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fat loss diet plan

Fat Loss Diet Plan

Nothing is better than a fat loss diet plan that is doable and easy. Obesity and being overweight is one of the most complained about health issues.

In addition, obesity is not a permanent problem. With an appropriate diet plan and suitable lifestyle changes, it can be reversed.

Being fairly overweight is not only a matter of looks but also of health and wellness. Obesity and overweight can make way for various medical health conditions. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes etc are a few of them.

The science behind weight loss

The science behind weight loss

The science behind weight loss is not complicated. Moreover, scientists have established the relationship between food and the body.

Calorie consumption and caloric expenditure are largely responsible for weight loss and weight gain. When you consume fewer calories than you burn, it will lead to weight loss.

Therefore, to lose weight, your calorie intake must be within a certain limit. Furthermore, you must burn a greater amount of calories than that. This would eventually result in weight loss.

Moreover, include healthy foods in the diet to avoid any health issues. The food should not merely abide by the calories but also with other nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

What is a fat loss diet plan?

A fat loss diet plan is basically a calorie deficit diet plan. Such a diet plan is beneficial for people struggling with weight loss.

Furthermore, a fat loss diet plan is well-planned. It consists of healthy foods that are good for the body. Various low-calorie food items are included in a fat loss diet plan.

Moreover, a healthy fat loss diet plan consists of five major components. These components are vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses, meat and dairy products and oils.

What is the macronutrient ratio to lose weight?

  • The term “macronutrient” includes three vital food groups that the human body depends on. These food groups are carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • The human body requires carbohydrates for energy. Proteins are required by the body because they are the building blocks and help in muscle repair. Furthermore, fats keep the body satiated and full.
  • Therefore, macronutrients are very essential for the body.
  • In order to lose weight, the best macro ratio for carbs, proteins and fats is given below

Carbs: 50% – 55%

Proteins: 35%

Fat: 10% – 15%

  • This macronutrient ratio can lead to a healthy weight loss within the first few weeks of implementation of a diet plan.

Importance of a fat loss diet plan

A fat loss diet plan should be an important part of the daily routine if you are overweight. Following are the points that describe the importance of a fat loss diet plan:

Nutrient intake

An appropriate fat loss diet plan focuses on limited calorie intake. Moreover, it also includes reaching the optimal amount of proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This helps you to be internally healthy while being in shape.

Weight loss

With a low-calorie diet plan, you can shake off the extra kilos from your body. Furthermore, having such a diet plan ultimately leads to weight loss. Due to foods low in calories, your body can healthily lose fat.

Disease prevention

Having a thoughtful food intake prevents future health problems and risks. A safe and healthy fat-loss diet chart has all the foods that meet your fairly nutritional goals. Moreover, avoiding processed foods and other junk foods saves you a lot of trouble. Therefore, a fat loss diet plan helps in disease prevention.

Healthy eating habits

Consistency in following the diet plan leads to a positive lifestyle. Moreover, following a diet plan on a daily basis imbibes healthy eating habits. Your body relies on healthy and beneficial foods instead of irrelevant junk.

A Sequential 7 days fat loss diet plan

To help you with your weight-related struggles, here is a sequential seven days fat loss diet plan. This diet plan is 1200 calorie diet plan and can help in faster weight loss in a healthy way.



  • One bowl of oats in low-fat milk
  • Top it with 20 gms of mixed nuts


  • One roti with one cup of boiled dal
  • Consume it with a bowl of mixed vegetable salad.
  • The salad can be made from veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, radishes and carrots.


One cup of cooked brown rice with a bowl of beans

Moreover, the dinner is completed with a medium-sized orange or tangerine.



  • Low-fat yoghurt topped with berries
  • A glass of Coconut water


  • Two cups of lentil curry with a cup of cooked brown rice
  • One glass buttermilk


  • Sprouts sautéed in olive oil
  • Two rotis
  • 50 gms of cheese



  • Multigrain toast
  • Complete it with a glass of amla juice


  • One chapati and a cup of dal
  • Complete the lunch with a small-sized banana


  • Mixed veggies cooked in olive oil
  • Consume them with a chapati



  • Vegetable Poha
  • One glass of coconut water


  • Two roti with a cup of mixed dals


  • Boiled chicken with a cup of brown rice



  • Porridge made in low-fat milk
  • One glass of Any fruit juice


  • Cook Fish in oil and consume it with one roti
  • Consider low-fat fish like cod, sole or flounder.


  • A cup of brown rice with boiled vegetables



  • Fruit salad
  • One glass of Low-fat milk


  • Cooked carrots or pumpkins
  • Eat it with some brown rice


  • One cup of cooked spinach with two ragi rotis



  • Omelette of egg whites from three eggs
  • It is eaten with a slice of whole-grain bread


  • One cup of cooked okra or lady’s finger
  • Half a cup of brown rice and one roti


  • Vegetable salad made from chopped celery, cabbage, and skimmed milk cheese. Squeeze lemon juice and add pepper, chilli flakes and salt for taste.

Evening snacks

Some of the best options for healthy snacks are given below. You can choose any of these snacks in between the meals

  • Skimmed milk
  • Fruit salad
  • Soya chunks
  • Nuts and seeds

Worst Food Items to Avoid in a fat loss diet plan

Food to Avoid in a fat loss diet plan

To make your fat loss diet plan work efficiently, you must watch out for what to avoid. Certain foods need to be avoided due to their caloric content and other harm they can cause to the body.


Given below is a list of the worst vegetables that should not be consumed. In addition, this is because these veggies will hinder your results.

  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Corns
  • Beans
  • Legumes


Given below is a list of fruits that must be avoided when on a fat loss journey. Furthermore, to their calorie content, they must be excluded.

  • Pineapple
  • Mangoes
  • Avocados
  • Banana passion fruit
  • Pomegranate

Non-vegetarian food

A large portion of the population consumed non-vegetarian foods. In addition, there are unhealthy meats that must be avoided. Moreover, such food items can also cause future health complications.

Red meat

Red meat is mammalian muscle meat. In addition, red meat is always red when raw or uncooked. Examples of red meat are pork, lamb, goat, veal etc.

Furthermore, red meat is high in saturated fats. They are also high in cholesterol. Therefore, red meats are a big red flag and must not be consumed.

Processed meat

Processed meat is meat that undergoes some sort of processing. The various processes can be salting, curing, fermentation or smoking. They are done to either enhance the flavour of the meats or to increase the shelf life of the same.

Hams, salamis, pepperonis, sausages and Jerkeys are a few examples of processed meats.

Moreover, processed meats are bad for health. They contain nitrites and nitrates. Furthermore, processed meats are associated with weight gain.

Dairy products

Dairy products do contain a lot of fats and must be minimized when trying to shake a few pounds off the body. However, low-fat and nonfat versions of dairy products can be consumed.

These include low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt, skimmed milk etc.

Candies, candy bars and chocolates

Candies and candy bars are rich in sugar. Moreover, chocolates are made from sugar. These products are really bad for health and weight. In addition, they can be held responsible for various health conditions in the future. Moreover, they are packed with extra calories that will be an obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Even though they taste good but do not bring any health benefits to the body. Instead, it will negatively impact your weight.

Good food that you must add to the low-fat diet chart

Some of the best low-calorie foods that you must consume are given below


In addition, you can include any of the following vegetables in your low-fat diet:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber


This is a list of nonfat fruits that you can consume in fruit salads, fruit juices and whole fruits.

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Papaya
  • Blackberry
  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Grapefruit
  • Cherries
  • Apricot

Non-vegetarian food

Lean meat

Meat that is relatively low in fat content is known as lean meat. Furthermore, it is good for health and has low fat.

Sucks, chicken, turkey, goose and seafood comprise lean meats. The seafood includes prawns, fish, crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters etc.

White meat

White meat is also known as pale meat. It is pale or white when raw and after cooking. Chickens, rabbits, turkeys and several fish comprise white meat.

In addition, white meat is very beneficial for health. It must be added to a weight control diet chart.

Low-fat fish

Salmon, tuna, cod, and sole are examples of low-fat fish. They can be consumed to reach your protein intake while considering calories. Furthermore, they must be included in fat loss diets.

Simple Tips for faster weight loss results

Changes in weight is not only seen with diet but also with other efforts. Given below a few of the tips that will help to fasten your weight loss journey.

1) High fibre foods

Foods that are rich in fibre will help you feel fuller. It would prevent constant hunger and help with the appetite.

Some of the best sources of fibre are whole-grain bread, oats, brown rice etc.

2) Breakfast

Never skip breakfast as it is the first meal after a whole night. Moreover, breakfast should be rich in protein. It is because a protein-rich breakfast will keep you full and heavy till lunchtime.

3) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very good for health. Moreover, you can use water to control your food intake. Drinking water before meals would affect your appetite and smaller amounts of food can be consumed. This helps in reducing weight.

Furthermore, scientific research has associated drinking plenty of water with burning calories.

4) Avoid junk food

Junk food is highly processed and contains various components that are bad for health. In addition to this, junk food is rich in sugar and unsaturated fats. Many of them are deep-fried or processed and must be avoided at all costs.

5) Herbal teas

Herbal teas are very good alternatives to replace coffee. Furthermore, most herbal teas do not contain any caffeine. You can add some brown sugar to the herbal teas for taste.

Some of the herbal teas that are best for fat loss are given below:

  • Oolong tea
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Rose tea
  • Hibiscus tea

6) Say no to alcohol

According to scientific research, alcohol is related to weight gain. Moreover, it is rich in calories and sugars.

Therefore, alcohol consumption must be reduced or eliminated when trying to lose weight. In addition to this, alcohol causes extreme dehydration in the body.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which Indian food is the best food to lose weight!

This question does not have a specific answer. There is a variety of Indian foods that can help with weight loss-related struggles. Furthermore, whole foods in their natural state like dals and nuts can help you with losing weight.

What kind of drinks can help in fast weight loss?

Certain drinks help in boosting metabolism. Moreover, they can help in weight loss. Such drinks include amla juice, lemon water, coconut water etc. Consuming them daily can help in reducing weight. These juices are very beneficial for your health.

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