Best Dietician in Guwahati for the best meal plans

best dietician in Guwahati

Best Dietician in Guwahati

Get to know the best dietician in Guwahati with us. We can guide you through a number of dieticians. And can enable you to choose the best out of them. A dietician is an important person. They can help you with your health.

In this fast paced world, a dietician can tell you about healthy food. They tell you not to eat bad food. Dieticians help you to make good food choices. They can keep you healthy and in shape.

From a growing kid to an old citizen, all need a dietician. Choose the best dietician as per your needs and budget here!

What are a few of the credentials of a well known dietician?

A dietician is a legalised healthcare provider. They guide people’s food choices. In addition, they  help to avoid bad food. Dieticians aim to improve your life with healthy food. They can give you diet charts as per your health. Dieticians can give nutritional help for good health.

The best dieticians have earned these credentials in their record

  • A BSc degree in food and nutrition
  • An MSc degree in the same
  • A 6-12 month Internship from a known institute
  • Clearing a national exam
  • Licence of practice

Know the science behind the management of weight

management of weight

Managing weight is a complex process. You must be able to balance the number of calories taken with the number of calories you burn. In addition, you can burn calories through physical activity or exercise.

You must have a balanced diet. It can help you maintain healthy weights. You can include various nutrient-dense foods in healthy portions.

Regular exercise plays an important role in managing weight. It is because it can burn calories. Working out can improve metabolic health.

In addition, Sleeping on time is important for managing weight. A proper sleep cycle can help you to have a healthy weight.

How can the best dietician in Guwahati help with weight loss?


The best dietician in Guwahati can help you with weight loss. They can create a unique nutrition plan. It can include your meal preferences, and health goals.

The best dietician in Guwahati can also guide you on portion control. They can help you with your meal plans. Dieticians can support you throughout your weight loss journey.

Additionally, a dietician can identify health issues. They help in its treatment and control. It can contribute to weight gain or weight loss progress.

How can you link with the Best Dietician in Guwahati?

You can link with the best dietician in Guwahati by doing the following:

  • You can have a word from your doctor, family, or friends.
  • You can Search for a dietician 
  • You can read reviews from past clients.
  • You can contact them at their clinic. And then check their services. You can then book appointments.
  • Or you can Visit their website. You can then book your appointment

Many of them give virtual services. It can be easy for people who cannot meet in person.

A few health conditions the best dietician in Guwahati can help you with

A dietician can help with a number of health problems. They can treat them with a suitable diet. A dietician can make meal plans. They can help you with these health problems

1)   Diabetes –

It can be treated with a nutrition plan. It can regulate blood sugar levels and you can get results.

2)   Heart disease –

Dieticians make a special diet that is good for heart. It does not contain unhealthy fats.

3)   High blood pressure –

Nutritionists control high BP with  a diet that has low sodium.

4)   Gastrointestinal disorders –

You can get rid of GI illness. By eating a diet that is easy to digest. This diet avoids all trigger foods

5)   Food allergies and intolerances –

Dieticians can help with this by giving meal plans. They can avoid foods that trigger allergies.

6)   Eating disorders –

Dieticians can guide on developing a healthy relationship with food

7)   Cancer –

Dieticians can help with cancer with nutrition plans. It can manage health during and after treatment

How will a dietician help you?

A dietician can help you in various ways:

  • Dieticians can give a personal nutrition plan. This plan is unique for you. It is as per your needs, and goals.
  • They can guide you on portion control and meal plans.
  • They support you in your health journey
  • They find and treat any health issues that threaten your progress.
  • Nutritionists can give advice you on nutrition
  • Dieticians can guide on how to maintain a healthy weight
  • They can help you prevent chronic diseases.
  • They give some healthy options for sugar cravings
  • They can teach how to read food labels

Things that dieticians refer to with a meal plan

Dieticians can prefer multiple things with a meal plan like:

  • A grocery list to help you find healthy foods.
  • Recipes and meal prep tips to make healthy eating more tasty and yummy
  • Snack ideas that can help you stay full. These snacks keep you satisfied between meals.
  • Guide you to eat out at restaurants. Having food while sticking to your nutrition plan.
  • They can give tips on staying hydrated.
  • Ways to manage stress and improve sleep. This is because stress and sleep impact your health and weight
  • They can tell the best supplements with your diet.

Who falls in the list of top 5 best dieticians in Guwahati?

We can help you with this list of the top 5 best dieticians in Guwahati:

1)   Dt Priyanka Jaiswal

best dieticians in Guwahati

If you want to make healthy food choices but need proper guidance. Then, Dt Priyanka can help you. She can make the best meal plans for you. And can refer to healthy changes . 

Dt Priyanka is the chief dietician of India’s best clinic – diet2nourish. It is known for its best nutrition and diet services. The staff is well trained. This clinic is famous all across the country. People from a number of states consult Dt Priyanka Jaiswal.

Why is she known as the best dietician in Guwahati?

●      Experience and knowledge

Dt Jaiswal has all the credentials that are required for a top-grade dietician. She has a rich experience of about 13 years. Moreover, many celebrities see her for treatment and health. She has vast knowledge

and is very professional.

●      Proven excellence

Dt Jaiswal has proven her excellence in this field. Recently, she received the “nutrition award” for her work. All of her clients agree with her excellence. She is an unbeatable expert in this field.

●      Treatment strategies

Her treatment is a blend of typical Indian food and high-tech science. She can give simple meal plans. The meals are easy to make. Her plans are effective. You can see the best results very soon. It is suitable for everyone.

●      Constant follow-ups and progress record

Dt Priyanka records her client’s progress. In addition, she calls her clients for follow-ups. This way she keeps a check on the health status of her clients.


Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal is available in online as well as offline modes:

Days to consult:

 Monday to Saturday


10 am to 7 pm




[email protected]


2)   Dt Shweta Jain

She can draw easy meal plans for clients. Her success rate has been 98% ever since she started. Dt Shweta has good communication skills. She is humble and treats people of all age groups. Her work is efficient. She is highly intelligent and skilled.

In addition, she believes you can avoid lifestyle and health problems with good food.

3)   Dt Chayanika Sarmah

Chayanika Sarmah is one of the top in Guwahati. Her meal plans are based on organic foods and diet. She gives tips for a healthy life.

Moreover, she tells her clients to eat healthy and stay in shape.

4)   Dt Shreyoshi Bhaumick

Registered Dietician Shreyoshi Bhaumick is the best dietician in Guwahati. She can make patients fit and healthy. With her vast wit and experience, she can make meal plans for all troubles. In addition, she can help you with weight and a lot more.

5)   Dt Suhana Siddika

She has her degrees in food and nutrition. Dt Suhana Siddika is a master in her work. She is an expert. And can help people with health conditions. Suhana Siddika is one of the top in the country.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1:
Can a dietician help me with thyroid problems?

You can see the best dietician in Guwahati for this problem. They can give you a meal plan. It can regulate your thyroid hormones. They can refer to foods with iodine, and zinc. These are important minerals for thyroid function.
They can refer to vitamins. It can add on to the diet. It is because they are good for thyroid.

Question 2:
What are some sources of healthy fats?

You can eat a number of foods for healthy fats. Avocados, Nuts and seeds like almonds and walnuts. Chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds are good. Moreover, fatty fish and olive oil have healthy fats. Full-fat dairy foods like cheese, and milk. They are rich in healthy fats.

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