Best Dietician in Chandigarh for your Health Need

Best Dietician in Chandigarh

Best Dietician and Nutritionist in Chandigarh

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, people have begun to prioritize their health and take much better care of it. We all now understand that we need someone to care for our health and guide us to stay the same. In such a situation, who would be better than the best dietician in Chandigarh? No one, correct?

Speaking with a dietitian is crucial because eating plays a big part in staying healthy or fit. Your hunt for the top dietician in Chandigarh has ended if you still need to decide who to choose.

What is the role of a dietician in our life?


​​Dieticians who are also registered always contribute to managing diabetes by routinely evaluating food quality, nutritional status, and weight management. The best person to teach about carb counting is an RD with knowledge of managing diabetes. The best dietician in Chandigarh can advise patients and their families on how their dietary and lifestyle choices affect their ability to control their blood sugar levels and other nutritionally-related comorbidities. An integral part of the multidisciplinary approach includes RD nutrition advice and diabetes education. To investigate the function of the RD in achieving improved clinical parameters to avoid, postpone, and treat diabetes complications, a literature study was conducted. 

Should we consult a dietician during severe medical conditions?

Indeed! Dietitians are qualified to examine, nutritionally diagnose, enhance health, and treat diseases or medical disorders using the science of nutrition. They can assist well and ill patients, giving advice and supporting people as they manage their illness or symptoms and nutrition.

Registered dietitians assist patients who are having trouble losing weight or who require dietary improvements for other medical conditions, such as managing diabetes. They collaborate with patients to comprehend their individual requirements and difficulties before creating a meal plan.

Which is better, a nutritionist or dietitian?

nutritionist vs dietitian

A dietician is a legally regulated health professional. On the other hand, a nutritionist is a self-proclaimed expert.

Both, nutritionists and dieticians have quite similar jobs. However, the difference lies in their qualification and spectrum of activity.

Furthermore, a dietician has a legal licence of practice that a nutritionist lacks. Both of them have different roles and can be consulted as per your needs. The dietician will assess, monitor and treat a health problem.

On the other hand, a nutritionist is not as versatile as a dietician. You can choose any nutritionist, for diet charts and information. A nutritionist and dietician, both have studied about and work regarding food and nutrition.

How can a dietician in Chandigarh help in medical issues like diabetes?

Dietitians can advise patients and their families on how their dietary and lifestyle choices affect their ability to control their blood sugar levels and other nutritionally-related comorbidities. An integral part of the multidisciplinary approach includes RD nutrition advice and diabetes education. 

What are the reasons for connecting the best dietician in Chandigarh? 

Google may provide you with the most information. All of this includes details on low-carb, low-calorie, and food-avoidance diets. When we discuss your diet plan for beautiful skin or diet for weight loss or growth, a lot of information circulates.

1. Losing weight

Weight loss

Fad diets aren’t the answer if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good. The best dietician in Chandigarh can undoubtedly assist you in creating a nutritious diet plan that you can stick to for a very long time without feeling deprived of losing weight quickly.

2. Gaining weight

Some people have trouble eating enough to keep their body mass healthy or have lost too much weight. If you have an active eating disorder or a similar illness, it is beneficial to contact a nutritionist. A dietician helps you follow a strict diet to acquire weight and follows up to know about your daily progress.

3. Help you fight severe medical issues

Whether you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other heart disease risk factors, just don’t worry. Dietitians can safely assist you in customizing a heart-healthy diet to fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. They play a crucial role in managing the risk factors for heart disease and stroke as a member of your healthcare team.

4. Your digestive system is giving you trouble

digestive system

There isn’t much that your dietician hasn’t talked about when it comes to digestion, including bloating, constipation, and flatulence. We at diet2nourish are here to talk about and offer advice on how to help improve your digestive health because we do not take offense easily.

5. To suggest a healthful lifestyle to an elderly friend or relative.

As we age, our taste senses change, we require more help with meal preparation and eating, and our typical eating patterns shift. The best dietician in Chandigarh can talk about appropriate dietary plans for those with dementia and those who need specific diets for their long-term health.

How to choose the best dietician in Chandigarh?

Selecting the ideal nutritionist or the best dietician in Chandigarh helps you achieve fantastic well-being and a respectable life. Exercising extreme caution is crucial when choosing your dietician because a poor choice could hurt your health.

The following advice will help you select a qualified dietitian. With the help of these suggestions, choosing a dietician can help you make better decisions for your own well-being and prosperity.

1. Recognize your needs

2. Consult with those in your immediate area or online

3. Examine online testimonials

4. Be aware of how they take care of their customers

5. Examine the Options Offered By The Top Diatrists In Chandigarh

6. Next, learn about the dietitian’s background and expertise.

7. Think about the prerequisite.

8. The sum of your professional experience is taken into account.

9. Examine the reputation in the field.

10. If not all this so, stay connected. Following is the list of the top 5 best dieticians in Chandigarh are mentioned.

Know Who are the 5 Best Dietician in Chandigarh?

1. Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal – Chief Dietician at diet2nourish & the best dietician in Chandigarh

Best Dietician in Chandigarh

The most respected clinical dietician and nutritionist in Chandigarh, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is a literal jewel who has achieved unfathomable success with her extraordinary effort and knowledge in the field of Diet & Nutrition. She demonstrated her dedication to food, nutrition, and hard work by receiving the Empowering Health through Better Nutrition Award at the National Nutrition Conference in 2022, which is just one example.

  • In Chandigarh, she is the top dietician specialist, diabetes educator, health and wellness professional, and nutrition consultant, both offline and online. Her accomplishments include the following:
  1. The best dietician in Chandigarh and nutritionist Priyanka Jaiswal encourages her clients to shun the diet mentality and discover a cutting-edge new technique for healthy, long-lasting weight loss without gimmicks, insane plans, or even restrictive diets.
  2. She teaches an “intuitive eating” style to help clients reconnect with their body’s natural hunger cues, fullness, and contentment.
  3. She is the dietician and nutritionist for several well-known people, including Ms. Kiran Tomer, the wife of Mr. Narendra Tomer, and the Minister of the Agriculture & Farmer Association.
  4. Throughout this journey, Dt. Dietician focuses on every minor and major issue, such as weight gain, weight loss, diabetes management, PCOS/PCOD, digestive problems, thyroid hypertension, heart health, pregnancy and lactation, postpartum weight, children’s nutrition, liver disease, Keto diet, renal/kidney problems, gluten/lactose intolerance, and a variety of other issues.
  5. Dietician Priyanka is recognized as the best in Delhi and provides a wide range of services, such as online diet programs, suggestions for keeping a healthy weight, and programs for weight gain and weight loss.
  6. As previously said, Dt. Priyanka wishes to inform India about good eating habits and keeping a healthy diet.
  7. The goal of dietician Priyanka’s diet program is to spread awareness of holistic well-being.

To know more about her, log in to and contact her at +91-9311207203, 9990999123.

2. Dietician Deepti Goyal – Nutritionist in Chandigarh  

Dietician Deepti Goyal is the second best dietician in Chandigarh & Tricity and a permanent member of the Indian Dietetic Association.

3. Dt Deepika Ahuja’s Verdure

As one of the best dietician in Chandigarh, Punjab, India, Dietician Deepika is highly qualified and believes that because each person’s body metabolism and illnesses are unique, it is critical to treat them all with a customized diet.

4. Dietitian Gagan Sidhu – Dietician  

She holds a postgraduate degree from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences in nutritional sciences. But as she was learning more about the research supporting a healthy lifestyle.

5. Dietitian Priyanka Narang – Nutritionist in Chandigarh  

Dietician Priyanka Narang completed her dietetics and nutrition degree at PAU Ludhiana in Punjab and completed an internship at CMC Hospital in Ludhiana. She completed her specialty at S.N.D.T. University in Mumbai in Sports Science, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can I lose weight with a dietitian?

Yes, you can lose weight with the guidance and treatment of a dietitian. Moreover, a dietician is a specialised professional that can help you with weight loss in healthy ways.
A dietician will check your height and weight to find out your BMI index. Then will conclude how much you need to lose in order to be under a normal BMI.
Thereafter, a dietician will set realistic, weekly or monthly weight loss goals. The dietician will help you in reaching those schools with the specialised diet plan.
Furthermore, the diet plan will be a calorie-deficit diet plan. It consists of all the essential nutrients to meet your daily nutrient requirement. Dieticians will suggest the healthiest ways to lose weight without causing any weakness.
In addition to this, with constant follow-ups dieticians, ensure your progress. Moreover, they keep track of the weight loss progress through regular check-ups.

2. Is a dietician an MBBS doctor?

The answer to this question is now. A dietician is not a medical doctor but rather a healthcare professional. A dietician assesses, identifies and treats disease-related problems.
Furthermore, a dietician conducts medical nutrition therapy for consultants. Therefore, a dietician is a food expert but can not be called an MBBS doctor.

3. Is it worth consulting a dietitian?

It is one hundred per cent worth consulting a dietician. Take no chances when it comes to your and your family’s health and well-being.
This is because a dietician will assess and fulfil the nutritional requirements. It is based on weight, age, lifestyle, and other factors. Moreover, in case of any underlying disease or health condition, a dietician can control it before it surfaces.
Therefore, consulting a dietician saves your health, prevents future diseases and keeps you fit. It also saves you the money you would spend on the treatment of various diseases in the future.

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