Smoothies for Weight Gain : How to prepare it

Smoothies for weight gain

Smoothies for Weight Gain

Craving never fades away, when it’s smoothies. Smoothies are a gateway to an everyday thing. Blend smoothies with a little sunshine by getting an easy recipe for smoothies to gain weight.

Getting on the diet is not everyone’s cup of tea, some desire to gain weight by having smoothies. Smoothies are the best and luscious way to gain weight. There are several varieties of smoothies for weight gain like protein smoothies for weight gain, banana smoothies, homemade protein smoothies, Indian smoothies, and many more.

Smoothies for weight gain are high in demand as it is loved by all weight gain people, it completes desires for sweets and increases weight on the other hand. It is the best dessert one could ever have. The ingredients for smoothies should have high calories and high in proteins so they can help in gain weight.

Why Gain Weight ?

There can be a lot of reasons to gain weight for every individual. For some it may be due to appearance, for others, it may be a sport. There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight unless you are trying to gain weight in the wrong manner, or by following the wrong procedure to gain weight.

Smoothies are a perfect dietary addition when you need to gain weight. Whether you have an appetite or no, a smoothie will be easier to handle that whole meal. If you don’t have a problem eating more, adding a smoothie to your after-the-meal is still a great way to get more calories into your everyday diet.

Stock some of the high-calories smoothie ingredients-

  • Nuts and nuts butter
  • Avocado
  • Coconut oil
  • Dry fruits
  • Oats
  • Milk and yogurt
  • Protein supplements

Smoothie recipes help you start a healthy weight gain. Try them, as they have the same recipe and procedure, just the fruits get changed. Don’t be afraid to customize your recipes. You can start with your old favorite recipes and add in nutritious, high-calorie ingredients to bulk them up. Experiment with different combinations to find what tastes most appetizing to you and provides the most calories. With smoothies, there’s no better way to enjoy gaining weight.

Try all the different flavors of smoothies out there- with fruits you have at your place.

Enjoy smoothie with a beautiful day. Treat yourself to a banana smoothie with a smoothie maker and it will be yummy and delicious. Add walnut crumble as per your taste and enjoy it.

Protein Smoothies

Protein smoothies
Protein smoothies

Protein smoothies can be best considered in weight gain. The nuts, seeds with high calories will add up creating great smoothies to gain weight. Protein smoothies can be taken at breakfast to gain weight.

Smoothie Recipe

To gain weight by having smoothies, add high calories nuts, dry fruits, and protein that helps in gaining weight to the smoothie and blend it and that’s all, ready to consume. This is the best and easy smoothie recipe to gain weight in a low time.

Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothie
Banana smoothie

Truly, the banana smoothie is so simple, your loved ones can make it, which will be extremely beneficial in weight gain.


  1. Banana- Choose the overripe bananas, if you have. Peel the bananas and cut them in half and place them in a freezer.
  2. Peanut butter- the fat in peanut butter would let you increase your weight when you add it to the smoothie.
  3. Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt adds protein and rich thick consistency, which will help you in weight gain.
  4. Honey/sugar- you can choose one among them according to your desire.
  5. Milk- as per requirement.
  6. Ice- add ice if you want the smoothie to be colder, otherwise, it’s up to your choice.

Once you have all the ingredients, mix them and then blend them in a blender for a luscious outcome.

This banana smoothie can be taken at breakfast or in your desert as they truly are beneficial in weight gain.

Banana smoothie is rich in the diet itself. It can be a homemade smoothie for weight gain, you just have to invest your 2 mins time and you will get yourself ready for a healthy banana smoothie for an exclusive weight gain. It is the best smoothie for weight gain, easy to make as well as easy smoothie recipe.

Smoothies for Toddlers

Toddlers grow at different rates and sometimes even go through periods where their growth is slowed considerably. During these times, toddlers naturally eat less and sometimes significantly decrease the amount of food and calories they are comfortable eating each day. Giving a smoothie made up of high protein and good nutrition smoothie would be helpful for toddlers in gaining weight.

Add high protein and high-calorie nuts to the smoothie and make your drink to gain weight as an after-meal or during breakfast. They are nutritious and don’t harm the diet. It is better and highly recommended by all to increase gain weight. For toddlers, a smoothie can reduce appetite and create what seems to be a ‘fussy child’ but they are simply not hungry because they are full.

The basic step to make a smoothie is to blend ingredients you love to have, add ice, apple or banana and serve in a vessel. For toddlers, it’s the same, but try not to add flavors as it might harm them, but would help gain weight. The toddler may love smoothies and indirectly would help them in weight gain.

Also, homemade food or homemade smoothie adds greater value and love nowadays and would be suitable for everyone as it takes less time to make. So, gain weight easily making a smoothie at your place without any mess.

The easiest and vulnerable when we talk about smoothie comes- homemade smoothie. A homemade smoothie is the easiest way to increase weight gain. Homemade means things that can be made at home without the help of outer products. Smoothies are easy to make and the recipe has already been shared in the above content. When it comes to a homemade smoothie, fruits like pineapple, apple, banana, avocado, and many other delicious fruits can be used to make a smoothie at home. Smoothie made at home is a homemade smoothie and thus helps better in weight gain.

You can easily make it whenever you feel like having a smoothie, prepare it for loved ones within minutes, and serve with love. The best source of happiness is with a smoothie as it helps to gain weight. Love for smoothies never fades away. You can have them any time of the day. Something is satisfying about a cold and fruity blended drink and sometimes smoothies can be sweet. Trying to save money is everyone’s passion, so you can make a smoothie at home and gain weight. Buy the ingredients from the store and add protein powder to sustain muscle mass, although this is optional. Always keep in mind that you can add whatever you want to add to smoothies and should have fun experimenting with flavors and tastes.

Smoothies are a fabulous dietary drink that can be consumed by all, and an easy recipe is a time savior for every individual. It is a rich refreshing drink that is good for all. Full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals use it as a workout recovery drink or as a snack to gain weight. The choice is all yours.

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