Best Dietician Nutritionist In Ludhiana For Weight Loss

Best Dietician in Ludhiana

Best Dietician In Ludhiana

A dietician is like a doctor for food. They help individuals lead healthy lives by supplying information on nutrition and diet. Nutrition is a science, and experienced nutritionists offer dietary guidance that is evidence-based or guidance based on the findings of scientific studies. There are many best dietician in Ludhiana you need to know about.

One diet cannot be suitable for everyone because we all have varied eating habits, medical histories, and levels of exercise. Each person’s diet can be specifically designed by a skilled dietician depending on their health, medical, physical, and psychological conditions. For your convenience, here is a list of reasons to consult the best dietician in Ludhiana.  

Can dieticians help in overall health improvement?

The primary things a dietician offers are mentoring and education. To successfully implement and maintain a new dietary plan, it is crucial to examine patients’ eating patterns, create meal plans to match their particular health needs, and educate patients on the significance of forming new habits.

Most dietetic treatment plans come from evaluations of the patient’s blood chemistry, temperature, stress, mobility, and other significant aspects to find effective meal plans and altered recipes for their nutritional health. After a strategy is chosen, the dietitian must inform people and assist them in starting the new diet.

How can a dietician assist with weight loss?

Weight loss Dietician

There are instances when losing weight is promoted as being as easy as burning more calories than you consume or adhering to a “proven” method. However, there isn’t a “one size fits all” strategy because losing the additional weight is more complicated than this.

Here, seeking assistance from a skilled nutritionist is beneficial so keep in touch with the best dietician in Ludhiana. Dietitians are educated healthcare professionals with tertiary degrees trained to assist people with various dietary and nutritional issues, including weight loss.

Can a dietician help with medical issues?

“These dietitians may specialize in specific areas, like sports nutrition, weight management, or diabetes, or they could see clients for a broad range of problems, but they can assist their clients in treating or preventing many different diseases and conditions.

Dietitians assist people in enhancing their health by offering knowledgeable food and nutrition guidance. You can manage health issues, including diabetes and eating disorders, with the assistance of a nutritionist.

Why is Consult the best dietician in Ludhiana Important? 

A dietician is a food specialist who can analyze the information that is accessible, assess its veracity, and determine whether the material has any scientific validity. An experienced dietician can be of great assistance to a person. Here is how the best dietician in Ludhiana can help you:

  • Influences a family’s whole food intake, starting during pregnancy and continuing through adolescence, adulthood, and old life.
  • Clears up misconceptions about food and offers detailed guidelines for what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat.
  • The prevalence of diseases, including diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and others brought on by lifestyle choices, is rising. A dietician can help normal, healthy people avoid these issues by creating a healthy diet for them.
  • Plans diets for people with diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, thyroid cancer, TB, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, etc., to aid in their speedy recovery and return to good health.
  • A healthy eating regimen might also speed up your recovery from surgery.
  • Gives people the ability to grow or healthily lose weight without experiencing any negative side effects or nutritional shortages.
  • Helps children, young people, and fitness enthusiasts eat better and healthier so they can attain their goals and perform better. 
  • Numerous nutrient deficiencies, including those in vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and others, are being discovered in many people.
  • Planning a balanced meal rich in essential nutrients can help a competent dietician prevent or treat these deficiencies.

How To Find The Best Dietitian In Ludhiana Online?

In this article, we have mentioned a list of the best dietitians available in Ludhiana. The best dietician in Ludhiana may advise that you either reduce your intake or totally avoid eating the particular food(s) that your body cannot handle or digest, depending on the degree of your food allergy or intolerance. Without the guidance and counsel of a nutritionist, you shouldn’t make this dietary change as it will raise your risk of nutrient deficiency. After eliminating these problematic foods from your diet, a dietitian may recommend dietary alternatives and nutritional supplements to ensure you are still getting the recommended quantity of nutrients.

In conclusion, working with a skilled, experienced dietician is essential for weight loss and health improvement. So, here’s a list of the best dietician in Ludhiana.

Top 5 Best Dietician in Ludhiana

1. Dt. Priyanka (Clinical Dietician & Nutritionist)

Dt Priyanka Jaiswal best Dietician in Ludhiana

Being well-known as the best clinical dietician and nutritionist in Ludhiana, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal, the best dietician in Ludhiana, is a gem who has named unaccountable achievements with her tremendous work and expertise in the field of Diet & Nutrition. She is the best Dietician Specialist, Diabetes Educator, health and wellness expert in Ludhiana, and offline and online diet consultation. Some of her accomplishments are as follows:

  • She received the Empowering Health through Better Nutrition Award at the National Nutrition Conference 2022, which is only one example of her commitment to diet, nutrition, and hard work.
  • She is a personal dietician and nutritionist of many prominent personalities like Ms. Kiran Tomer, wife of Mr. Narendra Tomer, and Minster of the Agriculture & Farmer Association.
  • She has also been rewarded for consulting Mr. Keshav Singh Bhadoria, Sangatham Mantri of Chambal. She helped in recovering from my pre-diabetic condition & high cholesterol levels.
  • She received the Empowering Health through Better Nutrition Award at the National Nutrition Conference 2022, which is only one example of her commitment to diet, nutrition, and hard work.
  • Dietician Priyanka Jaiswal has a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, has completed a course for certification as a diabetes educator, joined the Indian Dietetics Association permanently, and has about ten years of expertise in her area.
  • The greatest clinical nutritionist in Delhi is dietician Priyanka Jaiswal, also ranked as the city’s top weight loss dietician and nutritionist.

To design a healthcare plan, she mixes modern science and technology with ayurvedic home medicines, naturopathic, and Ayurvedic concepts. It is simpler to attain your health objective when you combine the riches of Indian spices, herbs, and ancient cooking remedies with balance and enough nutrition for your nutrition needs. Undoubtedly, she is one of the best dietician in Ludhiana.

To connect with her, contact +91-9311207203, 9990999123


2. Dr. Shelly Khurana – (Dietitics & Nutritionist)

Dr. Shelly Khurana is a well-known and best dietitian in Ludhiana. She has worked with some of Ludhiana’s top hospitals. She is a committed, empathetic doctor who uses cutting-edge technology to manage complex patients. She provides patient-friendly scientific advice while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. 

Contact no.: 9803763918

3. Dt. Raminder – (Dietician) 

She has more than 32 years of expertise as a dietitian and nutritionist. She provides a piece of tailor-made advice as per every individual’s dietary requirements. She is indeed the best dietitian in Ludhiana.

Contact no.: 080547 96923

4. Dt. Simrat Kathuria (Nutritionist and Dietitian)

Dietician Simrat Kathuria is another best dietician in Chandigarh, the best dietician in Ludhiana, renowned for being the most sought-after and well-known nutritionist and dietitian in Ludhiana. She focuses on eating an essential but healthful diet to obtain the secrets to a healthy way of life. 

Contact no.: 9155 801 000

5. Dt. Bhavya (Dietician)

Dietitian Bhavya is an Indian Registered Dietitian who focuses on simplifying healthy eating. She believes that since every person is unique and no one diet fits all, diets should be tailored just like clothing.

Contact no.: 9023377776

Which is better, a nutritionist or dietitian?

A dietician is a legally regulated health professional. On the other hand, a nutritionist is a self-proclaimed expert.

Both, nutritionists and dieticians have quite similar jobs. However, the difference lies in their qualification and spectrum of activity.

Furthermore, a dietician has a legal licence of practice that a nutritionist lacks. Both of them have different roles and can be consulted as per your needs. The dietician will assess, monitor and treat a health problem.

On the other hand, a nutritionist is not as versatile as a dietician. You can choose any nutritionist, for diet charts and information. A nutritionist and dietician, both have studied about and work regarding food and nutrition.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Who is the most famous dietician?

Dt Priyanka Jaiswal is the most famous dietician. She is one of the leading nutritionists and dieticians in India. Moreover, she is best known for her top-notch treatment strategies and high-end professionalism.
People from various parts of the country consult Dt Priyanka Jaiswal. She has a vast spectrum of knowledge about various health conditions. Furthermore, she has an experience of more than thirteen years.
Ranging from hormonal health disorders to weight management issues, Dt. Jaiswal can help with anything. In addition to this, her treatment works like magic and is absolutely effective. Dt Jaiswal frames personalised diet charts for her consultants.
Moreover, her clients have always had positive feedback and are highly likely to recommend her. Dt Priyanka is accredited as the most famous dietician and has also been in the Indian media limelight.

Can I lose weight with a dietitian?

Yes, you can lose weight with the guidance and treatment of a dietitian. Moreover, a dietician is a specialised professional that can help you with weight loss in healthy ways.
A dietician will check your height and weight to find out your BMI index. Then will conclude how much you need to lose in order to be under a normal BMI.
Thereafter, a dietician will set realistic, weekly or monthly weight loss goals. The dietician will help you in reaching those schools with the specialised diet plan.
Furthermore, the diet plan will be a calorie-deficit diet plan. It consists of all the essential nutrients to meet your daily nutrient requirement. Dieticians will suggest the healthiest ways to lose weight without causing any weakness.
In addition to this, with constant follow-ups dieticians, ensure your progress. Moreover, they keep track of the weight loss progress through regular check-ups.

Is a dietician an MBBS doctor?

The answer to this question is now. A dietician is not a medical doctor but rather a healthcare professional. A dietician assesses, identifies and treats disease-related problems.
Furthermore, a dietician conducts medical nutrition therapy for consultants. Therefore, a dietician is a food expert but can not be called an MBBS doctor.

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