3000 Calorie Diet Plan Indian

3000 Calorie Diet Plan Indian

3000 Calorie Diet Plan Indian

Calories have a significant role in your everyday eating patterns and diet choices. There are numerous varieties, including 1200, 1500, 2000,2500, etc. each day, but have you ever heard of a 3000 calorie diet? You won’t have heard until you are a nutritionist or a gym trainer, I wager. It’s been created so that people can choose the 3000 calorie diet plan Indian if they desire to gain weight. Wrestlers, boxers, and actors in movies are popular sports. If you want to gain weight instead of losing it, as most people do, choose this diet plan as your daily routine and cut your calories even below the recommended daily allowance. Only a small portion of society adheres to this calorie diet plan.

Who should follow a 3,000 Calorie Diet Indian?

Your daily caloric requirements depend on several variables, such as:

  • Gender – At rest, women typically burn between 5 and 10% fewer calories than men of the same height.
  • Age – As you become older, you burn fewer calories while at rest.
  • Height – You require more calories to maintain your weight the taller you are.
  • Activity – Calorie requirements rise with exercise and activities like yard work and fidgeting.

Adult male and female daily caloric demands range from 2,000 to 3,000 calories, with the low and high ends of the ranges corresponding to inactive persons and active people, respectively.

These calculations are based on algorithms that take into account the typical height and weight of adult women and men. The reference man is 5’10” (178 cm) and weighs 154 pounds, while the reference woman is 5’4″ (163 cm) tall and weighs 126 pounds (57.3 kg) (70 kg).

You may need 3,000 calories or more per day to maintain your weight, depending on your size and degree of activity.

What are the most common cause of being underweight?  


If you’ve been slim since high school and it runs in your family, you probably had a faster metabolism at birth. You can also be naturally undereating.

Digestion Issues

Problems like digestion can also make you underweight, so our 3000 calorie diet plan Indian can be helpful.

High levels of exercise

If you’re an athlete, you undoubtedly already know how your body weight might be impacted by frequent exercise. Increased physical activity levels can also signify a dynamic personality or active work. But you need to intake a good amount of nutrients to manage your health.


Your hunger and your body’s capacity to utilize and store food can both be impacted by illness. You may have a disease if you just lost much weight without trying, such as thyroid issues, diabetes, digestive disorders, or cancer. Consult your dietician about any unexpected weight loss.


Weight loss and nausea are two side effects of some prescription medications. Some medical procedures, including chemotherapy, might decrease appetite and worsen weight loss due to illness.

Benefits of following a 3000 Calorie Diet Plan

  • There are numerous advantages to a 3000 calorie diet, including:
  • It increases the body’s muscle mass, which is crucial.
  • You can increase your strength and muscular mass thanks to it.
  • You can treat severe infections and problems with this diet.
  • It aids in the recovery from illness and infection.
  • Yes, sufficient sustenance for those who require it most.
  • makes you put on weight in a way that is safe for your body—very steadily and gradually.

Why do you need a 3,000 Calorie Diet Plan Indian a Day?

As per the USA’s 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines, some people need to consume 3,000 calories a day to maintain their weight and get the nutrients they need. This group consists of active men between the ages of 15 and 35 who log more than three miles of daily walking.

If you’re using this advice, keep in mind that it’s merely a simple generalization. The amount of physical activity, height, weight, and gender of an individual all affect how many calories they need each day.

Athletes and people who exercise regularly need more calories than non-athletes do, but people who exercise less frequently also need more calories because their daily activities include both exercise and living.

Consuming 3000 calorie diet plan indian per day may be wise if you want to gain weight.

You will put on weight if you consume more calories than you burn. To achieve a moderate and sustainable weight gain, try to eat 500–1,000 more calories per day.

3000 Calorie Diet Plan for weight gain

Weight Gain:

You’ll quickly put on weight if the quantity of calories you consume exceeds the number you expend. You can gain weight in a healthy way with the help of this 3000 calorie diet plan indian.

Weight Maintenance:

If your calorie intake and expenditure are identical, your weight will remain stable and you’ll be in maintenance mode.

However, consuming only calories won’t benefit you in any way. Additionally, it is advised to stick to a rigorous diet regimen that includes a 3000 calorie diet plan Indian of high-quality proteins and other nourishing meals.

25 Superfoods to include in your 3000 Calories Diet Plan Indian

Every person may have varied dietary demands. While some people tend to eat more, others tend to consume less. Everyone typically follows and views a healthy diet of 3000 calories per day. It is better to consult your dietician so understand what diet is better for you as per your body type. Your dietician will recommend you a personalized 3000 calorie diet plan Indian. However, here we are providing you a list of 25 superfoods that can be beneficial for your 3000 calorie diet plan indian.

  1. Raisins
  2. Banana
  3. Avocado
  4. Ghee
  5. Milk
  6. Almonds
  7. Peanuts
  8. Soaked Chickpeas
  9. Oats
  10. Honey
  11. Oats
  12. Tahini
  13. Peanut Butter
  14. Coconut Milk
  15. Eggs
  16. Potato
  17. Milk Cream
  18. Cashew
  19. Shrimp
  20. Dates
  21. Soybean
  22. Cottage Cheese
  23. Salmon Fish
  24. Cheese
  25. Butter 

The Bottomline

A 3000 calorie diet plan indian diet may assist you in maintaining or gaining weight, depending on a number of variables, including your level of exercise and body size.

However, it is better to consult a clinic nutritionist or dietician to get a customized 3000 calorie diet plan for you.

On the other hand, consumption of highly refined, processed foods like bacon, potato chips, sweetened cereals, candies, cookies, and sugary beverages should be restricted while following your 3000 calorie diet plan Indian.


Q1. What would happen if I ate 3000 calories a day for a month and didn’t exercise?

A1. Simply increasing the amount of food you eat without exercise can distend your stomach and worsen your digestion. Laziness can also increase in your body if you avoid exercise.

Q2. Can I take 3000 calories to gain weight?

A2. Yes, Ofcourse, this is the best and right way to gain weight. Below is the list of 12 highly recommended foods by dieticians including nuts, oils, dairy and grains, that can help you gain weight quickly and efficiently. 

Q3. Do those with diabetes or high blood pressure need to follow a 3000 calorie diet plan Indian?

A3. No, it is not advised for diabetics or people with high blood pressure to consume it because these individuals must adhere to specific dietary requirements. For better understanding, consult diet2nourish and get a personalized 3000 diet plan Indian or any other plan if required.

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