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best dietician in surat

Best Dietician in Surat

If you are based in Surat and need counselling with your dietary intake and a healthy lifestyle, then explore the best dietician in Surat easily. A dietician will help you in focusing on a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. It would also help to keep all other illnesses and diseases away.

How can a dietician help you with a balanced diet?

 balanced diet

A dietician can assess, diagnose and treat your problems related to your weight, health and dietary issues. Depending on the various factors, a dietician would frame a proper diet chart which ensures that you get a balanced diet along with some other side goals like gaining weight or losing weight as required.

The best dietician in Surat will provide you with a top notch diet chart which will include all the local and easily available food items in a large proportion. Their expertise is to analyze the nutrients present in different food items and present it in required quantities for a diet chart. 

Who is a dietician and a nutritionist?

who is dietician ?

A dietician is a certified professional that can help you to live a healthy life. They do so by advising you with a fool proof diet plan and inducing various other lifestyle changes for the benefit of the client. A dietician has to pursue bachelors in home science/ nutrition and dietetics which is followed by a master’s degree in food and nutrition. Furthermore, they practice a proper Dietetic internship from a well reputed institute. In order to earn their dietician license, professional dietitians have to clear a national exam for the same.

A nutritionist on the other hand is not a certified professional but rather a self-proclaimed person who does his own research and helps people with their knowledge. Therefore, we can conclude that a dietician is quite different from a nutritionist.

What can the best dietician in Surat help you with?

The highly professional, experienced and best dieticians in Surat can help you with a vast range of health, dietary, medical and weight related issues. Some of them are listed below:

●     Difficulty in gaining weight

Getting it can be troublesome for some people at times. There are many factors that can be held responsible for the low BMI which is the body mass index of a person. Some of such factors are listed below:

1)    Genetics and heredity

In many cases, Lean people acquire their genes from their parents or grandparents, who themselves had a low BMI. Therefore, in such cases, heredity and genetics are responsible for the lean structure of the person.

2)    Medical problems

Several medical problems like type 2 diabetes, overactive thyroid, heart problems and cancer can cause weight loss in people.

3)    Mental health

Mental health plays a great role in determining the health and weight of a person. Usually, in a depressed state, a person tends to lose their appetite which leads to ultimate weight loss. Other than that, eating disorders like Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa also tend to affect people causing them low body weight and inability to put on weight.

4)    Other factors

Other factors like metabolic rate, appetite, hunger and picky eating habits also lead to less weight in a person.

All these factors responsible for less weight in people can be sorted by consulting a dietician. A dietician would frame a diet chart with calories surplus, proteins and carbohydrates which would not only help in gaining healthy fat but also build muscles.

●     Difficulty in losing weight

weight loss tip

People with BMI equal to or greater than 25 Are classified in the category of obesity. Such people usually have a hard time losing fat. The following can be some of the reasons of such heavy weight:

1)    Genetics and heredity

In several cases, People acquire their obesity or weight genes from their parents and grandparents which leads their body structure to be heavy.

2)    Medical conditions and problems

Medical conditions like hypothyroidism, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome and various heart problems can lead to weight gain in a person.

3)    Mental health

Different people have different coping mechanisms. Where some people can use their appetite on being stressed or depressed, there are some people who feel hungrier and eat more while being in an emotional rollercoaster. This process is also known as “emotional eating” and is proven to be very unhealthy.

4)    Other factors

Other factors like having a larger appetite, less self-control and consuming a lot of junk food at irregular time intervals also contribute to an increased weight.

However, consulting a dietician for all these problems can help you lose weight in an appropriate way. There are many people who starve themselves or eat minimal amounts of food, hoping that they would lose weight. However, these practices only cause weakness, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. A dietician would draw a particular strategy and introduce you to a specific diet plan that would have less calories and keep you healthy.

●     Medical health problems

People struggling with medical problems like diabetes, irregular blood pressure, thyroid, kidney and heart problems, often need a controlled diet which eliminates certain foods. Consulting a dietician would help them to get a proper diet plan and awareness for what they can eat and what not. Moreover, several chronic illnesses often require intensive lifestyle changes, which can be carried out with the help of a dietician.

●     Growing children

Toddlers and kids can be fussy and picky eaters at times. Therefore, you must consider your dietician who would guide you about the nutrient requirements of kids. The dietician can draw a proper diet chart for your children with many appealing and tasty food instead of boring food. Moreover, growing Children when transitioning to puberty or adolescence and then step into adulthood need proper nutrition for their body to develop. A dietician can help in awareness of growing children so that they would not fall for or get rid of unhealthy eating habits and switch to a healthier approach towards life.

●     A healthy lifestyle

Consulting a dietician is not only limited if you have weight related issues or health problems. You can also consult a dietician if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and want to keep your hands off of junk food and unhealthy eating habits. For a general healthy lifestyle of yourself and your family members, you can always consult the best dieticians in Surat.

Who are the best dieticians in Surat and where to find them?

If you are looking for ways to stay healthy or change your lifestyle, while being based in Surat, you can always find the best dietician in Surat conveniently. Diet2nourish is a name that automatically strikes the mind of many due to its top notch nutrition strategies and counselling. It is a leading clinic and has become really popular and well consulted. Their best dieticians provide seamless treatment with utmost respect and hospitality. So, book your appointment now!

Some of the best dietician in Surat are described below:

1)   Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

best dietician in surat

A certified and qualified dietician who believes in her client’s ability to get through everything. Her knowledge does not only limit to dietetics but also to motivating people to be stronger. Her work mainly consists of making people mentally so strong that they can fight for what they want. Moreover, her extraordinary strategies for achieving a particular goal like weight loss or weight gain, helps in literally transforming lives. With such a rich experience, Dt. Jaiswal is well known for her humble behaviour towards people. Due to her effective and efficient diet, counselling, he has managed to be among the best dieticians of Surat.


Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.


More than a decade of treating people and various famous personalities


To know more about her, log in to and contact her at +91-9311207203, 9990999123.

2) Ms. Shreni lalpurwala

With her rich experience and immense knowledge, Ms. Shreni is very popular in her city. She is well known for her kind behaviour towards patients while offering her expertise. The diet charts framed by her did wonders for her patients. Ms. Shreni can be consulted in her clinic- shreni’s diet clinic


Msc in dietetics


26 years

3) Ms. Dharti kachhadiya

Ms. Dharti kachhadiya is a well known dietician in the city of Surat, Gujarat. She is recognised for her work and humbleness towards her clients. She advises everyone to eat well to be well. Ms. Kachhadiya can be consulted in her clinic at Gujarat gastro hospital where she serves as a hospital dietician.


Bsc in home science (food and nutrition)


three years

4) Ms. Prachi Mehta

Ms. Prachi Mehta is a specialized dietician and has been helping people with their various struggles since long. She wants everyone to be fit and comfortable in their own skin. Ms. Mehta has gotten many positive reviews from her clients due to her hard work and kind nature. You can consult her at the nutrition and wellness clinic in Athwa , Surat.


 Bsc in home science


nine years

5)   Ms. Nikita

The excellent diet counselling provided by Ms. Nikita has proven beneficial for various people. She has provided her dietician services to people of all age groups struggling with their weight loss and weight gain journey.


post graduate diploma in dietetics


eight years

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: what is BMI and how is it related to diet?

Answer: Body mass index or BMI is the result of a person’s weight in kilograms when divided by the square of the person’s height. It can indicate body fatness or leanness and can give a hint about how much a person needs to weigh to be fit as per their height.

Question: can we make a diet chart ourselves at home?

Answer: Yes you can, but a professional framing your diet chart would be much better for quick and effective results. This is because the dieticians have specialised in this field and they know it all better.

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