28-Day Diet plan to get Pregnant Naturally without any complications

28 day diet plan to get pregnant

28 Day Diet Plan to Get Pregnant

Nutrition is about eating food to stay fit, and healthy. Nutritional foods are important to conceive naturally. A 28-day diet plan to get pregnant is the perfect option for you.

Relation between Fertility and nutrition

There is a close connection between your diet and fertility rate. As we consume high-nutritional foods. It leads to a rise in the chance of easily getting pregnant without much complication.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose to eat high-fiber wholegrain foods
  • Choose to eat unsaturated, good-fat foods
  • Do not eat bad or saturated fats.
  • Avoid high sugary food or drink.

To enhance your chances of fertility. you should reach the appropriate BMI level of 18.5 to 24.9.

How can you conceive easily in a healthier way?

Observe your weight.

If you planning to have a baby, you need to manage your weight. Overweight or underweight both can lead to a conceiving issues..


By performing exercise or physical activities regularly. you can attain your body work, with healthy bones and proper weight.

Balanced psychological state

A body with a balanced psychological state secretes endorphins. Endorphins help regulate the hormonal secretions that are essential for conception.

Consume nutrients in a smarter way.

A baby in a womb needs certain nutrients from the mother. Such as folic acid, B12, vitamin C, folate, etc. So you should make your diet which fulfill all you requirements.

The danger of Anemia condition for pregnancy

Shortness of breath

Tiredness and exhaustion

A feeling of heart shivers

Pale skin

Focus on the above symptoms to get the treatment timely.

Essential nutrients for Pregnancy:

Essential nutrients for Pregnancy

Such nutrients are vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin E, and proteins.

Folic acid

Folic acid is an important factor in the making of DNA and RNA in the fetus.

Vitamin D

vitamin D should consume to make bones stronger.

Sources of vitamin D:

  • Milk and milk products
  • Fish
  • Vitamin D granules or injections

Vitamin E

It improves the process of reproduction which lead to pregnancy easily.

Sources of vitamin E:

Sunflower seeds


Avocado and spinach

Palm oil and fish oil

Vitamin B6

Women who consume contraceptive pills usually have lower vitamin B6 levels. It is an important nutrient in the reproduction process.

Sources of Vitamin B6


Sunflower seeds

Cooked banana


Fish and chicken

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also important for the pregnancy .

Sources of vitamin B12 are



Red Meat

Milk and yogurt

Mackerel and sardines

Beef Liver


An iron supplement is essential for those women who reveal signs of anemia.

Sources of iron


Red meat

Dried raisins and apricots

Organ meat

Pasta, bread, and iron-fortified cereals

Oysters or halibut fish (seafood)

Poultry and pork


28 days diet plan for pregnancy naturally and healthy:

1st Week:


Egg sandwich / 1 cup skimmed milk/Omelets +Cheese toast /Vegetables Upma


1 fruits(Papaya, Orange, Grapefruit)


Veg pulao rice/Roti + 1 cup lentil/Beans Vegetables+ split pea curry+ 1/2 cup Low fat curd


1 cup green tea+ 2 Ragi/ wheat cookies


3 roti+ Green vegetables/ Vegetables Soup/Paneer Tikka

2nd Week


Cereals with Milk/ 1 Bread Toast/Poha/Idli


1 fruits(Strawberries,Raspberries,Avacado)


4 Roti + salad + spinach Vegetables/Mixed Vegetables/Dal


Beetroot salad/Fruit Salad/Dried Fruits


3 Roti.+Mixed Vegetables+ Tomato chutney/Vegetable Dalia/Fruit Custard

3rd Week


Rice dosa 3+ Egg roast/Brown Bread Sandwitch/1 cup Skimmed Milk


1 fruits(Papaya, Strwberries,Raspberries,Avacado)


Rice+Kidney beans curry 1 cup + 1/2 cup cucumber salad+ Mixed vegetables /Paneer Cury/MixedVegetables


1 glass lemon juice + poha with nuts 1 cup.


Wheat dosa + 1 cup Bitter gourd sabzi/Vegetable soup with 1 Breat Toast/Vegetable Salad with Curd

4th Week


Paneer Paratha + Green chutney/Dosa/ Vegetables Upma


1 fruits(Orange, Grapefruit, Strwberries,Raspberries)


4 chapati +Beans Vegetable+ split pea curry+ cucumber salad 1/2 cup/rice+ Dal /Mixed Vegetables


1/2 cup carrot halwa/Dried Fruits/ Coconut Water


Roti+ 1/2 cup green beans sabji+Mix Veg Curry+Vegetable Dalia

Few tips on conceiving:

• Reduce Stress:

Stress is the root reason for hormonal misbalance. Stress disturbs the ovulatory cycle in women.

• Manage your caffeine:

More caffeine leads to infertility. So you should consume only 1-2 cups in a day.

• Keep away from alcohol:

Alcohol increase the possibilities of miscarriage and stillbirths.

• Quit smoking:

Smoking can lead to infertility. Then you should avoid smoking while conceiving.

How Dietitian will be helpful for you?

An expert dietitian diet chart is helpful for you to get conceive naturally. They provide you proper nutritional diet plan. After full analyze your body needs they give you  guidance for your diet plan.


Strong roots are the signal of a stronger tree. To have a beautiful final result of a successful conception mom . Use this 28-day diet plan to get pregnant. Healthful eating is a step in the direction of a healthy day after today.

Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQ’s)

Q1. Can I take supplements along with my diet?

Yes, you can take those nutrients which are lacking in your diet. it will get fulfilled through these supplements.

Q2. Which fruit is good for ovulation?

oranges, lemons, and grapefruits contain Vitamin C, which is helpful in your ovulation and boosts the release of an egg to get pregnant with healthy babies

Q3. How can we detox our bodies to get pregnant?

Drinking hot water with lemon early in the morning is helpful to detox your body easily.


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