabad: Know the Best Dietician in Ahmedabad as of 2023

best dietician in Ahmedabad

Best Dietician in Ahmedabad

Bid adieu to all your struggles for finding a reliable and best dietician in Ahmedabad. Self-love comes in various forms, but most commonly in taking care of yourself and prioritizing your health above everything. If you are based in Ahmedabad and are in the search of a highly professional dietician that can put an end to your struggles with weight gain, weight loss and  body maintenance , then you are at the right place.

Who is a Dietician?

A dietician, as the name suggests, is a person that diagnoses and treats dietary and nutrition problems of people on a professional level. A dietician is qualified to  ease up your weight related problems by advising you on your food and nutrition choices.

The following are the qualifications of a dietician:

  • Accredited bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics
  • Master’s degree in food and nutrition
  • A proper Dietetic internship from a reputed institute
  • Passed a national exam to earn licence

Are Dieticians and Nutritionists the same?

Dietician Vs Nutritionist

Just like psychiatrists and psychologists are two different professions regardless of similar terms used, dieticians and nutritionists are also different. Dieticians are certified professionals that assess and treat medical issues by inducing appropriate lifestyle changes and a proper diet plan. On the contrary, nutritionists provide basic guidance about the nutritional intake and nutritional value of various foods on a casual basis.

5 reasons why you need a Dietician?

A proper and professional guidance from a dietician can do wonders if you want a healthy lifestyle and eat good food. Being self-aware is the first step towards self-improvement and it all starts with the basics ie what you eat. There are many reasons that you do need a dietician in your daily life and some of them are listed below:

  1. A dietician will recognize unhealthy diet patterns you follow and restrain you from the same
  2. A dietician will provide personal help and keep you in check so that you don’t skip your diet plan or follow any unhealthy paths
  3. You can gain or lose weight by eating foods that will not harm your body in the longer run. Like some people without any appropriate guidance would consume lots of sugary sodas, sweets, chips and junk food for gaining instant weight. However, this is a very unhealthy practice and can lead to severe health problems in future like heart diseases, diabetes and whatnot.
  4. If you are struggling with any chronic illness which requires diet changes in your lifestyle, then a dietician can help you to acquire those changes in a convenient way. A dietician would understand your needs and health requirements and frame out a proper diet chart for you.
  5. Growing children need to see a dietician to fulfil their body needs for proper body development. Transition from childhood to puberty, being in teenage and transition from teenage to adolescence and finally an adult requires a lot of nutrients from various healthy foods. A dietician will draw an appropriate dietary plan for your kids which will include all their favourite dishes and healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods. For example, sweets and candies can be replaced with berries, dates and dry fruits.

Factors that dieticians consider while preparing your diet chart

All the factors listed below are considered by the best dietician in Ahmedabad and thus contribute greatly to the framework of the diet plan being assigned to the person.

●     Work or the job of the person

The job or the work of a person plays an important role in their daily requirements of nutrients. For instance, say a person with a field job who is always on a run will require a higher amount of proteins, carbohydrates and calories as compared to a person with a desk job. So, a dietician will frame a proper diet chart while keeping your work schedule in mind.

●     Biological determinants

These refer to biologically related traits like height, weight and consequently BMI or the body mass index. People often encounter weight struggles if their parents or grandparents had the same. For example, obesity will be seen in children with obese parents or lean parents may transfer their genes to the child giving him/her a thin body structure.

●     Taste preferences

The term picky eater is not only limited to children or kids but also to adults. Everyone wants to satiate their taste buds and might have certain preferences for certain foods. A dietician will keep in mind the type, taste, texture of the food that you like, and if it is unhealthy, the dietician will provide healthy alternatives for the same.

●     Mental health

The mental health of a person directly influences their gut. If a person is mentally disturbed or upset, either he or she will experience emotional eating or would have minimal to no appetite. Therefore, a dietician considers mental health as an important factor that influences the diet chart for a person.

●     Eating disorders (ED)

Eating disorders are psychological problems that affect the dietary lifestyle of a person. Various eating disorders have been found in people. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which the person has a very low body weight and is scared of gaining weight. Bulimia nervosa is another eating disorder in which the person would eat large portions of food and then later induce vomiting. Binge eating disorder in which people eat large portions of food in a short span leading to unhealthy weight gain. Pica is another eating disorder in which the person eats non-food items like chalk, wood, paper, detergent, sand etc.

What are the food related challenges that dieticians can help with?

There are numerous health, food and diet related challenges that the best dietician in Ahmedabad can help their clients with and these challenges are:

●     Weight loss

Dietician for weight loss

People struggling with obesity or a heavy body weight often stop eating or eat less so as to lose weight in a short span of time. Unaware of the risks associated with such eating techniques, people invite various health problems like weakness, low blood pressure, fatigue and low blood sugar. However, a dietician would never recommend such a behaviour and would rather create a diet chart and help with various lifestyle changes like exercise, changes in sleep cycle and a healthier lifestyle which would not render you feeling deprived.

●     Weight gain

As much as losing weight can be a struggle, gaining weight can also be a struggle for some people. Proper guidance of a dietician can help you get a proper physique with healthy fat and appropriate muscle mass. With the help of a well-balanced diet chart, provided by an expert dietician, a lean person can acquire a healthy amount of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins for gaining healthy weight.

●     Food Allergies

Being allergic to certain foods is a medical condition in which an allergic person cannot eat certain foods or components in foods.  Therefore, food allergies need to be considered serious. If not taken care of, allergies can lead to various problems and can even take a fatal turn. Dieticians can help you in such cases by disregarding those foods or ingredients and creating a fairly balanced diet.

●     Gym diets

As it is a common phrase that is heard in every gymnasium that food is fuel, people going to Gym need to be very careful about what they eat. In order to get a proper amount of proteins, calories and other vitamins and minerals, gym freaks need a proper diet chart. Such a diet chart can be drawn by a dietician that would help every gym freak to achieve their Greek god physique with good muscle bulk.

●     Vegan and vegetarian nutrition

If you are choosing to give up on non-vegetarian products and dairy products that does not mean that you have to give up on a balanced diet or your basic nutrition needs. A dietician will help you to figure out a proper nutrition plan in which you are getting all the nutrients required by the body even in absence of non-vegetarian meals and dairy products.

●     Healthy eating choices

“You are what you eat” a famous quote heard and read everywhere means that if you eat healthy, your body looks healthy and if you eat junk, your body looks bad. On a general basis, consulting a dietician helps you in having healthy eating choices and a fairly good lifestyle with minimal health problems.

●     Chronic health conditions

Health conditions that require medical attention and need intense lifestyle changes to be controlled and fixed are called chronic illnesses or chronic health conditions. Diseases like diabetes, thyroid and various heart diseases can fall under the said category. These problems require changes in diet which are helped by a reliable dietician. By preparing a balanced diet chart excluding all the forbidden foods and ingredients, a dietician can help you to control your chronic health condition and enable you to live a healthy life.

Where can I find the best dietician in Ahmedabad?

The best dietician in Ahmedabad would give you the best solutions for any given problem. They would also regard your preferences in food and come up with good alternatives for unhealthy foods that you are obsessed with. So, you can find and consult the best dieticians in Ahmedabad at diet2nourish. A clinic where all your health and weight related problems will vanish in thin air. The expert dieticians will consider your problems and draft a persuasive diet plan and help you develop a healthy life for yourself and your loved ones. The leading diet clinic will help you to have a positive outlook towards a healthy life and provide really simple ways to improve your lifestyle. So, book your appointments right away and speak to professional dieticians at diet2nourish now!

Who are the Top 5 Best dieticians in Ahmedabad?

1)    Dr. Priyanka Jaiswal

Best Awardee Dietician in Ahmedabad

Highly reputed and experienced dietician who is considered to be a seamless package of ideas, Dr. Jaiswal is ranked amongst the best dieticians in Ahmedabad. Her simple and logical approach to various subjects makes her the best consulted dietician in the city.

Why is Dr. Priyanka Jaiswal among the best dieticians in Ahmedabad?

The answer lies in the feedback of the clients who appreciate her way of dealing and positive approach to life. Here versatile tricks to design a top notch healthcare diet plan with a blend of science and technology and effective ayurvedic remedies. She puts her best efforts for every client individually and helps them to achieve the best possible outcomes. She believes in intuitive eating methodology and helps people to connect to themselves.

2)    Ms. Barkha Goswami

Clients have always shown positive response towards Ms. Goswami and her treatment strategies. Moreover, her efficient diet plans for different health and weight problems have proven to be effective in various aspects. She is good at communicating with clients and understanding their issues.

3)    Dr. Sonali soni

Gives utmost attention to every client and is known for her personality traits like patience, understanding ability and good communication skills. Dr. Soni focuses on providing the best services to her clients.

4)    Dr. Payal V shah

With her rich experience and an assertive lookout towards life, Dr. Payal V shah has helped various people with their medical and dietary problems. She is recognised for her friendly and kind attitude along with her excellent work.

5)    Ms. Kanan shah

Ms. Shah can be seen in her clinic at maninagar, Ahmedabad. She is rich in experience and is able to draw a perfect diet plan for various problems. She focuses on spreading health and happiness by her dietary experiences.

These were the top five and best dieticians in Ahmedabad you can consult for best results in a short span of time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: Can a diet plan be the same for everyone?

Answer: The answer is no! As you age, your body has different nutrient requirements at every age.Moreover, gender also plays an important role in setting nutrient requirements along with various other factors that are mentioned above.

Question: Can I see a dietician without any weight related or health problems?

Answer: Of course, you can! It is a very good thing that you do not have any weight or health problems and consulting a dietician will ensure you stay the same way for a very long period of time.

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