Best Dietician in Pune for your All Health Need

Best Dietician in Pune

Best Dietician in Pune

Time has gone when people believe that attending a dietician’s clinic is required if they wish to reduce weight. However, this statement is not all wrong but partially true for sure. When you are overweight or obese, you must see a dietician. However, seeing a dietician is also beneficial for various reasons. A dietitian might significantly assist you with a chronic digestive condition. For successful guidance, you must locate the best dietician in Pune. You might look via newspaper classifieds, Google, and recommendations from friends to find the best dietician in Pune.

How can a dietician improve our health?

Your dietician will advise you on how many calories to consume daily to lose weight steadily and securely. He or she can assist you in developing a balanced, nutritious diet. This can assist you in making long-term healthy lifestyle adjustments. Diet2nourish, which translates to “eat to nurture,” promotes holistic nutrition, which entails ingesting whole foods in their purest forms for the best possible health and wellness. It is not just about diet. If you want the most nourishment from what you eat, you must also accept what you eat.

Not only that but as the best dietician in Pune, Dt. Priyanka will always be available to you, both online and offline. She will also assist you in determining the root cause of your health problem or any other medical issue and recommend the best course of action to restore your health. She is the best nutritionist in Pune. She can help you balance healthy food with your demanding daily activity while still being physically active enough to obtain the most excellent possible health outcomes.

When should you consider consulting a dietician?

When should you consider consulting a dietician

A dietitian can be consulted at any time. Everyone, from children to adults, requires the counsel of certified dieticians to live a healthy lifestyle. Now comes the major question: when should you see a dietician? You can see a dietician when you have no physical difficulties or ailments. A nutritionist or dietician can always help you maintain a healthy eating habits. However, a few health symptoms should alert you to see the best dietician in Pune as soon as possible.

Benefits of Consulting the Best Dietitian in Pune

  • Starting with pregnancy and continuing through adolescence, adulthood, and old age influences a family’s dietary intake.
  • It clears up dietary myths and provides thorough suggestions for what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat.
  • Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and other disorders caused by lifestyle choices are becoming more common.
  • A dietician can assist normal, healthy people in avoiding these problems by designing a nutritious diet.
  • Plans meals for patients with diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, thyroid, cancer, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal difficulties, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and other illnesses to help them recover quickly and return to good health.
  • A good eating plan may also fasten your recovery from surgery.
  • Some people get heartburn despite eating non-oily and less spicy foods.
  • It is recommended that such persons visit the best dietitian in Pune. Heartburn and acid reflux can be avoided with a suitable eating routine and guidelines.

How necessary is the guidance of a dietician during stomach issues?

Registered dietitians can offer you the diet you need to manage your stomach issues. In addition, learn which nutritional approaches are most effective for symptom management. You must consult the best dietician in Pune to eliminate such issues as stomach problems.

How can a Dietician help you control high cholesterol?

There are two kinds of cholesterol: healthy cholesterol and harmful cholesterol. A high level of harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream causes physical problems. These people must deal with heart difficulties. A proper diet is critical for keeping cholesterol levels under control. You should consult the best dietitian in Pune for this.

Why should I see the best dietician in Pune for weight loss?

Your dietitian will scrutinize your dietary habits. Yes, you should consult a dietician because a dietician will assist you in developing new nutritional goals. You will have multiple meetings with your dietician. At each visit, they will keep track of your progress and assist you in developing realistic weight loss goals.

Many patients find that medical nutrition therapy helps them lose weight. However, the best dietician in Pune will advise you on how many calories to consume daily to lose weight steadily and securely. You can make long-term healthy lifestyle adjustments by developing a balanced, nutritious diet.

Is regular dietician consultation for athletes required?

If you are a sportsperson, you should focus on maintaining your body healthy and active. A regular exercise schedule is essential for maintaining physical fitness. You must also eat nutritious foods. Not only should you eat healthy foods, but you should also eat the correct amount of them. A perfectly balanced diet is required for athletes to stay strong, healthy, and agile. Because appropriate nutrition is essential for athletes, they should seek out the top dietician in Pune.

Who is the top 5 Best Dietician in Pune?

1. Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal – Award-Winning Dietician of Pune

Best Dietician in Pune

Being a master’s degree holder in nutrition & dietetics, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is no. 1 in our list of the top 5 best dietician in Pune. She has a certification in Diabetes Educator course and became Life time member of the Indian Dietetics Association. She is famous for creating a healthcare diet plan by combining current science and new technological breakthroughs with traditional old home remedies, naturopathic, and Ayurvedic beliefs. Her accomplishments are as follows:

  • Be it online or offline; dietician Priyanka Jaiswal will always be there to assist you in determining the root cause of your health problem or any other medical issue. She will recommend the best course of action to restore your health.
  • She will also assist you in determining the root cause of your health problem or any other medical issue and recommend the best course of action to restore your health.
  • She is the top nutritionist in Pune who can help you balance healthy food with your demanding daily activity while still being physically active enough to obtain the most remarkable possible health outcomes.
  • At the National Nutrition Conference 2022, she got the Empowering Health Through Better Nutrition Award, which is only one example of her dedication to diet, nutrition, and hard work.
  • Dt. Priyanka’s goal is to help you build a healthier, more fulfilling connection with food to enjoy lifetime health.
  • Priyanka’s job is based on gaining and sustaining long-term health without dieting.
  • She focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders that affect dietary intake, absorption, and metabolism and promoting health by preventing food-related ailments.
  • Combining the treasures of Indian spices, herbs, and old cooking methods makes it easier to achieve your health goal.
  • She always pays attention to each patient and creates a personalized diet plan based on your dietary needs.

Ultimately, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is the best dietician in Pune, as she features a clear, easy-to-follow diet plan within your budget.

To know more about her, log in to and contact her at +91-9311207203, 9990999123.

2. Amruta Bhalerao – Nutritionist & Dietitian

Holding Bachelors and P.G. in Dietetics, Dt. Amruta Bhalerao is the next best dietician in Pune, located in Rambaug Colony, Kothrud. 

3. Dt. Rekha Sachdev Pohani – Dietician & Nutritionist

Dr. Rekha Sachdev Pohani is a dietician practitioner with more than 10 years of experience.

4. Tripti Khanna – Dietician & Nutritionist

Considering diet is an important factor in our healthy life, Dt. Tripti Khanna is working in this line to help their patients with her customized diet plans.

5. Avanti Deshpande – Dietician & Nutritionist

Dt. Avanti Deshpande is the next on the table, again the best dietician in Pune, and is located on Gulmohar Path, Pune.

The Best Dietitian Nutritionist In Pune for weight gain

Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing weight. But worry no more as the best dieticians in Pune are here to address your concerns regarding weight gain. Moreover, all the best registered dieticians in Pune can be consulted online as well as offline .

The nutritional counselling begins with setting a realistic weight gain goal. Everyone needs to be at a normal BMI level.  They have effective diet plans that are rich in calories. These plans never fail to meet the daily nutrient intake along with excess calories. Moreover, the plan consists of a blend of ancient remedies and modern-day science.

When calories consumed are greater than calories burned throughout the day, it causes weight gain. Moreover, such diet plans are easy and doable. In addition to this, they keep track of their client’s weight gain progress via regular follow-ups.

The best dietician in Pune for diabetes

Diabetic people are mostly referred to a dietician. This is because a dietician can suggest possible dietary changes and meal plans that can help with their condition. These meal plans keep a check on the sugar level of the patient.

There are various best dietician and nutritionist in Pune that help you with diabetes. They have practised an advanced course for diabetic educators. In addition to this, the best dieticians in Pune can also provide plant based and vegan diet plans.

The best dieticians in Pune for diabetes help people struggling with diabetes. Their expertise revolves around both type one and type two diabetes along with other health problems. They seamlessly monitor their clients and assign the diet chart as per their needs and preferences.

Furthermore, they treat the clients with appropriate diet charts. With nutritional counselling, these dieticians explain the food that can be harmful to diabetic people. Moreover, they throw light on healthy foods that balance the blood sugar level.

The best nutritionist in Pune for weight loss

Excessive body fat does not only affect your appearance but also your health. If you are looking for healthy ways to shed off a few kilos, then consult the best nutritionist in Pune for weight loss.

The best dietician in Pune for weight loss will help you get rid of excess body fat naturally. They will do so by setting realistic weight loss goals. Moreover, they will provide a proper diet chart and guidelines that will help you to reach the target.

The diet chart provided is a calorie deficit plan. When calories burnt are greater than calories consumed, the person loses weight. Applying this science, these dieticians and nutritionists have various calorie deficit plans for their consultants.

In addition to this, all the diet plans are effective and help in losing weight faster. The results are seen within the first few weeks. Moreover, the diet is rich in other nutrients and proteins. Therefore, it will not make you feel exhausted, fatigued or weak. Furthermore, it will nourish your body and burn excess body fat.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is the most famous dietician?

Dt Priyanka Jaiswal is the most famous dietician. She is one of the leading nutritionists and dieticians in India. Moreover, she is best known for her top-notch treatment strategies and high-end professionalism.
People from various parts of the country consult Dt Priyanka Jaiswal. She has a vast spectrum of knowledge about various health conditions. Furthermore, she has an experience of more than thirteen years.
Ranging from hormonal health disorders to weight management issues, Best Dietician in Pune Dt. Jaiswal can help with anything. In addition to this, her treatment works like magic and is absolutely effective. Dt Jaiswal frames personalised diet charts for her consultants.
Moreover, her clients have always had positive feedback and are highly likely to recommend her. Dt Priyanka is accredited as the most famous dietician and has also been in the Indian media limelight.

Can I lose weight with a dietitian?

Yes, you can lose weight with the guidance and treatment of a dietitian. Moreover, a dietician is a specialised professional that can help you with weight loss in healthy ways.
A dietician will check your height and weight to find out your BMI index. Then will conclude how much you need to lose in order to be under a normal BMI.
Thereafter, a dietician will set realistic, weekly or monthly weight loss goals. The dietician will help you in reaching those schools with the specialized diet plan.
Furthermore, the diet plan will be a calorie-deficit diet plan. It consists of all the essential nutrients to meet your daily nutrient requirement. Dieticians will suggest the healthiest ways to lose weight without causing any weakness.
In addition to this, with constant follow-ups dieticians, ensure your progress. Moreover, they keep track of the weight loss progress through regular check-ups.

Is a dietician an MBBS doctor?

The answer to this question is now. A dietician is not a medical doctor but rather a healthcare professional. A dietician assesses, identifies and treats disease-related problems.
Furthermore, a dietician conducts medical nutrition therapy for consultants. Therefore, a dietician is a food expert but can not be called an MBBS doctor.

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