Healthy Food Tips during Quarantine


Diet and Nutrition tips during self-quarantine

Covid Virus is one of the worst things that could ever happen to Human mankind and planet Earth. But one cannot forget, when there is a light, there is a way. Covid quarantine has made everyone learn to cook.

The statement “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, absolutely fits here, when in this time only the best nutritionist or best dietician can help you with all your needs. But hold your horses, what if they can take an online consultation for diet. Isn’t this will be the best part if you can have an online nutritionist for your health, who can guide you and keep an eye on your every diet move?

Today, I am sharing healthy food tips with you to maintain the body during Quarantine:

But before that, let me tell you the key to the success of any diet-

1) Timing Matters: Always try to eat at an appropriate timing so that you would not munch all the time. A routine is always best to keep yourself in track.

2) Be Hydrated: Drink as much water as you can drink. It will help to hydrate and detoxify your body. One cannot forget our body is made up of 70% of water only, thus the need is also big.

3) Reduce the fat content: Consume less fat and reduce the daily intake, but never forget to add one teaspoon of ghee to your daily diet.

4) Amount of salt: Limit your salt intake, so that the heartbeat and blood pressure will be regulated.

5) Amount of Sugar: Limit the sugar intake by reducing bakery goods and daily sugar consumption.

6)  Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables:  Use fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables to your food intake to get all the nutritional benefits. And take all the advantage of vitamins and mineral content they have.

7) Importance of fiber: There is no match for a healthy diet with fibers in it. Always add fibers to the main meals.

8) Home cooked Food: Try to cook food at home to see the safety precautions and the diet.

9) Portion Size Matters: Try to control the portion size for the betterment of the body’s needs.

10) No to Alcohol: Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption. Once you stop the intake of alcohol, there is no going back from a healthy lifestyle.

Now, it’s time to share all the details of the food you can take during your quarantine period:

  • Add whole grains like wheat, oats, brown rice, barley, corn, millet, sorghum to the intake instead of refined flours like white flour (maida), white rice, corn grits.
  • Add lentils like chickpea, kidney beans, and black beans to add protein, fibers, minerals and, vitamins. In a time when people are avoiding animal meat, what could be a better option than pulses?
  • Add Vitamin D to your body by basking before noon in the sun and add food like egg yolk, mushrooms, and soy milk.
  • Fruits are always best when taken fresh and seasonal but adding to this Kiwi, Apple, Papaya, Watermelons, pears will be a game-changer
  • Vegetables are best friends in every case, be during weight loss or weight gain, diabetes or hypertension, they play a vital role. fresh and seasonal veggies are of utmost importance to provide Vitamins and minerals to the body
  • Being an Indian, you can never imagine your life without spices and, it is a blessing to us. These include red chili, turmeric, asafoetida (heeng), coriander, cumin, cardamom, black pepper, ginger powder, and dry mango powder. These do not only work as taste enhancers but also are of great nutritious value.

Summary of Healthy Food Tips during Quarantine

Keep these tricks and tips in mind during the quarantine and see the change you wanted to see in yourself. Be safe and stay healthy with the best dietician in Delhi. Take your consultation with an online dietitian or online nutritionist today and cheers on your upcoming healthy lifestyle.

Writer Dt. Priya Sinha ( Diet2nourish )

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