Get nutritional counselling from the Best Dietician in Thane of 2023

Best Dietician in Thane

Best Dietician in Thane

Get answers to all your health questions from the best dietician in Thane. They are geared with the latest information and vast knowledge to support your problems.

Moreover, people are becoming foodies and love to try out different foods. But the problems lie with unhealthy food choices and eating patterns.

This is where a dietician plays his role. Get complete nutrition advice and guidance from a qualified dietician. In addition, if you are based in or near Thane, then the best dietician in Thane can help you with the same.

Should I go for a nutritionist or dietitian for health advice and weight loss?

In order to get the answer to this question, we must first know what a dietician and nutritionist is.

Who is a dietician?

A dietician is a professional and legally approved health expert. Moreover, dieticians are the only health experts regulated by the law.

In addition to this, dieticians help with practical advice. This helps the client to reach their goals. Furthermore, a dietician diagnoses and treats food and nutritional disorders in their clients.

Who is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is a self-proclaimed expert based on his research. This designation is not regulated by the law. Therefore, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.

Dietician or nutritionist?

Although both the designations are quite similar, there are various aspects in which they differ. However, if you are looking for weight loss, then consult a dietician. It is because of the following reasons:

  • Weight loss is accompanied by various health problems that can be controlled by a dietician. These problems include diabetes, irregular blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart risks. They can all be controlled with an appropriate diet and counselling from a dietician.
  • A dietician will examine your daily routine, eating habits, lifestyle, choices, work factors, medical conditions, et cetera. Then, accordingly frame, a proper and doable diet chart for you.
  • Thereafter, the dietician will analyse the plan. Look for loopholes and make changes if required. Furthermore, a dietician will predict the success of the plan and implement it accordingly.
  • Dieticians interpret the science of nutrition to improve health.  Moreover, dieticians also use nutritional knowledge to treat and control various diseases.
  • A dietitian has a broader vision and practical knowledge than a nutritionist.

How to choose the best dietician for yourself and your family?

It is necessary to find the best dietician for yourself and your family. Someone who understands your objective and helps in achieving your body goals is a wise dietician. But how to choose the best dietician is a confusing question.

Worry no more as we are here to solve your dilemma regarding the same. Moreover, here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a dietician for yourself:

  • Firstly, figure out the objective of consulting a dietician. It can be weight gain, weight loss, healthy lifestyle or disease management.
  • Start looking for a good nutritionist. You can look online or ask around for recommendations.
  • Eventually, shortlist the ones that you find suitable. Look for the services they provide and how you need them.
  • Check out for reviews and the history of the nutritionist. In addition, you can watch them online or from other people.
  • Then schedule a consultation and ask as many questions as you want.

How can the best dietician in thane help with weight loss and management?

The best dieticians in Thane are best known for their weight loss and management services. With their nutrition counselling and diet plan, dieticians can help with weight loss.

  • The first step is the determination of the weight of the client and BMI. Then the dietician helps in setting up weekly or monthly weight loss goals.
  • The weight loss goal set up is realistic and achievable.
  • Furthermore, the dietician provides a diet chart that meets all nutritional values. The diet chart is calorie deficit.
  • With various healthy food options, the nutritionist advises suitable exercises and lifestyle changes that the client needs to follow
  • In addition to this, regular follow-ups are required. Due to these follow-ups, the dietician keeps track of the progress.
  • With nutritional counselling, the dietician maintains transparency regarding the benefits and adverse effects of various foods.

List of top five best dietician in thane

We understand your concern to choose the best of the best for yourself and your family. This is why we are here to enlighten you about the same.

Given below is a list of the best dieticians in Thane that can help you with your health issues and weight management struggles.

1)   Dt Priyanka Jaiswal

best dietician in thane

If you are looking for the best dietician in Thane for weight loss, then Dt Priyanka Jaiswal is the one for you. Highly qualified Dt Jaiswal is capable of dealing with any given health condition.

In addition to this, she believes in escaping the toxic diet mentality. She makes her clients follow the “intuitive eating methodology”. According to this, good food eaten with a positive attitude will nourish the body.

Why is Dt Priyanka regarded as the best dietician in thane?

There are numerous reasons that she is considered the best dietician in thane. In addition, a few of them are enlisted below:

●      highly experienced

With an experience of more than thirteen years, Dt Priyanka is the best dietician in thane. She has helped more than a thousand people to adopt her diet plans. Moreover, many famous people consider Dt Jaiswal as their dietician.

●      Required Qualifications

Dt Jaiswal has one of the most attractive sets of qualifications. She has an accredited bachelor’s degree in home science. Followed by a master’s degree in food and dietetics. Moreover, she also has a licence of practice.

●      Positive reviews

Dt Jaiswal has earned massive respect from her clients. Moreover, she is one of the highest-rated dieticians in India. People always have positive words regarding this dietician.

●      Remarkable treatment strategies

Her amazing treatment strategies have never failed. The diet plan and treatments comprise a combination of traditional remedies and modern science.

In addition to this, her diet plans are doable and completely natural.

●      Skills and practical knowledge

Dt Priyanka is packed with numerous skills that make her the best dietician in Thane. Her communication skills enable the client to openly discuss their issues and concerns. Moreover, she is understanding, helpful, professional and practical.

When and where can you reach her?

Dt. Jaiswal is responsive and can be reached by online as well as offline means. Further details are shared below:

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]


2)   Dt Shamika Desai

Dt shamika desai is best known for her easy diet plans. She keeps the food preferences of her clients in her mind while devising a proper diet plan.

Dt Desai’s treatment strategies are result oriented and very effective. Moreover, her kind and humble nature never fails to win the hearts of her customers. In addition to this, she is one of the obesity certified dieticians in India.

3)   Dt Anjali Mukherjee

Register dietician Anjali Mukherjee is a clinical dietician. She is known for her top notch treatment and services.

Moreover, she has a motivated and very competitive team. Her treatment helps in fulfilling her client’s needs. Furthermore, she is talented enough to treat any given health condition and lifestyle disorders through diet.

4)   Dt Pradnya padhye

Dt pradnya padhye makes no compromises in her treatment services. She provides the best diet charts that are suitable for her clients. Moreover, she keeps track of their health with regular follow-ups.

In addition to this, she has an experience of fifteen years. Moreover, she has been a part of various transformation journeys.

Dt padhye believes in “getting healthy the right way.” Therefore, she describes a natural diet consisting of easily available food items.

5)   Dt Ankita Shah

Dt Ankita Shah is one of the most recognised dieticians and nutritionists in Thane. Furthermore, she is a sports nutritionist as well as a clinical nutritionist.

Dt Ankita shah believes in a positive outlook towards diet and health. She advises her clients to eat healthy and think healthy.

In addition to this, her treatments are effective and results are seen within the initial few months.

What is the price charged by the best dietician in thane?

The price charged by the dietician varies depending on the services offered. Moreover, various packages are offered by different dietitians and nutritionists. You can choose any package of your convenience and preference.

Usually, the first consultation is free of cost.

Furthermore, in some cases, the fees charged keep on decreasing as per the follow-ups.

In conclusion, the average price charged by the best dietician in Thane ranges from 500 to 2000 INR.

The bottom line

In this fast life, people recklessly eat whatever they want to. Moreover, in order to satiate taste buds and fulfil the cravings people often choose unhealthy foods.

But it is never too late to get back on a healthy track. Make your life healthy and disease free by eating nutritious food.

In addition, a dietician can help you in this case. They can make you aware of the merits and demerits of certain food items. Moreover, you can switch to a healthier lifestyle with the guidance of a dietician.

If you are based in a city like Thane, then the best dietician in Thane can help you out with this. With their intelligence and experience, you can make healthy food choices and get rid of any health problems.

Frequently asked questions

How can the best dietician in Thane help with weight gain?

The best dieticians in Thane are very versatile. They can help in weight gain by framing a suitable calorie-rich diet chart. It comprises various healthy food options that are rich in calories. When combined with lifestyle changes suggested by the dietician, the diet works wonders.

Which beverages help in faster weight loss?

There are various beverages that help in faster weight loss. Green tea, oolong tea, ginger tea and apple cider vinegar drinks are some of the known beverages. Moreover, they help in burning fat and are low in calories.  They can be consumed once or twice a day for faster results.

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