Nutrition advice and counselling from the Best dietician in Secunderabad

best dietician in Secunderabad

Best dietician in Secunderabad

Health conditions like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and kidney and heart diseases are becoming very common. The best dietician in Secunderabad argued with seamless nutritional knowledge. They can help you with any given health condition or weight management problems.

But worry no more as the best dietician in Secunderabad can help you with all your health problems. All you need is a few changes in your lifestyle, choices, food choices and routine activities. Then, you can achieve your dream physique and a fit body.

In addition to everything, staying healthy is a choice as well as a need.  You can make healthier choices with the proper guidance and assistance of a nutritionist. Your search for the best dietician in Secunderabad ends right here.

Furthermore, this article is all about the description of the best dieticians in Secunderabad.  We will help you understand the best choices for yourself and your family members. So, say goodbye to all your health problems.

Dietician Vs nutritionist who is better?

The main difference between a nutritionist and a dietician is regarding their qualifications. A dietician is a professional who has qualified various exams. On the other hand, a nutritionist is a self proclaimed expert. Furthermore, a dietician has a legal licence for the practice which a nutritionist lacks.

It can be concluded that a dietician can be a nutritionist but a nutritionist can’t be a dietician. The term RDN is used to describe registered dietician nutritionists. It is used to describe a dietician who has a broader spectrum in the field of food and nutrition.

What are the credentials of a certified dietician?

The following is the list of the credentials that are required to be a professional dietician:

  • Accredited bachelor’s degree in home science or food and dietetics
  • Followed by a master’s degree in food and  nutrition
  • Dietetic internship from a well-recognised institution for experience

How does the best dietician in Secunderabad help with weight loss?

The best dietician in Secunderabad has good communication skills. They listen to your troubles and figure out what can be wrong.

Moreover, they will also conduct certain diagnoses and assess the problem.

This is followed by setting up an ideal weight goal. The nutritionist will then frame an appropriate diet chart. In addition, the diet chart would have all the necessary nutrients that will meet your daily nutrient intake.

With regular follow-ups, the dietician will check up on you and your progress. Slowly, and gradually, you will start to notice changes in your weight and body.

This way, the best dietician in Secunderabad can help with weight loss.

What are the perks of consulting a nutritionist?

The constant urge of munching leads to excessive eating. Moreover, binge eating while watching your favourite web series or movies can also lead to the same.  And when it is too late, you realise you have put on some extra kilos. The real struggle begins when you have to shed them off your body.

The main purpose of eating food is to fuel the body for meeting daily nutritional needs. Apart from that, we eat food to maintain a healthy weight and a fit body.

Moreover, in case of special health conditions like diabetes, thyroid and other body problems, specific diets are considered. These diets consist of certain foods that are beneficial for the health condition. In addition to this, certain bad foods that can worsen health conditions are avoided.

A nutritionist can frame a diet chart for such health conditions. Furthermore, the following are the points depicting the importance of a dietitian:

  • Help in achieving weight loss or weight gain goals
  • Helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Regularly check up on your progress through follow-ups
  • Create customised diet plans for various body types
  • Diet and health counselling to create awareness

When to see the best dietician in Secunderabad?

The main purpose of a dietician is to provide a  healthy lifestyle by advising the best diet options.Furthermore, there are multiple reasons why you should see the best dietician in Secunderabad. If you are conscious about your health and want to keep yourself healthy in the long run, then this is for you.

There are various reasons why you should see a nutritionist. Some of them are stated below:


Allergy is one of the most common conditions that people face. If you are allergic to something, you need not cut it off from your diet. A dietician will help you suggest the best alternatives for the same. Moreover, you can get proper counselling regarding your allergy and conditions.

Recovery from surgeries

Recovery from surgeries depends upon the diet of the patient. Therefore, a nutritionist will frame a proper diet chart that will help in faster recovery.

Health issues

There are a variety of issues that are very common but can be serious in the long run. To combat these conditions or get a hold of them, a dietician will frame an appropriate diet chart. Some of these health conditions are enlisted below


  • Thyroidism
  • Heart problems
  • Cysts
  • Kidney problems
  • Renal diseases
  • Cancer
  • High cholesterol
  • Unstable blood pressure

Weight gain or weight loss

A dietician can help with weight management problems. Furthermore, without the use of any external supplements, a dietician can frame a natural diet chart that will benefit your health. By setting a specific weight goal, you can achieve your ideal weight and get fit.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders

Mental health is as important as physical health. A dietician can frame a proper diet chart for your eating disorders. Moreover, with proper counselling and dietary advice from a professional, you can recover from your eating disorders.

  • Bulimia nervosa
  • anorexia nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Pica
  • Avoidant food intake disorder or restrictive food intake disorder

How much consultation fees do the best dietician in Secunderabad charge?

It is very uncertain as the fees charged vary from dietician to dietician. Moreover, the issue to be discussed also plays a vital role in the fee structure.

In many cases, the follow-up fees are reduced as compared to the consultation fees. Furthermore, sometimes the first consultation is free.

Moreover, fee plans are also available. The packages vary in terms of different facilities. In addition, it depends upon the client to choose the package of their choice.

Usually, the average dietician in Secunderabad charges somewhere between  500- 2500 rupees.

Get to know the best dietician in Secunderabad for weight loss and management

Given below is the list of the best dieticians in Secunderabad.

1) Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

best dieticians in Secunderabad.

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal says, “When you eat healthy food with positive affirmations, your body gets nourished”.  Her “intuitive eating methodology” has helped people escape the diet mentality. Furthermore, she works to make people believe in themselves. In addition to this, their body entirely depends upon the attitude with which they eat healthy food.

Dt. Jaiswal is no less than a life changer for people. She has made more than 500 people adopt her diet plans. Moreover, she has been part of numerous weight transformation journeys.

In addition to this, Dt. Priyanka is the chief dietician and co-founder of a well-reputed clinic. Diet2nourish is quite a known name when it comes to weight loss journey. The clinic has witnessed the progress of more than a couple thousand people. In addition, people from various parts of the country come here for their betterment.

Achievements and milestones of Dt. Priyanka

With a rich experience of 13+ years, Dt. Jaiswal is the best dietician in Secunderabad.

Dt. Priyanka has been a part of various weight loss journeys. Moreover, various known personalities have considered her as their dietician.

Furthermore, Dt. Priyanka has been in the Indian news limelight for quite a while. It was because of her excellent work and vast spectrum of knowledge.

She got presented with various awards in the previous decade. Most recently, she was respected with the prestigious “nutrition award”.

Why choose Dt.Priyanka Jaiswal as the best dietician in Secunderabad?

Her versatility makes her the best dietician in Secunderabad. She is versatile enough to have a broad spectrum for the treatment of various diseases.

All her diet plans are natural and doable. They are absolutely result oriented and effective.

In addition, no supplements or medicines are required to reach the nutritional intake.

How to get a consultation with Dt. Jaiswal?

Dt. Jaiswal can be consulted on screen as well as in person.

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]


2) Dt. Deepa Aggarwal

Dt. Deepa Aggarwal  is one of the most popular nutritionists in Secunderabad. Her excellence in the field of food, nutrition and dietetics makes her among the top dieticians.

 In addition, she has a long history of clients. All of them gave positive reviews and feedback. Her treatments and diet charts Are effective and efficient.

3) Ms K Sowmya

Ms K Sowmya  has changed the lives of people of all age groups with her diet plans. From children to senior citizens, she has helped everyone with her treatment strategies. In addition, she has all the qualities that the best dietician would have.

4) Dt. Vineesha Reddy

Dt. Vineesha Reddy  promotes the gut and health of the people. She encourages people to eat healthy to stay healthy. Moreover, she is highly experienced and specialises in treating all health conditions.

5) Dt. Prathima

An experience of eight good years of Dt. Prathima makes her among the top nutritionists in Secunderabad.

Furthermore, her diet strategies are result oriented and lead to faster results. She has treated various health conditions with her natural remedies and diet plans.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

Question: can I lose weight in ten days?

If you strictly follow a calorie deficit diet plan, then you can lose weight in ten days. Furthermore, complimenting it with proper workout and physical activities can do wonders. In addition, there will not be a drastic change in the weight but it is still a progress.

Question: can I skip any mail of the day to lose weight faster?

Skipping meals is an unhealthy practice and must be avoided. It would only cause weakness and fatigue in your body. Instead, you can have low calorie food that would fill up your stomach. This way, you can stay full while shedding extra kilos of your body.

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