Keep a track of your Health with the Best Dietician in Indore for a healthy life

best dietician in Indore

Best Dietician in Indore

The best dietician in Indore says, A life free from illnesses is the best life one could ever ask for. However, some health conditions are unavoidable due to various factors. Diet and lifestyle are the leading ones in such factors.

 As it is well said that we are what we eat, meaning that if you eat unhealthy, you look unhealthy. It is very important to eat healthy food so that it reflects in our body and our life.

If you are struggling to do so without proper guidance and want to remain healthy, then you must go and see a dietician. Seeing a nutritionist will keep you off the radar of diseases, illnesses and health problems.

If you are based in a city like Indore, then here you will find all the valuable information regarding the best dietician in Indore.

Who can see a dietician? What can the Best Dietician in Indore help with?


●     A healthy person

There is no such fact that only a person struggling with some issue or the other can go and see a nutritionist. Whereas, even a normal person can consult a dietician in order to maintain their physical health. Furthermore, it helps to stay healthy in the long run.

●     A person struggling with weight management issues

Weight management issues have become very common these days. It is due to unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle. Weight management issues can include struggling to put on weight or having a hard time losing weight. Infect, these problems can be solved with the guidance of a nutritionist. A dietician can frame an appropriate diet chart and help you establish a body goal.

●     A person going through a medical condition

Medical conditions can have adverse effects on the human body. There are a variety of medical health problems that require a controlled diet. In such cases, several food items should be included and several should be excluded. With the help of a dietician, you can avail a proper diet chart for your medical condition. Furthermore, a dietician can see you for the following medical conditions.

1)    Diabetes

Both, type one and type two diabetes require assistance from a nutritionist. They can frame a proper diet chart for the patient.

2)    Thyroidism

There are two types of thyroidism problems which are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Both of which require guidance of a dietitian for a reliable diet plan.

3)    Heart problems

Eyelash variety of heart problems and linked with the diet of the person. Which is why, a dietician frames a proper diet chart for people struggling with heart issues.

4)    Kidney problems

People struggling with kidney problems have a lot of restrictions about what to eat and what not to. All of them can be considered by a dietician and must be excluded from the diet chart. Moreover, a nutritionist can give you proper dietary advice regarding the same.

5)    High cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol require a proper guidance of a dietitian. This is because of the restrictions in consumption of trans fat and other food items that promote cholesterol levels. Moreover, certain foods must be included in the diet that lower the cholesterol. All of it can be done by a nutritionist.

6)    Unstable blood pressure

Irregular blood pressure can be a troublesome issue and must be controlled for the greater good. A nutritionist can help you do so with a simple diet chart.

7)    Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that must be up to the point in the human body. In case of deficiency in any of them, the body starts showing obvious signs. A dietician would draw a diet chart rich in the deficit nutrients and would benefit the health. 

8)    Cancer

Cancer has always been a big concern in people. The disease itself as well as its treatments are responsible for side effects that cause nutritional imbalance . In order to get over this problem, proper guidance and a diet plan from a dietician is required.

●     A growing person

Human body, when growing or transitioning from childhood to a grown adult, requires a certain amount of nutrients. This amount is relatively different from that of an average adult. A dietician can help you achieve such an amount of nutrients with a proper diet chart.

●     A person with allergies and food intolerance

Several people are allergic to certain substances or food items. If such people consume the respective food item or the substances, it could even lead to life loss. Therefore, a nutritionist frames an appropriate diet chart for such cases of allergies and likewise for intolerances.

●     A person struggling with eating disorders

Eating disorders tend to witness a rise in the modern day population. Eating disorders are a mental health condition that restrict the person from eating or does not limit the person to stop eating. Moreover, these disorders affect physical health of the patient and ultimately lead to weight management issues. The following is the list of certain eating disorders that are seen:

  1. Bulimia nervosa
  2. anorexia nervosa
  3. Binge eating disorder
  4. Pica
  5. Avoidant food intake disorder or restrictive food intake disorder

Get to know all about the Best Dietician in Indore

Before consulting a dietician, you must look into everything about them and choose the best of the best. The best dietician in Indore can help you with all your nutritional needs and requirements. Moreover, a nutritionist has a vital role in any transformation journey.

Who are the Top five best dietician in Indore?

Given below is a list of the top five best dietician in Indore that can be considered:

1)   Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

 best dietician in Indore

With her proven ability to make the world a better place, Dt. Priyanka is known as the best dietician in Indore. She has her creative ways to help people with their struggles. Especially people with weight loss struggles and health conditions like diabetes.

In addition to all of this, Dt. Jaiswal has an accredited bachelor’s degree in home science. It is followed by a master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition.

She has done an advanced course for diabetic educators. Along with, has joined the Indian Dietetics Association permanently

What can Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal be consulted for?

Dt. Jaiswal is a versatile dietician with a rich experience. Above all, she can frame a diet chart for any given health condition. Therefore, she can be consulted in the following cases.

  • Diabetes, both type one and type two
  • Struggle in weight loss
  • Having a hard time gaining weight
  • For Gym and athletic diet
  • For a healthy development of the body
  • Without any health issue or weight related problem

Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal would frame a proper diet chart along with appropriate guidelines for the same. She is very versatile in her field and can manage a number of problems.

Prestigious milestones of Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal that make her the best dietician in Indore

If Priyanka Jaiswal is called the best dietician in Indore, there must be a reason. Moreover, there are multiple reasons which can be demonstrated by her achieved milestones.

  • In very recent times, she was presented with the prestigious “nutrition award” for her proven excellence in this field
  • She has made more than five hundred people adopt her diet plans. Especially, to help them get rid of their weight related problems.
  • Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal has been in the limelight of the Indian media for quite a long time. It is because of her vast knowledge in dietary and nutrition.
  • She has done various interviews as people always want to get tips from her as the best dietician in Indore
  • She is also the co- founder of a well reputed clinic named diet2nourish. This clinic is very well-known for the transformation journeys related to weight loss. Moreover, it is known to help people with medical conditions and get them back to their regular lifestyle. Diet2nourish is classified under one of the best clinics all across the country. Furthermore, people from various parts of the country come to visit his clinic and consult Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal
  • All these achievements and hard work for the welfare of people makes Dt. Priyanka the best dietician in Indore.

How can I consult her?

Dt. Jaiswal is available in off-line as well as online modes. She is very responsive and would address your issue with good communication. In order to reach her out or visit her clinic, you can consider the following.

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]


2)   Dr. Preeti Shukla

Dr. Shukla has had a high experience in treating people with weight related issues. Moreover, she has expertise in several medical health conditions. She manages to draw a proper diet chart along with guidelines. She ensures that her client is working hard as well on their fitness journey.

3)   Ms. Shivani Lodha 

With her vast experience in the field of dietary, health, food and nutrition, Ms.  Shivani is quite well known. Moreover, this is how she is one of the best dietician in Indore. Her skills are unquestionable and very efficient.

4)   Ms. Prerna pavecha

Ms. Prerna pavecha firmly believes that health is wealth. Therefore, she promotes people to eat healthy and helps them to attain a healthy lifestyle. She provides stepwise  guidelines for all troubles. In addition to this, her determination for the betterment of people is quite firm.

5)   Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal

With an experience of over a decade, Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal is no less than an expert. Her humble nature, friendliness and good communication skills have made her popular among people of all age groups. Moreover, she can help people with various problems. She has attained great expertise in the field of food and nutrition. In addition to this, she is very active and versatile in her work.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What could be the fees charged by the best dietician in Indore?

The fees charged by the best dietician in Indore can vary. It can be dependent upon the problems that the client needs to consult for. In addition to this, it can also depend upon the services being provided by the dietician. On an average, it can range from 500 rs to 3000 Rs.

2. If I am already healthy, then how can a dietician influence my life?

If you are already healthy, a dietician would frame a diet that would add on to your health. Furthermore, give you tips about the dos and the don’ts for a quality life. In addition to this, a nutritionist can influence a healthy being and cause many positive lifestyle changes.

3. Can a dietician help you gain weight?

Yes, a dietician can help you gain weight. By providing a calorie-rich diet and a few guidelines, a dietician can do so. Moreover, a dietician can provide appropriate nutritional counselling and suggest some lifestyle changes.
In addition to this, the dietician will suggest foods that are high in calories. Moreover, such foods will not have any negative impact on the health.
The dietician will work with you according to your preference. And will create a calorie rich balanced diet that covers all the nutritional requirements.
Furthermore, a dietician will set up monthly weight gain goals. Based on the diet plan assigned to you, the dietician will help you meet the schools monthly. Eventually, you will fall under a normal BMI and have appropriate weight.
The diet will not only be rich in calories, but also in proteins. This will help to build muscle mass and keep you healthy. Therefore, we can conclude that a dietician can help you healthily gain weight.

4. What is a nutrition doctor called?

WA nutrition doctor is called a dietician. Since maximum health conditions are associated with diet and lifestyle. A nutrition doctor or a dietician can help in reversing or controlling these conditions.
Dieticians are called nutrition doctors because they are highly educated in the nutritional field. They enlighten people about the merits and demerits of certain foods. Clinically, dieticians help in achieving certain weight goals and the treatment of medical health conditions.
In addition to this, dieticians are professionals that excel in the science of food and nutrition. Furthermore, a nutrition doctor discusses their impact on human health.

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