Put an end to your search for the Best dietician in Jaipur for 2023

Best Dietician in Jaipur

Best Dietician in Jaipur

If you are looking for the best dietician in Jaipur, then your search ends here!

In these busy times, people often forget to take care of themselves and their health above everything else. They are more focused towards achieving their goals and ambitions which is why they  pay less heed to their health. Such carelessness is often seen in the form of skipping meals, eating junk food to satiate hunger, avoiding healthy food in various forms and much more. Such neglectance to one’s health can result in various health problems like weakness, heart diseases, irregular blood pressure, digestive problems, diabetes and what not! These problems may not surface in the present times but can emerge in the near future.

Who is a dietitian?

A dietitian is a health professional who offers advice on healthy eating habits and deals with the client’s nutritional needs. The aim of a dietician is to provide a fool proof diet plan that is suitable for the client and ensure the client is following the same. A dietician can also recommend lifestyle changes that are beneficial for the client.

Who is a nutritionist and how is it different from a dietitian?

A nutritionist is a self-proclaimed expert with his own research on nutrition and health. Different fields of nutrition like sport’s nutrition, animal nutrition or public health are practised by nutritionists. Moreover, a nutritionist advises people about their overall health, nutrition and food.

What is an RD and an RDN?

RD refers to a registered dietitian and an RDN refers to a registered dietitian nutritionist. There isn’t much difference between the two. RD is a regular professional and registered dietitian. RDN, however, has a broader vision of wellness and can also help in prevention and treatment of several conditions.

What can the best dietician in Jaipur help you with?

What can the best dietician in Jaipur help you with?

The best dietician in Jaipur being seamless in their work with their top notch advice regarding the various healthy eating habits and positive lifestyle. A nutritionist can help you with numerous health, medical and weight related problems with their expert diet charts, tips and suggestions, goal achieving strategies and effective life changes.

A dietician will talk to you and try to understand your problem with high accuracy to provide a seamless solution to the same. The following are some of the problems that people struggle with and discuss with the nutritionist:

●     Being overweight

weight loss dietician

Due to various unhealthy eating habits, inability to control oneself and many other factors like genetics, high appetite, and binge eating problems, a large proportion of people struggle with being overweight. Obesity is seen among people of all age groups, including children. A nutritionist will understand the cause of the unhealthy fat and excessive weight. Then they would prescribe a perfect solution to the same. A dietician would frame a proper diet chart with a calorie deficit diet so as to help the client to lose weight. Moreover, a dietician would recommend healthy ways like doing yoga, going on walks and jogs or even gym. Moreover, a nutritionist would never recommend starving yourself in order to lose weight. This would only cause weakness in the body and make way for various health problems and conditions.

●     Being underweight

Often people tend to eat a lot yet not gain any weight. It can be due to many reasons like acquiring genes of lean body mass from parents or ancestors, low appetite, high metabolic rate, eating disorders, depression or by the influence of medical diseases. The best dietician in Jaipur can help you gain healthy fat and muscle mass to achieve your desired weight goal. With the proper guidance and a well framed diet chart of a nutritionist, you can transform your body in an expected and relevant time span. Often people tend to self diagnose and treat themselves by faster ways of gaining fat like consuming more sugar, fried food, junk food and what not! But all of this would lead to visceral and unhealthy fat around the body which would cause further damage to the body and health. So, consulting a dietician is the best option to transform your body.

●     Medical conditions

There are a large number of medical problems that require abstaining from certain foods and ingredients. Therefore, it requires a dietician’s guidance who would draw a proper diet plan, and include all the food items that are beneficial for the health condition and make you aware of the harmful ingredients. Some of the medical conditions that a dietician can help with are listed below:

  1. diabetes both type 1 and 2
  2. Thyroid both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  3. Heart diseases
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Gastrointestinal problems and diseases
  6. Food allergies and intolerance
  7. Eating disorders
  8. Renal diseases
  9. Obesity
  10. Cancer and many more

A dietician nutritionist would help in the treatment by framing an appropriate diet plan that complements the action of Medicines.

●     General fitness and healthy lifestyle

As it is well said that precaution is better than cure, it is better to look after your eating habits. This can be done by talking to the best dietician in Jaipur. With the guidelines of a registered dietician, you can ensure a long and healthy life of yourself as well as your family. A nutritionist is capable enough to warn you against your obsessive eating habits that can cause health problems in the near future. Moreover, dieticians can also help in proper development of growing and developing children by helping parents know and  meet their nutritional needs.

Know all about the best 5 dietician in Jaipur and how to consult them?

Given below is a list and description of top 5 best dieticians in Jaipur:

1)   Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal ( best dietician in Jaipur)

Best Dietician in jaipur

“Make a true connection with what you eat and have the benefit of complete nourishment”, Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal advises all. Dt. Jaiswal being an adept nutritionist has become really popular with her clients due to the positive outcomes and achieved goals of her clients. Her high professionalism and years of experience has made her the best dietician in Jaipur.

Speak to the best dietician in Jaipur and get your health problems in control and achieve your dream physique. Dt. Jaiswal keeps in touch with clients to ensure the status of improvement and proper following of diet charts. With her specialised diet charts and a positive outlook towards life, she spreads a lot of happiness and helps people be comfortable in their own skin.

Why is Dt.Priyanka Jaiswal the best dietician in Jaipur?

Being a highly experienced Nutritionist, Jaiswal inspires people to escape the diet stress and be mentally strong to achieve their goals. She believes in the “intuitive eating” method and helps everyone to achieve the same.

With her effective diet plans and effective fusion of high tech scientific methods and ayurvedic home remedies, she helps people to transform themselves.

Educational qualifications of Dt. Jaiswal:

Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics along with an advanced course for diabetic educators and even joined the Indian Dietetics Association permanently.


With a rich experience of more than a decade, Dt. Jaiswal is regarded as the best dietician in Jaipur. She has even helped various famous personalities.





Dt. Priyanka can be consulted at Diet2nourish, a versatile clinic which goes by the motto “eat to nurture”.

With the help of its well-coordinated staff and genius dieticians, diet2nourish never fails to provide excellent care and health services to their clients. For effective treatment and useful health advice, book your appointments right away!

2)   Ms. Archana jain

She is well known for her creative and innovative ways to help her clients to achieve the desired results. Ms. Jain provides proper instructions and guidelines to her clients along with her apt diet charts.


Accredited master’s degree in food and applied nutrition


She has been in this field for about three decades

3)    Ms. Sushma khandelwal

Diet counselling and other services provided by Ms. Khandelwal are absolutely top notch. She is consulted by many people for various reasons. She is quite versatile and known to be very kind, humble and patient.


Bsc in home science and a master’s degree in home science


About thirteen years

4)   Ms. Anamika Sethi

Being a well known nutritionist, Ms. Anamika Sethi has worked with a number of people and helped them through their tough times. She has helped many people in their fitness journeys and be a better version of themselves.


Bsc in home science followed by a diploma in  dietetics and public health nutrition


Various years of experience

5)   Ms.  Neha Bhatia

Ms. Bhatia has always left a positive imprint on her clients and motivates them to always have good eating habits. Her innovative tricks and diet charts have proven out to be one of a kind.


Bsc in home science followed by a master’s degree in home science


Nine years

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: why do different people have different diet plans?

Answer : Diet plans of different people depend upon the goals they want to achieve like weight reduction, weight gaining, weight maintenance or if under the pressure of any medical health issues. Moreover, diet plans are also affected by factors like job or occupation of the patient, mental health, physical health, socioeconomic status etc.

Questions: How long will it take to get the desired results after consulting the best dietician in Jaipur?

Answer : Since the results are not a miracle that would happen overnight, it would take time to achieve your desired goal. Thus, a dietician would help you achieve your goal or dream body as soon as possible. In conclusion, the results do require the client’s consistency, patience and determination.

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